X-Position: X-23 Writer Mariko Tamaki Cuts a New Path for Laura Kinney

Welcome back, true believers! Our X-Positions continue on this lovely July, and joining us for the X-Position x-perience this time round is writer Mariko Tamaki! The current writer for The Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of a Killer, this month also brings us the first issue of a new X-23 series she's writing with artist Juann Cabal which is poised to send Laura Kinney off towards a whole new stage in her life and fledgling superhero "career". You had your questions for Mariko, and now we have answers for you!

So without further ado, let's make like Kimura - everybody take one last deep breath, and then we'll get what's coming for us!

Let’s start with Xhx23x, who asks: “How are you approaching writing X-23? What I mean is, how would you describe her state of mind at the beginning? Is it a direct continuation from All-New Wolverine or has some development happened in-between books that might affect her state of mind?”

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Mariko Tamaki: This series follows Tom Taylor’s All New Wolverine comics, which is to say that this series is, on many levels, a continuation of his amazing story. I would say Laura is definitely carrying her past battles, her recent history, with her into this storyline. What she does, where she is putting her focus, is directly connected to the events in Taylor’s run.

RonTheMon25 has a wider universe in mind, and asks: “I was wondering how much of an impact your book for Laura will have on her ongoing adventures in X-Men Red, and will the events that happen in one book show up and affect the other in any way?

Tamaki: I do not think so. But I feel like if I say that with any real certainty someone from Marvel will email me and say otherwise!

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The mightily named RoamingGnome8 asks: “In some of your previous writing, I know you've handled the topic of mental illness, especially PTSD; will we see this solo series returning to handling Laura's history with mental illness, trauma, and self harm?”

Tamaki: Laura is always dealing with her past, which carries with it a lot of trauma, but her approach to dealing with it is very different than characters I’ve written for Marvel. Laura will be revisiting parts of her childhood in this series, but I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily the focus. More like an undercurrent.

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