X-POSITION: Way Kills Deadpool in "Dead"

Deadpool feels as though he's seen and done it all -- and he nearly has. He's traveled the world, visited other dimensions, and even made out with a female version of himself from another universe (the less said about that, the better). The Merc with a Mouth feels there is only one grand adventure left for him in the Marvel Universe: death. Going on this "journey" is problematic for Deadpool, however, when one considers the fact that he can't die.

It seems as if Wade Wilson has come up with a solution though, and readers are going to find out what it is in the upcoming "Deadpool" arc titled "Dead." You're probably wondering what answer he's found and what it will mean for the future of your favorite funny book. Well, wonder no more -- X-POSITION has writer Daniel Way here to tackle your all your queries. Put on your helmets and bite down on your mouth guards, because it's time to rumble...

Our first email comes from Avoxian, who's curious how you knew it was time to pull Deadpool's plug:

"Dead" has been part of Way's plan for "Deadpool" since the very beginning

1) Why did you decide it was time to tell this "Dead" story? Have you been planning it awhile?

Simply put, it just felt like it was time to do it -- it felt like a natural progression of the character, given the path he's been on for the last few years. The main idea of "Dead" was one of the first ideas I had for the series, actually -- before I even started writing it. It's something that's been threaded through several of the arcs; both mine and the writers who've worked on the series, previously.

2) How long will the "Dead" arc last and can we expect to see guest stars? And if so, who?

"Dead" is a five-issue story (#50-54), with an oversized first issue. Lots of guest stars in this one -- not sure who's been mentioned yet, but I can say that X-Force plays a key role.

3) Does it feel strange to be writing about suicide in such a comical light? Are there any lines you worry about crossing?

That's a really good question. Unfortunately, I've known several people who've committed suicide and I've always found myself thinking that, if they'd only taken a moment and thought about what they were doing -- really thought about it -- it wouldn't have taken much for them to talk themselves out of it. It leaves such a smoking crater in the world they leave behind -- it really damages those left to deal with it. All of that factors into this storyline.

4) Deadpool isn't the only one who can't die; there's also Wolverine, Daken, and X-23. Will his death have implications for them?

Another good question, and one that those characters -- two of them, in particular -- are going to be asking themselves very soon.

CharlesN2 is looking for some meaning in death; although in this case, he hopes death doesn't truly mean THE END:

I have really been enjoying your run on this volume of "Deadpool." It happens to be one of my favorite titles, so the solicitations for the "Dead" arc are making me nervous. I hope you can tell me...

1) Will this title be sticking around or is this the final arc of the series?

All I can tell you is that you should start preparing yourself now -- this isn't going to end like anyone thinks it will.

2) Will Deadpool be involved in the "Avengers Vs. X-Men" event this year? Especially since it involves Cable?

We're actually working that out right now. Maybe?

3) I'd love to see X-23 and Deadpool together again -- is there any chance of this? How about writing a miniseries about the Weapon X program graduates/escapees? I think you'd kill on a book like this...

Sounds good to me!

Me too! In the meantime, Ramelito is inquiring about tragedy, the afterlife, and love...

1) I've always thought of Deadpool as a comedic character that borderlines on tragedy. I mean, he's been physically and mentally scarred, yet he still makes me laugh like no one's business. Are you able to completely set aside his tragic past when writing him?

Not at all -- I reference it all the time. Or at least I thought I did...?

2) Does Deadpool think about concepts like heaven and hell? Does he consider where he might be going?

Good question. Deadpool is a very... momentary person. He doesn't give much thought what happens next. That being said, I think you're really going to like "Dead."

3) As "Dead" will focus on Deadpool's end, will we get a chance to peek at more of his beginnings? Before he became the Merc with a Mouth?

A bit, yes. Sorry, can't say more than that at the moment.

4) Since Deadpool seems to have a love affair with Death, will Thanos appear as a jealous lover?

It's definitely been something that I've talked about with my editors, but it won't be happening anytime soon.

5) As Siryn and Wade have an on-again-off-again "thing," will her reaction to Wade's actions be noted?

I think it's safe to say that everyone in the Marvel Universe will be taking note of Deadpool's actions in "Dead."

Why does that sound ominous? Harris sent in the last email of the day, so he gets the last word on death...

1) Will there be anyone else who knows what Wade is attempting to do by killing himself? And if so, wouldn't one of them want to stop him?

Seriously, I think these are the best questions I've ever gotten for X-POSITION. Not to dodge your question, but who do you, the fans, think would try to stop Deadpool from offing himself?

2) If Wade does indeed die, will we get to see a reading of his will? Who do you think he'd leave things to? As a mercenary, I imagine he has quite a bit of money tucked away in various locations...

Love that idea. Consider it stolen.

3) What words do you imagine Wade Wilson would want on his tombstone?


And now, it's my turn for a little get-to-know-you question that we like to call "Behind the X." As we've talked about dying all day, let's go with something a little lighter: what hobbies do you have outside of comics?

Lately, I've gotten back into playing music. Did it a lot in my teens and early 20s in various crappy punk and hardcore bands, but now I'm playing mostly for my own enjoyment. But still at ear-splitting volume, of course.

Rock on! In seven days, we'll be banging our head with the bandleader behind "Uncanny X-Men" -- Kieron Gillen! He's joining us to answer all those crazy questions and ruminations you have running around in your mind. Just hop on your keyboard and quickly shoot me an email with all that you wish to know. Hey, put an "X-Position" in the subject line and you'll be able to cross off one of your New Year's resolutions. Now hurry and get those questions to me!

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