X-POSITION: Victor Gischler

This spring, the big event in the mutant corner of the Marvel Universe is "X-Men: Second Coming." Deadpool naturally had to outdo this little X-affair with an event of his own which sees a second coming of...himself! More accurately, it sees the coming of various versions of Deadpools from alternate universes.

Those fans currently reading "Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth" met the first Deadpool variant early on in this series with the introduction of Headpool (the head of Zombie Deadpool). Recently, when Wade tried to return Headpool to his zombie universe, he learned of the existence of other Deadpools in different universes.

Well, these Deadpools will soon join together to form a team readers can follow in the ongoing series "Deadpool Corps," which will be written by Victor Gischler (who also writes the "Merc with a Mouth" title). This team promises to be unlike any ever seen before, and includes the likes of Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, and the aforementioned Headpool.

And if you think that sounds mind-blowing, here's a math problem for you: if each version of Deadpool hears at least two voices, and Wade tries to lead them in a sing-a-long of the Corps' fight song, how long will it take before Victor Gischler's brain explodes? Before he discovers the answer to this the hard way, let's have Mr. Gischler join us for some fun in this week's X-POSITION. Are you ready to take the train to crazy-town?

RJB kicks things off for us today with a pat on the back. He's also looking for some assurance that his future is Gischler-riffic!

I'm loving "Merc with a Mouth" - your humor is witty and fresh, each issue is thoroughly entertaining. I was just wondering if you are committed to both "Deadpool Corps" and "Merc with a Mouth," or will you be handing off DPC after the initial prelude/arc? Or will MWAM fade out after the first year and fold into DPC? In any case, you need to be on at least one book - your take on Deadpool is kick-ass.

Victor Gischler: Thanks! The simple answer is that I'll do as much Deadpool as I can for as long as Marvel will let me. I love the character and each script is fun as hell to write, and I'm always surprised how Bong Dazo (and the other fantastic artists) can take what I've written and make it look even better on the page.

Having said that, all good things must come to an end sooner or later. I'll still have plenty of Deadpool on my plate for the near future, but other projects have already been discussed and new things might be on my horizon. Stay tuned and all will be revealed!

This next query is a combination of two separate emails from Rob Baker and Ian Yoxon. You're used to hearing multiple voices at the same time, right?

I love "Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth!" The jokes crack me up every issue - the 'Fight Club' quip was amazing. Will we be seeing other kinds of Deadpools than the ones introduced already? Personally, I'd like to see Ye'oldpool - Deadpool, but super-stereotyped British would be funny! Also, will zombie Deadpool ever get a new body?

Keep reading "Merc with a Mouth" and all your zombie body questions will be answered! Other kinds of Deadpools? I may have caught my limit...for now. (So, was that mysterious or just annoying? Meh. Either way.)

Speaking of "limits," Rwsharpjr is concerned that comic shelves are reaching theirs with regards to Wade's pretty mug. What can you tell him to ease his fears?

I've been a big fan of Deadpool since "Circle Chase," so I'm pretty happy to see the exposure that Deadpool's currently getting. I'm personally of the mindset that the more readers see Deadpool, the more they will like the character. However, I'm hearing from many fans that they feel that the character is suffering from overexposure. So my questions are:

1) How do you feel about the amount of exposure that the character's been getting lately?

I feel it's awesome because it keeps me employed. But seriously, it's just more proof how many readers think Deadpool is super-ultra-neato...which he is.

2) How long do you think this level of exposure can be maintained without becoming too much?

Honestly, that question is a little out of my league, and I'm glad I don't have to make those kinds of decisions. Also, I guess it depends on how you define "too much." Readers are sharp and will vote with their dollars. So far, so good.

3) Is the level of exposure that Deadpool's seeing a meta/inside joke thing? For example, the "Who Won't Wield The Shield" solicit said "Featuring a special appearance by everybody's favorite underused character, Deadpool! At last, Deadpool! In a comic!" It almost seems like there's a contest within Marvel to see who can find the most ways to use Deadpool...

I think that's just Marvel's way of showing they're perfectly aware there's a lot of Deadpool out there. But if there's a contest going on, I didn't get the memo. Hey, I'm just happy for my small part in the Deadpool revolution.

4) Will "Heroic Age" affect Deadpool at all?

Hmmmmm. Might be a better question for some of the other Deadpool writers. I have yet to receive any special "Heroic Age" instructions from the home office.

5) Has the zombie virus has now spread to the Deadpool Kid's universe because Liefeld-Cap's arm was left behind? Will we see follow-up on this in "Deadpool Corps?"

Cap's severed arm will be getting its own ongoing title in July. Stay tuned. (That's a joke. Please don't write letters.)

6) What are the chances of getting a "Where's Wade-o?" (i.e. "Where's Waldo?") type of book featuring our favorite merc-with-a-mouth? Pretty please?

Ha. I'll get my people on that right away! (Note: Gischler does not have people.)

You sure are giving us quite a few parenthetical asides. Of course, that's probably second nature to someone who writes Deadpool!

Andre4000 sent in the last email of the day. He wants to know more about the Corps. Be a good drill sergeant and yell out an answer...or six.

1) Why do you think Deadpool hasn't just destroyed zombie Deadpool instead of taking him to another universe? We know from "Marvel Zombies" that they can be destroyed, and he didn't have any problem killing Cowboy Deadpool...

Well, against all good judgment (does Wade Wilson have good judgment?), he and the zombie head are sort of becoming pals. As for Cowboy Deadpool, well, I mean, why not shoot Cowboy Deadpool. Did you see that hat? Come on!

2) Can you tell us the reason for the existence of the "Deadpool Corps?" (other than to sell tons of books, of course). Are they on a mission of some sort? And, if so, is it an ongoing mission or does it have a definite end-goal in sight?

Yes, a very very very very very very important mission that only multiple Deadpools can handle. The very universe itself is at stake! VERY IMPORTANT! MISSION! AT STAKE! You see what I'm saying...

3) How big can we expect the corps to grow to? A dozen Deadpools? A thousand? Maybe...52?

Right now we're good with five, I think. No need for more. Certainly not 52!

4) Will we see a variety of universes in "Deadpool Corps?" And if so, can we expect the continued theme of a different artist for each universe? Personally, I liked the way it looked...

The bigwigs at the home office decide on artists, but I see what you mean. It's a cool way to give each universe its own look. Hey, maybe that's an idea for the future. But for this opening arc, we'll be sticking to one universe.

5) Can you give us a hint on the wackiest Deadpool we'll meet in the corps? And where are you getting your ideas for the different Deadpools?

I think we've already glimpsed most (all?) of the members, so now we just need to see them in action. I have a soft spot for Dogpool.

6) Is there any chance Marvel may have a "Design a Deadpool contest?" That would be loads of fun!

If I were in charge I would totally do that! There's a surprisingly long list of things I'm not in charge of...

Hey, who do I talk to about that?

Well, before you hunt that person down, it's time for some "Behind the X" fun, where we ask you - our guest - a little "get-to-know-you" question. So, in the spirit of the recent holiday, what the best Valentine you've either given or received?

Honestly, Valentine's Day is pretty simple around my house...maybe exchange cards, have a special meal. Nothing too exciting. If in doubt, a shoebox full of twenties is always a welcome gift.

Ah, a box full of money - it's clear you know the heart of the character you write very well.

I'm afraid we must now leave the kingdom of craziness to prepare for next week's X-citing guest - writer Matt Fraction ("Uncanny X-Men").  I'm hoping for a lot of thoughtful and articulate questions from you, the readers...so please don't let me down!

As usual, send those emails my way as quickly as you can, and I'll happily pass them along.  Put an "X-Position" in the subject line, and I'll stop all the snowfall on the east coast (I'm heavily connected). See you soon!

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