X-POSITION: Way Gives "Deadpool" New Life

What makes Deadpool one of the most dangerous mercenaries around? Is it his skills with weapons? Might it be his healing factor? Or is it due to the fact that he's one crazy son of a gun? Well, in light of the recent "Dead" storyline in his ongoing series, one of the aforementioned factors has been removed from the Deadpool equation: Wade Wilson can be injured and die (i.e. no more healing factor).

Oh, and he's a handsome little devil now too!

What will all this mean for the Merc with a Mouth? Will he become less dangerous or more? And might he consider another line of work... the Maintenance Man with a Mouth? Writer Daniel Way answers these questions and more in today's X-POSITION! Let's rock and roll...

Our first e-mail comes from Captain Cavalier, who has been pondering the implications of the new softer side of Wade:

Cover by Dave Johnson, interior art by Shawn Crystal

Daniel, I'm really excited by the change to Deadpool's status. It feels like you've moved him past a one-note character with his newfound vulnerability. He can no longer do the impossible...

Whoa, hold on -- he can't? Says who?

1) It seems he will be in a somewhat self-preservation mode in the future. Will this cause him to hesitate? Will this cause him to feel fear (or is he still too crazy for that)?

Fear -- no. Frustration and anger -- yes. But that will only serve to propel him forward, never back.

2) What if, even with his new image, he is still considered a joke by others? How will he feel about that? Will his new weaknesses include the ability to wound his ego?

I don't think other characters consider him to be a joke; I think they consider him to be an un-solvable problem. Or, at least, they did.

Ramelito wants to know if the challenges now presented to Deadpool will create greater challenges for you:

1) Previously, Wade seemed a bit like a Looney Tune character -- you could drop an anvil on him and he would keep going. Does he have value as a character past the jokes and inability to get hurt? And does this make him easier or more difficult to write?

That's a great question (and the same question, actually, that led me to taking away his healing factor). Personally, I find that a character's vulnerabilities are more interesting and engaging than their invulnerabilities.

2) For so long, Wade has been seeking ways to die. Now that death is actually possible, do you think he'll do a 180 and want to live? Does life for him take on a new meaning now that it's finite?

Not a 180; more like a course correction. Now that there are actual stakes, Deadpool will rediscover his love for "the game."

3) Can you see Wade actually searching for a way to get his healing ability back? What kind of situation would make him want that again?

Hmm... getting his ass handed to him by Paste Pot Pete?

4) Will Deadpool get serious about romance now that his life has an end and he has his looks? Is this something he'll want?

Possibly. But remember -- just because his outside is no longer mangled doesn't mean that what's inside has healed.

5) On that note, what will Siryn say? Although, she never really did seem to care about his appearance in the first place...

Art by Shawn Crystal

Good point. As they say, not all change is for the better.

6) Will Wade's lack of healing help make him sane? In other words, was it the fact that he couldn't die that made him crazy? Or was it his looks? Both have been "fixed" now, but maybe Wade's just "insane in the membrane?"

Ever seen a photo of Ted Bundy? Handsome guy.

I just got chills. Marcus Martin had another thought about Wade's lovely visage...

1) Now that his face has been fixed and he doesn't have a healing factor anymore, I was somewhat expecting Deadpool's multiple narration boxes to disappear. What does the fact that they're still present mean exactly? That things haven't truly changed?

The one time they "disappeared" was when he was locked up (in the "Institutionalized" arc) and cut off from outside stimuli. Left to his own devices -- left alone -- Deadpool kind of shuts down. He's a reaction; without action, he ceases to exist.

2) What are your thoughts on Cullen Bunn's recently announced "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe" miniseries? Should it be considered a separate continuity than your book?

I'm aware of it -- and I love Cullen's work -- but I'm not sure. Maybe Editor Jordan D. White has the answers you seek?

Jordan D. White: You'd better hope it's a different continuity -- unless you want Deadpool to put an end to every other comic in the Marvel line! He's going to kill the Marvel Universe!

3) It wasn't exactly clear to me, but could Wolverine have his powers removed in the same way it happened to Deadpool?

No. Wolverine was born a mutant whereas Deadpool was not. In other words, there doesn't exist a non-mutant sample of Wolverine's DNA.

On that note, Jackamack was worried about Wolvie's feelings:

Art by Shawn Crystal

1) Do you think Wolverine is jealous of Deadpool's new vulnerability?

Not jealous, but maybe... wistful?

2) Now that his face is "pretty," Deadpool can walk into a mission without a mask and costume. He could even do spy work like James Bond! Is there any chance we'll see him take this route?


3) Do you think Wade would ever leave the mercenary lifestyle now that his looks and healing factor have changed. In my mind, it's never appeared as though Wade's identity was widely known, or if it was, it wasn't advertised. And even if it was known, he could just get a new identity and live a normal life. Why won't he do this?

Because Deadpool is not, nor will he ever be -- under any circumstances -- normal.

And now, it's time for a quick get-to-know-you question that we call "Behind the X." Since Deadpool just had his looks altered, tell me -- if you could magically change any part of your appearance, what would it be and why?

My teeth. They're a mess.

Aw, it's like the song says, Dan -- we love you just the way you are!

On that happy note, today's X-hugfest is brought to a conclusion. We promise to return next week though, and we'll bring "Age of Apocalypse" writer David Lapham with us! Do you have some straight-forward questions about the backwards universe he writes? Well, send them to me ASAP and I'll pass them along. Put an "X-Position" in the subject line and I'll tell you about the go-cart gang I did battle with. Get to it!

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