X-POSITION: Way & "Deadpool" Take on the Avengers

How does one describe Deadpool's place in the X-Men corner of the Marvel Comics Universe? He's not an enemy, but few would categorize him as anyone's "buddy" (with the possible exception of Cable). The word "outsider" comes to mind, but even then, he is an outsider on the inside, especially as a member of Uncanny X-Force.

So when the "Avengers vs. X-Men" event occurs, whose side will Deadpool fall on? The X-Men or the Avengers (providing they pay him)? Will Deadpool even care about these events? Or is he too busy trying to kill himself, as seen in the "Dead" story arc taking place in his self-titled book?

There are lots of questions in need of answers, so it's time to call on that other voice in Deadpool's head for today's X-POSITION -- writer Daniel Way! The scribe took a break from playing mindgames with Wade Wilson and offered to tackle your intriguing inquiries. Let's all sit back now and watch Daniel have his Way with words...

First up, McFly was wondering about upcoming AvX happenings and why Deadpool is such a wild card -- of course, that does make him a joker:

1) According to the "Avengers vs. X-Men" Program Guide, Deadpool plays the role of a Wild Card in the upcoming AvX event. Why do you think he falls into this category? While he's not "buddies" with the X-Men, it seems to me he'd be more likely to side with the X-Men than the Avengers...

Why? Because that's just... what he is, y'know? The thing to keep in mind is that Deadpool is drawn to conflict, and the bigger the better. He has history with both groups -- some good, most of it bad -- so he's not really bringing any firm allegiance with him. All that being said, Deadpool isn't going to stop being Deadpool just because a bunch of good guys are waging war upon one another. So I think the question isn't "Whose side is he on?" as much as it is "Who's on his side?"

2) If Deadpool was going to try and take out the Avengers, what do you think his strategy would be (if he bothered with one)?

The current Avengers roster is so expansive and so multi-faceted that it'd be almost impossible -- which is why he'd probably come at them head-on. Since it makes absolutely no sense for him to do this, the Avengers would be convinced it was a diversionary tactic -- they'd be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Since they'd only have half their heads in the game, Deadpool would be able to do some damage. He'd then fall back and let them try to figure out what just happened.

He'd use the fact the Avengers are a team, rather than an individual, against them. As the Avengers struggle to apply logic to an illogical situation -- while Deadpool harries from the wings, guerilla-style, keeping tensions high -- internal fissures will develop because no one will agree on a course of action. The team effectively splintered, Deadpool would then go to work on the separate pieces. Or, y'know, that's the way it'd go if I wrote it.

Maybe editorial is interested in a "What if?" "AvX" story centering on Deadpool. Could you ask them... please?

Meanwhile, Greg is curious how current events are going to affect that other book Deadpool appears in:

1) How much do you coordinate with Rick Remender when utilizing X-Force in the "Dead" arc? Does he regularly consult you about his plans for Deadpool in his book? And has he been pleading with you NOT to kill Deadpool off?

Rick and I talked about it over drinks (and, uh... more drinks) at Comic-Con [International in San Diego] last summer. He had some concerns coming into the conversation, but once I explained everything, he understood why this story was being told and how, ultimately, it would benefit all involved.

2) Is there any chance we'll be seeing more of the X-Force team in your book (assuming it continues on after Deadpool is "dead"). And who is one member of X-Force you'd love to write in a solo book?

No plans -- sorry, can't elaborate further. As for your other question, I've really enjoyed writing Fantomex, actually.

Minerva is next and she wonders if Deadpool is going to be safe and sane anytime soon?

1) In an interview that took place not too long ago, you said there's going to be a new Deadpool under the mask. You weren't referring to "Evil Deadpool," were you? And if you were referring to a new person, can you at least tell us if this Deadpool is going to be sane or just as crazy as Wade?

Huh? Evil Deadpool is dead! And that kinda thing tends to be permanent, right? And I think someone would have to be crazy to put on the Deadpool costume -- I mean, it pretty much comes with a target printed on the back.

2) A rumor out there is that Wade is going to get his good looks back. If he does (and I'm not saying he will), what do you think this would do to his mind? Would it stabilize him?

That's the rumor, huh? That's interesting. If that were to happen -- well, I think there's a good possibility that it'd have the opposite effect. Painting a rotten house doesn't increase its structural strength, y'know?

Ramelito was worried that Wade's solution for death would become a problem for the children of the atom. Daniel, say it ain't so...

1) I got the impression (both from the book and reviews) that the serum Deadpool is searching for negates mutant powers. Well, if there is such a serum, don't all mutants have to worry? And wouldn't the Avengers want this for "AvX?"

Good questions! Here's another one: wouldn't X-Force immediately go into action to make sure such a serum didn't end up in the wrong hands?

2) Also -- and you may have answered this before -- is Deadpool a mutant or not? Because I thought he wasn't, and if he isn't, then the serum wouldn't work on him anyway...

Deadpool is not a mutant; he's a mutation, created by external forces. Mutants are born. Deadpool was made.

3) I really liked Evil Deadpool. Was he supposed to be more of a Frankenstein analogy? Or were you more influenced by the movie "The Hand?"

Ha! I love that movie! I didn't consciously channel it, but you never know. The genesis of Evil Deadpool began with a simple idea: what would Deadpool be like if you removed all trace of the man he used to be? Understand that Evil Deadpool is a collection of by-products and was never a whole human being. Though Deadpool's memories of things like his childhood and his former humanity are vague, they still exist somewhere in his mind -- he knows he used to be something else, still in some way identifies with the human dilemma. Evil Deadpool, from the moment he opened his eyes, was what he was.

DDman is singing in the rain... or is he singing through the pain? Either way, he had some kind words he wanted to pass along:

1) Issue #49.1 was fantastic! I loved the musical! How did you decide on this format and how much longer than usual did it take you to write this issue?

The idea actually came from a friend of mine who just recently passed away, "Triforce" Mike Pandel. I don't think it took any longer to write than any other standalone issue I've done -- though it did require a lot more humming.

2) What was it like writing the songs for this issue? And how did you decide which songs to parody?

It was fun! I've been wanting to do something like this ever since I did "Starr the Slayer," which also featured music. The opening song occurred to me immediately; the line "arm me with harmony" seemed so perfect to me. The second one -- well, I have to admit that I'd never heard of "Chocolate Rain" until my girlfriend mentioned it to me. Since the song is verse after verse with no chorus (just a continuing refrain), it made for a great vehicle.

The third one -- well, the idea of Hit-Monkey in a schoolgirl outfit appealed to me and it's a song to which basically everyone knows the melody. The last one just made sense in the context of the story to come, plus I'm a Fiend Club member from way back.

3) Where is the song now? I was looking for it recently and I can't find it online anymore. What happened?

I'm sure you can find it if you look hard enough. Maybe someone else reading this saved it somewhere...?

Andre4000 wrote in with several inquiries, including one that concerns six degrees of separation...

1) I liked seeing you and artist John McCrea work together in "Deadpool." You have also worked a lot with Steve Dillon quite a bit. When you work with these guys, do you sit around and gossip about Garth Ennis? And will we be seeing you work with either of them again soon?

I can only imagine the look of horror on Garth's face, thinking of two guys sitting around gossiping about him. There's really not much to gossip about, frankly -- I mean, everyone already knows about the bestiality and the tap dancing stuff. I'd absolutely love to work with Steve or Johnny again, but there's currently nothing planned (other than meeting up for beers at Comic-Consa, NYCC, etc.).

2) I'm a bit of a toy junkie, and I was curious if you ever purchase toys/action figures of characters you write? And even if you don't, what's your favorite Deadpool toy?

I don't, but I have a pretty sweet collection of them given to me by fans. I'd say my favorite Deadpool toy is my WWII-era machete.

3) For awhile, it seemed like there were five or six titles out every month featuring Deadpool. Now, there's just your book and "Uncanny X-Force." What's your preference -- writing a character who is (borderline) overexposed? Or being the sole writer of a character who makes or breaks his own ongoing?

A character's current popularity really doesn't matter to me when it comes to choosing projects, to be honest. When I launched "Deadpool," no one was waiting for it; I just wanted to do it because I felt that I could tell stories with the character that I, as a fan of the character and the comic medium, would want to read. That's how I always approach that kinda thing.

And now, it's time for our friendly, get-to-know-you question that we call "Behind the X." Let's try something that's fairly non-traumatic: what is your favorite non-electronic game? What do you like about it and when was the last time you got to play?

Baseball. Since it's a team sport, it's difficult to find enough players to get a real game going (and I still don't understand the "half rubber" game, though I'd like to). So the only time I get to play it is with kids, actually, during the spring and summer when I volunteer as a coach.

I've played in softball leagues but there's not enough small ball play for my taste, since we all learn how to crank on the ball pretty early. Last league I played in, we had to cap homers at three per inning; any over that were automatic outs. I would, however, love it if the Marvel/DC softball game at Comic-Con came back -- I think it just needs a sponsor. Any takers?

Today was a good for fun and giggles, but next week things get weird as we visit the "Age of Apocalypse" with David Lapham, the writer of this new series. I just know you have ten thousand questions about this title, but try to limit your inquiries to a hundred or send them my way so I can pass them to our guest. Put an "X-Position" in the subject line and I'll have a drink in your honor this St. Patrick's Day (actually, I may do that even if you don't email me). So get to it! I'm waiting...

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