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X-POSITION Week 34: Peter David

by  in Comic News Comment
X-POSITION Week 34: Peter David
“New X-Men” #46 on sale this week

In last week’s “X-Factor” #26, there was loads of deception, destruction, and some mutants were turned into dessert. To answer your questions about the startling issue and Marvel’s ongoing “Messiah CompleX” crossover event, “X-Factor’s” own Peter David joins us this week for an all-new X-POSITION, in which we preview exclusive pages from “New X-Men” #46, on sale this week.

The emails this week are an interesting mix of queries and theories, so let’s toss them to our guest and see what he does with them.


Exclusive: page from “New X-Men” #46

First up is Marcus Martin, and it seems that he has quite a bit on his mind regarding “X-Factor” and current events.

1)  I have heard that after the events of ‘Messiah CompleX,’ Jamie Madrox will have a nervous breakdown.  Is it due to his guilt of leaving Layla behind in the future and Wolfsbane leaving the team?

You’re presupposing that what you’ve heard is true.  If it is true, why would I want to confirm that and blow major plot points, and if it isn’t, why waste time answering?

2) I have also heard in a recent interview that you are going to bring in Darwin into X-Factor post-“MC” – is this true?  And if he does [join X-Factor], could you have Darwin dress up like a pimp for a least a few panels, because it would go with his power to adapt to any environment?

Yes and no.

3) Will any other mutant be joining X-Factor post-“MC?”


4) In recent solicits of “X-Factor,” I thought it said an X-Men villain attacks mutant town.  Who would be willing to do this when there aren’t any mutants left?

Well, X-Factor is left, so they count for something.  As for no mutants being left there, that’s actually a salient story point that’s being addressed in those very issues.

The next question is something that a few people were wondering about.  For our purposes, I’m combining B.Brus and samwise484’s emails because they had the neatest handwriting.

Has Layla actually died in the future?  I’m going to miss her something fierce.  And what happens now to her earlier foretelling of marriage to Jamie?  Right before Layla blows Madrox up, she says, “Trust me. I’m Layla…Madrox.  I know st…”

She usually says Layla Miller but she hesitates and says ‘Madrox’ instead.  Is this significant, or is she just addressing Madrox?  It seems odd that she would call him Jamie right before and then Madrox.

Exclusive: page from “New X-Men” #46

It was meant to be enigmatic (which is Layla’s trademark).  Was she just saying her first name and using “Madrox” in direct address?  Was she using what would become her married name?  Inquiring minds want to kno, and, one hopes, will read future issues of “X-Factor” to find out.

It seems Red Lotus could be one of those “inquiring minds.”  As such, she wrote in with several inquiries from the last issue of “X-Factor.”  Can you help her out, Peter?

Alright. For the next questions, I will do my impression of the Magic 8-Ball.

1) With Mystique killing Sinister, will any of the Marauders want to get a little payback for their fallen leader?

Entirely possible.

2)  Is Lady Mastermind dead?

Looks that way.

3) Professor Xavier has stated that because of Gambit’s powers, his mind is hard to read even when he (Gambit) is cooperative.  Since the Cuckoos were able to track Gambit’s thoughts, did Gambit “let” the X-Men track him?

It seems so.

4) When and if Layla returns from the future, will she be stuck with that M over her eye?  And will she undergo more changes while she’s there?

Future cloudy.  Try again later.

5)  In an earlier scene, Cyclops reminiscences about the time he sent Cable into the future.  Could this be foreshadowing as to what’s to come?


Exclusive: page from “New X-Men” #46

Those Magic 8-Balls certainly get right to the point, but I believe NewChad might be looking for slightly more elaborate answers.

1) Two Jamies went to two different futures.  So far we’ve only seen what happens to one of them.  Will the other be addressed in “Messiah CompleX” or “X-Factor?”

That is a dangling thread, yes, and one that is going to show up in a future issue of “X-Factor.”  Why?  Because having it show up in an issue of “X-Factor” that’s already come out is just too darned difficult.

2) And please tell me Predator X actually plays a necessary role to the whole story and isn’t just a “red herring” storyline to keep the characters occupied.  So far it seems like a bit of filler.

Predator X actually plays a necessary role to the whole story and isn’t just a “red herring” storyline to keep the characters occupied.

You ask, and Peter David answers.  Valeria Kementari has seen the future – in past “X-Men” adventures, at least.  Maybe you could help explain a few story points for her.

1)  We’re being led to believe that Bishop’s future is bad because of the baby – and that Cable’s future is good because of her – but the X-Men have experience with possible futures, so they should know those futures are alternate.  They know Bishop’s future is not theirs because he stopped Onslaught from killing the X-Men.  They know Cable’s future is not theirs because Apocalypse was stopped during the “Twelve” debacle.

Why would they care about this?  We know the divergent points from where Earth 4935 (Cable) and Earth 1191 (Bishop) were originated and both had been averted.  So why would the ‘Messiah’ child endanger said timelines when they have already diverged?  It really doesn’t make much sense to me.

Exclusive: page from “New X-Men” #46

Because events can have ramifications and ripple effects from one future to the next.  The reason the future timelines are pertinent is because the present day events could lead to a similar future for our own heroes…one that is uncomfortably close to, for instance, Bishop’s future.  Why take chances when the potential is there?

2)  And since when does Bishop have a ship from his own time?  He didn’t come with any technology through that portal in “Uncanny X-Men” #281-282.

Yeah, I was wondering about that myself.  But, hey, you can’t spell Bishop without “ship,” so….

So… it looks like Peter could use the assistance of an X-editor here.  Wait!  There’s one right now!

X-Men Editor Nick Lowe:  The ship’s not from his time.  It’s a modern ship that he modified to his own specifications.

Now you know – and knowing’s half the battle!

CBR Forum’s Magneto is back, and, being Magneto, he was curious about some of the evil machinations that took place recently.

Mr. David, I just have one question I need answered:  How on earth is Mystique able to harm Sinister, much less put him down?  It seems the only thing around the Marauders/Acolytes team that could be capable of harming Essex is most likely Exodus.  It’s just horrible to see someone with his track record be taken out like that.

And Lawrence of Arabia died in a motorcycle accident.  The heights that one attains in life don’t always match up with the death that you meet.  That’s simply the way the real world works.   I kind of like the notion that you’ve got someone with this huge, horrific track record and he winds up getting sandbagged by someone you wouldn’t have expected.  I mean, c’mon, it’s not like we had him taken down by Willie Lumpkin.

Exclusive: page from “New X-Men” #46

Ann Nichols was ruminating on the future.

Many years ago, I read a sci-fi story in which humanity’s future depended upon which of two girlfriends the scientist ‘hero’ married.  Would it be reasonable to suspect that how this infant girl will be reared could be the deciding factor for mutantkind’s future?

It certainly seems the reasonable way to think about it as far as I’m concerned.

One of the recurring themes I see in X-POSITION emails are theories on the identity of the mutant baby.  Let’s close this week out with Papabaron’s interesting take on the subject.

I have my own theory as to the baby’s identity.  Since the baby was found in Alaska, original place of Madelyn Prior, perhaps the baby is Rachel Summers (and her mother is the aforementioned Madelyn).  We have never really been told Rachel’s origin, since it may have occurred in a future that no longer exists thanks to her trip back to the past.  Am I warm?

I don’t know.  I haven’t felt your forehead.

Badda-bing!  Thank you!  Remember, the 7:30 X-POSITION show is completely different than the 5:30.  Enjoy the veal!

And that brings this week’s fun to a close.  In seven days, writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost will be here to talk about “New X-Men” #46 (Chapter Twelve of “Messiah CompleX”) and answer all of those random queries clogging your mind.

As usual, please send your emails to me by Thursday with “X-Position” in the subject line.  I’ll be waiting for them eagerly, so don’t let me down!

Discuss this story here on CBR’s X-Books forum.


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