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X-POSITION Week 30: Peter David

by  in Comic News Comment
X-POSITION Week 30: Peter David
“X-Factor” #26 on sale now

Marvel Comics’" X-Factor" #26 hit stores last week, and within it Chapter Seven of "Messiah CompleX." As it stands, we are now officially past the halfway point of this epic story, and events are definitely picking up steam. A new X-Force appeared, Cyclops and his ex-mentor (or should that be X-mentor?) have at each other, and Jaime and Layla get in deep trouble.

It sounds like a happy holiday season for the X-Men, wouldn’t you agree?

Joining us for this week’s X-POSITION is the writer of the latest chapter of "Messiah CompleX," Peter David. The scribe has his sleeves rolled up and is ready to wrestle any question you throw his way. And if he can’t wrestle it, at least he promises a witty retort. Let’s rumble!


Our first question comes from Andre 4000, who’s curious about all the fighting from within:

"Cyclops and Professor X had another throwdown — that seems to be happening a lot lately. So if Cyke is saying that Charles is no longer the X-Men’s leader, what is he? And is an even bigger confrontation coming up?"

You’re not the only one wondering what Charles Xavier will be in the world if he’s not the X-Men’s leader. He’s wondering the very same thing, and Xavier’s future is going to be explored in upcoming issues of the other X-books. Unless, y’know, nobody else wants to, in which case I’ll do it. Personally, I think Xavier would look snappy in a trenchcoat and fedora, which is the primary requisite for showing up in "X-Factor."

“New X-Men” #45 on sale this week

At the very least, it would keep his head from getting sunburned.

Germy was wondering about the relationship of two other X-teammates, and was hoping you could give him some clarification:

"In the different X-books, they keep talking about Warpath’s connection with Cable. I’m kind of new to some of these characters, so why are Warpath and Cable best buds? Were they just on the same team? Or is there something else?"

They have ties from back in the X-Force days.

Next up is JKennedy, who sent in a handful of queries about two X-Factor regulars who are stuck in an "irregular" situation:

1) So Layla ‘scans’ as both a human and a mutant, but what is she? Is she a mutant who scans as normal, or vice-versa?

A little bit of both, actually.

2) A mutant causes the future that Layla and Jaime are visiting? Will we get to see who that is? And would I be warm if I assumed it was the baby?

Yes, you would be warm if you assumed it was the baby. On the other hand, you’d also be warm if you assumed it was Britney Spears because, as a human being, your body temperature is 98.6 degrees.

3) Sorry to bring up something complicated, but time paradoxes fascinate me. So if Jaime and Layla are in the future, don’t they have to worry about running into their future selves? Or should they be seeking their future selves for answers?

It is a possibility, but a slim one. For one thing, why even assume they have future selves? Especially considering we’ve seen a scenario in which they’re dead at Rahne’s hands.

4) Are we going to see the status of the Jaime that went to the other future soon? And how about Jaime-prime? Are we going to see how he’s doing fairly soon?

Page from “New X-Men” #45

Jamie-Prime’s status will be unconscious until he comes out of it. As for the Jamie that went into the other future, yes, he will be turning up as well. But not anytime soon. He’s one of those delightful loose ends that will be picked up at the most unexpected time.

How about… now? No? Then let’s move on to this question from CReyes:

"Cable and Lady Deathstryke are really going at it, but with his TK power, Cable can teleport. Maybe I don’t understand how his power works, but when confronted by Lady Deathstryke and her minions, why didn’t he teleport out of there? Or can he not teleport with someone?"

My assumption is that Lady Deathstryke and her associates have the tech to suppress whatever teleportation technology Cable possesses, but the Mighty Marvel Editors should feel free to jump in on this to further clarify it.

I sense a jump is about to take place….

X-Editor Nick Lowe: Look out belowwwwwwww [thud]. Here I am. Cable’s powers have been all over the place ever since he faced Hecatomb in "X-Men." He lost his telepathy and regained some TK, but the extent of it hasn’t been seen yet. As for teleportation, that never had, to my knowledge and research, anything to do with his TK. It was his ship (The Professor) "body-sliding" him around. Back when the Professor was still up and running, he used to be able to teleport more than just himself. He’d just say "Body-slide by two!"

Page from “New X-Men” #45

While you can’t see this, Nick is physically recreating his favorite Cable poses using a stapler as an oversized pistol.

Let’s hurry back to Peter David with this question from MillerGold: "Why do you think Cyclops picked Rahne for X-Force? Because he needed her lupine abilities (which the new team seems to have in abundance), to toughen her up (for something coming her way?), or to give the team a conscience?"

I think it’s a combination of all of those, plus he just grooves on her brogue.

Who doesn’t?

Jkrman is next up at bat, and he was wondering about a character from X-Factor’s recent past. "From the last ‘X-Factor’ arc, we met the Isolationist who has the powers (and thoughts) of every mutant in existence. Shouldn’t the Isolationist be picking up the new baby’s powers? Wouldn’t it be a good idea for X-Factor to go and talk to him?"

No reason to assume that he isn’t picking up on her powers. But first of all, X-Factor has no way of finding him, so that’s kind of a dead end. Second, even if they could find him, there’s no guaranteeing he’d cooperate.

Speaking of hard-to-find people, Redeemer wanted to know the status of an individual who’s been missing in action: "With everything that is occurring, where is Magneto? Professor X was looking for him, but stopped because of the baby. However, since Cyclops has made it clear that the professor isn’t needed, why doesn’t he continue his search?"

Pages from “New X-Men” #45

He may very well have decided to do so. But give the guy some time — when last we saw him, he was walking away from the mansion.

Marcus Martin had a question and a request about X-Factor’s future. Maybe you could help him out:

1) Will the X-Factor team be reverting back to the detective agency that it was originally supposed to be before the events of ‘Messiah CompleX’ and ‘Civil War’?

Yes and no.

2) And if the answer to my first question is "yes," well, with the She-Hulk’s new job as a bounty hunter and the X-Factor team being a group that find missing people, do you think that the She-Hulk could work with X-Factor in the future ?

So many people have been asking for a She-Hulk/X-Factor crossover that I’m strongly considering it.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed! Meanwhile, true_DD_believer was hoping you might have an ambiguous answer for the following: "After MC, will any members of current X-teams join X-Factor? If so, then can you give us a hint?"

Page from “New X-Men” #45

Yes, I can give you a hint.

So there you go!

Manolinator will close things up for us with a question that seems like the equivalent of comic book fantasy football: "While your X-Factor team seems ideal, if you could pick any mutant in the Marvel Universe and have them on your team, who would you pick? Even Wolverine, if only to boost sales."

Wolverine, if only to boost sales.

I guess you’d have to stick him in a trenchcoat and fedora first, though.

And that concludes this current X-POSITION. Next week, our little column will appear on Wednesday due to the holiday (don’t forget — comics will ship a day late too!). We’re still taking questions though, and Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost ("New X-Men," "X-Force") will be on hand to answer.

Send all queries to me as soon as you’re able — heck, even sooner than that would be helpful. Don’t forget to write "X-Position" into the subject line, and don’t forget to buy a gift for your Uncle Jed (no neckties though — maybe an "X-Men" TPB?).


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