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X-POSITION Week 29: Nick Lowe

by  in Comic News Comment
X-POSITION Week 29: Nick Lowe
“X-Factor” #26, David Finch Cover

Last week’s “Uncanny X-Men” #493 had all the makings of a classic X-Men issue: dangerous villains, large battles, mysterious subplots and giant robots. It appears the sentinels are going back to their old ways, but with a new twist — nano-sentinels! Much is happening in the X-Universe courtesy of “Messiah CompleX,” and if you haven’t hopped aboard yet…well, hurry!

This week, X-editor Nick Lowe came by to answer all of your questions regarding last week’s issue and the crossover at hand. He’s eager to get started, and ready to give us the Lowe-down. (Sorry about the pun, but I’ve resisted for twenty-eight weeks.)

Spoilers from “Uncanny X-Men” #493 follow…

Nick, let’s start things off with a question from Vito M. While it appears Cable has been very busy in the current crossover, Vito was wondering about another Nate Grey.

“X-Factor” #26, Marc Silvestri Cover

“During ‘Endangered Species,’ Dark Beast had Beast tell him about how Nate (X-Man) Grey turned himself into energy to save humanity. Dark Beast then explained that what Nate had done could be reversed. So are we ever going to see Nate Grey? And is the baby Nate Grey reborn?”

Wait a second, that’s not really a “Messiah CompleX” question. Anyhow, I’ll shake my magic 8-ball — Will we see some Nate Grey? “Maybe you already have.” That’s weird. What an odd magic 8-ball. On to your “Messiah CompleX” questions!

As you command, Sir Nick. It appears Chuckie has been doing some research, so he has a theory he’d like to explore with you.

“I was re-reading the ‘New Avengers: The Collective’ trade and saw something that made me curious — is there a connection between the baby and all the mutant energies that crashed down to Alaska after ‘House of M?’ Seems to be more than a coincidence that the first mutant baby to be born since HOM is born close to where all the displaced mutant energies came to earth a year or so before…”

Interesting question, Chuckie. There’s no direct connection between the mutant energies and the baby, but it is interesting that they happened at the same place, isn’t it?

Bobby had a similar question that may — or may not — have a coincidence as its answer as well. “I imagine this is a ‘wait and see’ question, but similar to her birth overloading cerebra, is there a connection between the telepaths being taken out and the baby crying in Part Six of MC? Or is it really an outside force taking out the telepaths, as the X-Men seem to expect?”

There is no connection between the baby crying and the telepaths at the mansion being knocked unconscious. I’m with Beast on this one. Something is amiss.

Exclusive Pages from “X-Factor” #26

DA was reviewing the most recent MC chapter, and believes he has an idea that could help a fellow X-Man. “I just read ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #493 yesterday, and there is a scene on the blackbird where Nightcrawler is injured, and everyone is talking about needing a healer. What ever happened to Angel’s healing blood? He was right there on the plane with everyone….”

That’ll have to be a story for another day, DA. But there’s stuff a-comin!

One of the bigger moments to occur in the last issue was the battle with the sentinels and the introduction of nano-sentinels. Chris Ellingson had a few questions about the latter. “In ‘Uncanny,’ it mentioned Cable had access to samples of the nano-sentinels. Does anyone else have access to those samples? And what exactly would those do to the pilots? Turn them into sentinels?”

Yup, the Nano-Sentinels turned the pilots into Sentinels. As for who else would possibly have access? I would say the other folks on Rogue’s X-Men team or someone who had recent contact with Sabretooth.

Contact with Sabretooth? Who do we know that works at a cemetery?

Next, Andre 4000 is back and feels like reminiscing. “In the most recent issue of ‘Uncanny,’ Scott was taking a moment and looking at a locket that contained a picture of him with Jean. I thought this was fairly strange timing, especially since he keeps reiterating to Emma that she is the one for him now. Was he looking at the locket because Cable’s presence reminded him of her? Or are we having a moment of foreshadowing?”

Hey Andre! He was sorting through some of his belongings that were strewn about in the destruction of the mansion. We wanted it to bring a sense of history to the scene. Ain’t it cute, though?

And speaking of Cyclops, Chemicalx was curious about the X-Men’s leadership — both past and present. “Storm has led the X-Men almost as much as Scott, but very little has been shown of her during ‘Messiah CompleX’ (aside from last issue). Are there any plans for her coming up after MC? Also, will we get any reactions from her on what’s occurred with the X-Men since she was the most vocal about Scott and Emma’s leadership.”

Storm factors into our post-“Messiah CompleX” plans in a big way, Chemicalx. You’ll see her moving and shaking! And her criticism hasn’t been forgotten.

Someone who also needs to be remembered is Apocalypse…according to John Sage, at least. “Where exactly is Apocalypse and what do you think he would make of all that’s going on in ‘Messiah CompleX?’ What with the fate of mutants hanging in the balance — together with the prominent involvement of Cyclops, Cable and Sinister — it seems odd not to have Apocalypse throw his hat in to the ring.”

Exclusive Pages from “X-Factor” #26

The last time we saw Apocalypse, he was floating in the void between dimensions. He’s not coming back for this, but I think that baby would interest him in a big way.

Barthufo had a couple of questions. Luckily, Nick had a pair of answers just lying around his office…

“1) It seems that many fans are already forgetting the fact that Gambit tipped Cable off in ‘X-Men’ #200 by telling him, ‘It’s one minute before dawn.’ Depending on what Cable wants the baby for — and what the baby actually stands for (hope or doom) — Gambit could quite possibly have helped save the mutant race. While Gambit’s loyalties have been questionable in the past, by the end of MC will we get all of our answers about Gambit’s motives? Will he be in a series post-MC?

Keep your eye on Gambit. All isn’t as it seems. I can’t say too much about this, but I think you’ll be happy to see where it goes.

“2) Cable’s my favorite character and I’m psyched to see him back in the limelight. His last solo series, plus the brilliant ‘Cable & Deadpool,’ had some great creative teams and some unbelievable stories, but still the book was canceled due to low sales.

My question is: how can you assure some fans that this new ‘Cable’ book will be worth a shot? Are the book and its star going to be important in the near future of the X-Men franchise? Is there a long-term goal set up for Cable and his role in the X-Universe (or Marvel Universe) in general?”

Here’s why I like the new “Cable” series (I’ve read the scripts through #4 and the planning documents much past that): it gives a simple entry-point to enjoying a great character. Throughout the series, he is tested and his humanity shines through.

As for why I think it’s going to be around, there are a few things: 1) It’s beginning and the end of “Messiah CompleX” are tightly wound. 2) Ariel Olivetti was born to draw Cable. 3) I made a sacrifice to my Lizard-god and he promises that it’ll be around.

All hail the Lizard-god! Jediwakko also had a set of queries, both involving the new team that premiered at the end of this issue.

“1) We now know that X-Force is after Cable. So are the two upcoming series going to heavily incorporate each other? I mean, looking back on it, the fact that both titles were revealed on the same day looks decidedly pointed.”

Exclusive Pages from “X-Factor” #26

Nope. The two series will be separate and equally awesome. The reason that they were revealed on the same day was because they’re the first two new series rolling out of “Messiah CompleX.”

“2) It appears that Hepzibah and Caliban are on X-Force, but (aren’t in the promos) for the ongoing. Does the future not look so bright for those two individuals?”

Not all the characters from “X-Force” are on the covers that you’ve seen, but both Caliban and Hepzibah are put to the test in the crossover.

DonnyXtreme is also looking to the future, and he was wondering about…well, everything.

“How should we expect X-group dynamics to play out post-MC? Are we going to see a streamlined (albeit large) X-Men team that is in ‘Uncanny’ & ‘Legacy’ as well as ‘Astonishing’? Or shall we expect three different core X-Men teams of five or six characters each? I am curious as to what the X-Men can look forward to structurally, without giving too much away, of course.”

This is a big wait-and-see answer. I don’t want to give away the ending, but after “Messiah CompleX,” things change. Not only is there a major shift in how the X-Men work in the Marvel U, but there’s also a shift on the publishing philosophy of the X-Men line as a whole.

Just seven issues left until this final statement becomes clear — hang in there, fans!

Next week, Peter David is back to answer your questions about “X-Factor” #26 (in stores this Wednesday). As the cover contains a pretty picture of the new X-Force, I assume you may have a query or two about this “claw squad.”

Be sure to send me your emails as quickly as you can. If I receive your question by Friday at noon (PST), that will help guarantee its consideration. Be sure to toss “X-Position” into the subject line, and I’ll be sure to keep my eyes out for them!


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