X-POSITION: Way Clowns Around with "Deadpool"

People often say that clowns laugh on the outside, but cry on the inside. While Marvel Comics anti-hero Deadpool acts like a clown, he laughs on the inside and kills on the outside... and, honestly, that's no easy feat! Think about it -- how do you make a mercenary funny? How can killing be comedy?

I don't know the secret, but thankfully writer Daniel Way does. Every month, he brings readers a "Deadpool" comic that's full of physical punishment, yet laugh-out-loud funny. While we probably can't get him to spill the details on his classified formula, the scribe is willing to answer all kinds of reader emails for today's X-POSITION. Ready for some chuckles and chainsaws? Let's go!

Marcus Martin gets us going with a question about a recent announcement that's bound to catch Deadpool's attention:

1) Given the upcoming X-Sanction, will we be getting Wade's reaction to Cable's return in your book?

Possibly, but right now there's a lot going on in Wade's life and, because of the complex and compelling nature of their relationship, I wouldn't want to try to just, y'know, jam it in there somewhere. It's something I'd definitely like to do, though.

2) Although he met her when she was just a baby, will Wade Wilson team up with Hope Summers any time soon?

If it happened, it'd probably be in "Generation Hope." And I'd love to read it.

Put me down for a copy as well! Ramelito is next, and he's curious to hear Deadpool's opinion about another mutant in the Marvel Universe...

1) What does Wade think of Daken? If they had a chance to hang around one another, do you think they'd get along?

They hate one another. Utterly. You're going to get the answer to your second question very soon, because they're going to cross paths in an upcoming story arc.

2) Do you think Jason Aaron might let you borrow Dr. Rot for a while? I'd love to see those two interact...

Hey, Jason? Can I use Dr. Rot?

3) You were writing a handful of books for the longest time, and now you seem to be down to just one. Do you have anything on the back-burner that's going to come out soon? Anything you can hint about?

I had to pare down my schedule for a while in order to make room for some non-comics work, but I'll be picking up a few new projects in the near future -- including (finally!) a new creator-owned book.

Yay! Is it something completely different than Deadpool (no violence, just kittens) or should we expect a comedic bloodbath? Either way, I'm looking forward to reading it!

Clippy wrote in with some unique queries and observations. Let's try these on for size:

1) You seem to write Deadpool in shorter story arcs. Do you ever think about introducing a "slow boil" story element? One that can build over a long time? Or do you liken Deadpool stories to Archie Comics -- get in, yuck it up, and get out?

To some extent, yes. Deadpool's short attention span doesn't really lend itself to longer stories, and Deadpool's fans like to see him moving at a manic pace. That being said, what I've been doing from the beginning is setting up "super" arcs (the first year was Deadpool proving he was the world's greatest merc, the second was him proving that he could be a hero, etc.) that provide the framework for the shorter arcs. It seems to be working pretty well so far, so...

2) If Deadpool was ever going to participate in a reality TV show, which one would he try out for and why?

"The Real World." Because it has nothing to do with reality.

3) Can we see Deadpool try to take down some big-time villain? I'd love to see him pick a fight with Kingpin or Dr. Doom -- I bet he'd even win! Have you ever considered this?

Not only have I considered it, I'm currently writing it. Deadpool will soon be going toe-to-toe with one of the characters you mentioned.

4) Wade doesn't seem bothered by the craziness that goes on his mind, yet he's bothered by the fact that he can't die. Does he even know he's crazy? Does he care?

Deadpool's not really into self-examination. All he knows is that it works for him. But now he's looking for that next big thing -- the next way to show everyone that he can do the impossible. Deadpool's really not into foresight, either.

5) Deadpool seems wacky and lovable, but he also feels very lonely at times. Would you say he wants to find a soul-mate? And will he find one in your book?

He has -- Death. And he's doing all he can to be with her.

Renaldo also has hugs and kisses on his mind -- and more! You dirty boy...

1) Which do you prefer to write: a Wade in love, a Wade in lust, or a Wade who's just focused on shooting stuff up?

All three together, at the same time, but with some other stuff going on as well.

2) Wade is a multifaceted guy to say the least, but have you ever considered having him run around with a socially acceptable team such as the Avengers? I'd love to see him and Steve Rogers in a conversation...

Then you'll be very happy, very soon.

3) Apart from Bob, Agent of Hydra getting attention recently, are there any plans to bring back old-school characters such as T-Ray, Agent X, or Sandi Brandenberg?

There's going to be lots of cameos from old-school characters in the upcoming "Deadpool: The Musical."

4) Finally, with "Fear Itself" concluding, what would you say is Deadpool's greatest fear?

Being ignored.

Per a suggestion from one of our readers last week (Madroxdupe024), I'm going to ask the following of all our upcoming guests: in light of the recent "Schism" in the X-Universe, whose side do you choose (Cyclops or Wolverine) and why?

Honestly, it changes every issue... which, I think, means that Jason Aaron is writing one hell of a story.

Well, there are two sides to every tale, and next week we'll get a peek at one side of the "Schism" with "Uncanny X-Men" writer Kieron Gillen. He's joining us to answer all of those crazy questions and ruminations you have running around in your mind. Just hop on your keyboard and quickly shoot me an email with all that you wish to know. Put an "X-Position" in the subject line, and I'll help save your favorite new TV show from cancellation (watch "Prime Suspect!"). I'm waiting to hear from you, so hurry!

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