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Some people call Deadpool the mercenary who just can't get ahead, but that's all changed recently... mainly due to a head. Currently, in "Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth," Wade Wilson was hired by AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) to go to the Savage Lands to steal a bioweapon, which turned out to be the head of a zombie Deadpool from a different dimension. Thanks to this mission, Deadpool's now encountered wild savages, angry HYDRA agents, and a person who can finally keep up with his wisecracks: himself!

Naturally, with two Deadpools mouthing off, fans have twice as many questions as usual. Thankfully the writer of this Marvel Comics title, Victor Gischler, is joining us today here at X-POSITION to answer all of those queries bouncing around in readers' minds.

CBR: At the end of last week's X-POSITION, I challenged readers to send their questions in the form of a rhyme. Well, it seems Asher picked up the gauntlet I threw down and ran with it. It's rhyme-time!

I've read the first two issues and liked them

(saw Zabu and hoped the headcase was gonna bite 'em).

Is there a mouthier Wilson in store?

Or will the trash-talk be confined to his brain forevermore?

And Zombie-pool, that lovable creep,

is he really the sole sidekick Deadpool will keep?

Or can we expect a few older peeps

like Alex or Outlaw (and Pool's homies off the streets)?

And weaponizing a zombie-virus off a head w/ mischief on its mind -

is that the sort of thing anyone can keep confined?

Lastly, will we see Wade's zombie head in the game

that's being played in the other book bearing Deadpool's name?

VICTOR GISCHLER: Asher - I thought about rhyming back, but I just don't have the poetry chops anymore. Let me try to answer a few of your questions in bland prose. "Headpool" will be around for awhile, but forever? Who knows? That depends on what the honchos want and what sort of ideas I can come up with. But get comfortable with him for a while.

And Wilson gets (and will continue to get) mouthier as he encounters folks who deserve it. No former peeps in the near future. The "Merc with the Mouth" title is meant to take Wade to far away places so he can annoy/kill a whole new gang of people. But again, anything can happen if you hang around long enough.

Can you give us any ideas or hints as to the "far away places" Wade will be going to? Are they within our continent? Our universe? How about our dimension?

Hints...hmmmmmm. Let's just say that nothing is out of the question, and certainly the regions on your list have been discussed. Oh yes. Yes, very familiar indeed. If you want something more concrete, I can say definitely not Gary, Indiana.

The current incarnation of Deadpool that's running around the Marvel Universe has a unique way in which he communicates...with himself. RJB wrote in to see if this method is going to become a standard of sorts.

Nice work so far on "Deadpool: MWAM." Though I have to say, from the onset I was hoping you'd develop Deadpool in a more "classic" fashion. Which is to say, without the hallucinations and schizo-white boxes that Daniel Way implemented last year. Any chance those will cease to be used after the current arc? Or has that become the new status quo for Deadpool?

I hear you, RJB, and I totally respect Deadpool Classic, but right now we're going to keep it current. I will admit that I found myself using "pool-o-vision" a bit less in the last few issues I've scripted. I think the right thing to do is not force it, but to take advantage now and then when it's good for a laugh. So I won't cease using them, but I won't feel the need to fill a white-box quota either.

Will Zombie Deadpool get schizo caption balloons too? If so, you certainly would have a lot of caption boxes if the two Deadpools were talking to one another...

It's like you're reading my mind... but probably not as a regular feature.

Caitlin Kydd is up next, and she's concerned about Deadpool's love-life.

I know this isn't exactly a question for your particular title, but will we ever see a Deadpool/Siryn team-up? Will any former flames be appearing in your book?

I'll refer you to the above answer about old peeps. Anything is possible. Deadpool is so shy and timid, we really need to help him meet new people, right? And, wait...do you mean Deadpool's former flames or mine?

Professor Chuckles sent in a laundry list of questions, which is good because one of his queries indicates he needs to clean his mind.

I'm so glad you're using zombie Deadpool! Was this your idea?

Ideas fly around pretty fast, so it's hard to remember, but I think we have to thank the editorial genius of Axel Alonso for bringing in the head. Unless Axel got the idea from someone else and I've forgotten. A honcho will correct me if I'm wrong.

Is there any chance you can request more scenes featuring Dr. Betty's posterior? Because there weren't enough of those in the first two issues (and it gives "Agent of AIM" a whole new meaning!).

We're going to have to give Bong Dazo credit for Dr. Betty's backside. I've put in a request for a Dr. Betty pinup calendar but I don't think the boss is taking me seriously.

Any hints as to what we can expect from future story arcs? Different settings?

I'm tossing darts at the idea board now.

Will he have a supporting cast?

I see it like this - a supporting cast that sort of rotates. People might come and go and come back again, and stragglers will be picked up along the way...but definitely not anyone named Gary from Indiana.

Are you plotting the book in short, standalone story arcs? Or will there be an over-arching arc that will drive this title?

The first two arcs will be six issues each. But the arcs will lead right into each other, so it's not a stretch to think of them as one big story. So for the foreseeable future, we're not really going to get the feel of a standalone. But aren't we really all at the mercy of where the dart hits on the idea board?

And while we're on the topic of drive - what do you feel drives Deadpool? Is it purely money? And if so, do you think he'd retire if he ever won the lottery?

Money certainly drives Deadpool, but so does a childlike need to indulge himself. Deadpool wants what Deadpool wants...and what he wants might change every minute. He sometimes has attention span problems.

Andre4000 seems to have a similar issue, as he asks questions about, well, everything!

How did you get the gig to write a second Deadpool title? It seems strange that Deadpool was on the sidelines for so long and then "poof!" - there are now two books starring him.

Axel Alonso picked me for the Deadpool title. I think he looked at my previous work and knew I was ready for something like this, and my novels showed him I could blend violence and odd humor. In short, he put his faith in me to be the go-to guy for "Merc With A Mouth." I'm working hard to validate his decision, and I appreciate the chance.

My memory is that he contacted me and said, "We need to work out an idea for another Deadpool title, and then we need you to script an issue and we want it in eleven minutes. Go!" Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but it all did seem to happen very fast - but in a good, excited way, not a rushed anxious way. It was cool.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge in writing a character like Deadpool?

The challenge is to be funny without seeming like you're working too hard at it. Deadpool's quips are meant to have an "off the cuff" feel.

If you had to compare Deadpool to a character from the movies or literary world, who would it be and why?

Not a specific character, but I can really picture a Deadpool-type character on a show like "The Venture Bros." The combination of humor, violence, pop culture, and self-references just makes that seem like a good match. Deadpool is so unique that he only makes me think of Deadpool. And my cousin Lars. Lars is...well...never mind.

Do you think Deadpool has a moral line he won't cross when it comes to jobs? And if so, what would that be?

I really think there is a line, but it's drawn in pencil, not with permanent marker. Deadpool doesn't think of himself as having rules or guidelines, but he does have a gut feeling when he's getting close to "the line."

What do you like and/or dislike about writing comics as opposed to novels?

Actually, no negatives are coming to mind. I really like the team approach. I get to bat ideas back and forth with editors. Bong Dazo delivers art that is even better than what I pictured when I was writing. The inks and covers all look great. I like being part of a team like this very much.

And while this is off-topic, I always like to ask this of novelists: read any good books lately that you'd recommend?

Good books? If you like some very edgy noir stuff, look up my buddy Anthony Neil Smith. Another pal of mine, Sean Doolittle, has also recently published a very intelligent thriller called "Safer." "Lamb" by Christopher Moore is a few years old, but still a favorite. "Altered Carbon" by Richard K. Morgan is a nice blend of noir and science fiction. I supposed my publisher might be a bit irritated if I didn't mention my own new novel, "Vampire a Go-Go," hits September 1.

That concludes today's merc mayhem, but to continue with the theme of "two heads being better than one," we'll have two guests next week: Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu. Between the two, they write "Dark Wolverine," "Wolverine: Origins," and "Deadpool" (not to mention Liu's concluded "NYX: No Way Home"). With all this on the table, readers should have plenty to write in about.

As usual, just send those questions my way as fast as mutantly possible, and I'll pass them along. Throw an "X-Position" in the subject line, and my browser will give your email a special kind of hug - and who doesn't love hugs? See you in seven!

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