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If you're a fan of Marvel Comics' X-Men line, last weekend was quite a weekend for announcements, with a lot to cheer about. It began with the Mondo Marvel Panel at Wizard World Philadelphia and grew from there. Crossovers were announced, an Annual was laid out, and the X-Men's newest banner and miniseries -- "Manifest Destiny" -- was revealed.

As your emails for X-POSITION were of course sent in prior to these revelations, many of them were answered over the weekend. Still, it never hurts to hear from someone who is in-the-know, and no one knows more about Marvel's mutants than X-Men editor Nick Lowe.

While you might expect Lowe to still be tired from the convention, talking about the latest X-Men news seems to wake him up more than a triple grande latte. As a matter of fact, he's running in place even as we speak, ready to answer your queries. Okay, Nick -- on your mark, get set...go!

First up is Toboe, who had some relationship concerns.

How can Cyclops keep X-Force a secret from Emma Frost, when she's shown no remorse going deep into his mind without permission and has stated several times that she's too close to his mind to avoid going inside it? More importantly, why would he want to keep it from her? She'd most likely be totally supportive of the team's actions since the Purifiers have killed a high number of her students, and, well, she's Emma Frost...

First of all, keeping a secret from your lover who is a telepath is a sticky-wicket. You'll have to keep an eye on the books to see just how he does it. As for the why, let's think this through, Toboe -- what Scott is doing with X-Force is not a simple thing. They are doing some dangerous things that, if he tied them directly to the X-Men, could cause some major problems for them and mutants.

So when you're trying to keep a secret, what do you do? You make sure as few people know it as possible. Especially if one of those people has, in the last year or so, let her post-traumatic stress disorder/survivor's guilt nearly kill your entire team.

Admittedly, that can be problematic. Ashley is up next, and it sounds as though she needs to vent a little...

It's becoming increasingly frustrating that there hasn't been a resolution to the situation with Vulcan, which has Alex, Lorna, and Rachel stuck in a holding pattern in space. Can we get any information on what's next for them? Or, at least know when to expect an announcement about a conclusion?

Just be patient! We haven't forgotten them, there's just a lot going on. You'll get your story. And there's one major character you didn't mention in your question. And it's not obvious...

Is it a Skrull? If so, that might help answer one of the questions from DaedSiLuap.

1) In the recent "X-Men: Legacy," a scene was recalled that showed Gambit and Professor X talking from Alan Davis' run on "Uncanny" a few years ago -- a run that had the X-Men infiltrated by Skrulls. This seems to be the only Marvel mention of this storyline (so far), despite the focus on Skrull continuity for "Secret Invasion." Have any of the "Secret Invasion" writers or editors discussed this storyline with you?

Sure. I've discussed it with Tom Brevoort and Mike Carey and such. We've talked about it, and I will say that it's not going to be a major part of the "Secret Invasion" proceedings. As you've seen in SI, this is not the normal Skrull peeps comin' round. It's not the same group that messed with the X-Men.

2) Mike Carey is awesome. Keep him around. Yost and Kyle are awesome. Give them more books. This is not really a question, but it's important.

Mike Carey is indeed awesome. We can't stop giving him work. In fact, he just turned down a job because he's got too much going on. As for Yost and Kyle, keep your ears to the ground. We love these guys too. Craig is working hard on the X-Men cartoon, and did you see that Chris is writing the "Ender's Game" adaptation? The first script is in and it totally rocks!

Do you think you might be able to assign these writers an X-Men special or two? Because Daniel Bowen has needs...

Will be seeing another X-Crossover anytime soon? How about new ongoing titles, miniseries, or annuals?

We're in the process of nailing down the next few years in X-Men stories, so don't be surprised if there's another huge story coming along. If you want a slightly smaller crossover, "X-Men: Legacy" and "Wolverine: Origins" are crossing over this October [in a story called "Dark Deception."] As for new stuff, well, we've got the "X-Men: Manifest Destiny" miniseries coming up in September.

We're also looking at possibly spinning out some solo-character miniseries, but the only way we'll do it is if the story is important to the X-Men as a whole. There's a big "Cable Annual" coming up. "NYX" is also launching in August, so you got that going for you too.

And speaking of special issues, Edwina senses a conspiracy...or, at the very least, a marketing test.

There is a rumor that you've been having all these one-shots (X-Force, X-Factor) because Marvel is testing out a $3.99 price point. Is there any truth to this? Because, honestly, it seems that most of these stories could be told within the ongoing series of these teams...

I don't really know about this stuff. They keep us editors focused on the creative side of things and let sales and marketing deal with this stuff. As for why the stories are annuals and specials, it has to do with a few things: 1) We don't want to interrupt what the main creative team is doing on the series. 2) We feel like these stories have an immediacy to them. 3) We think you want them. So there!

It's Magneto's turn to throw out a question, and he wanted to know more about -- you guessed it -- Magneto.

When will we get more info on "Magneto's Rage"? Is it new book, a year-long miniseries, etc?

I have no idea what "Magneto's Rage" is, but we do have a new book coming out called "Magneto: Testament."

Magneto, it seems you're in luck as CBR News spoke with writer Greg Pak about this particular project over the weekend.

And on the topic of Greg Pak, Philip A. Moore wanted to know more about "resurrecting" one of the writer's projects.

1) Wasn't Greg Pak's "Phoenix" saga supposed to be a trilogy? If so, will we see a final chapter?

We don't have plans right now to do more "Phoenix" saga stuff, but never say never.

2) Are there any plans for Karma?

Pick up "Uncanny X-Men" #501 and "X-Men: Manifest Destiny."

3) Will we ever see Cable do more with the baby then carry it around?

You'll see him change it. And some cuddling. That work for you, Philip?

Aw, who doesn't love a good cuddle? And from the "I heard somewhere from someone" corner, Mitch sent in the following:

1) Is it true that you asked Chris Claremont to only use alternate versions of characters he had created in his "New Exiles" team (with the exception of Morph)?

I don't really know. That was after I stopped working on "Exiles."

2) Will we ever seen Blink, Nocturne, Thunderbird and Heather again?

I'm a huge Blink-lover, so I'd love to have her around somewhere. It all depends on a creator wanting to use her.

Sounds as though you need to make a case to your favorite creator, Mitch. In the meantime, let's ponder this query from jedijay.

Does the phrase "One minute before the dawn" have any deeper meaning (or further use) in any upcoming X-title?

That was just a great Mike Carey phrase. He has a way with words.

Flinkman closes out today's X-POSITION wanting to know more about the razzle-"dazzle" the X-Men will experience shortly.

As a big fan of Dazzler, I'm just curious why you feel it's the right time for Alison to return to the "Uncanny X-Men"? What is her motivation to join up with them again? And is her relationship with Longshot going to continue with him joining X-Factor? Oh, and thanks for giving her hair again!

Hey Flinkman! It was mainly the right time because Matt and Ed wanted to have her on the book. Matt Fraction is slightly less obsessed with Dazzler than [Marvel Assistant Manager of Sales Communications] Jim McCann is. Her motivation is to try something new. She's been through a ton lately and I think she wants to get back to basics. As for her and Longshot, it's not looking good for their relationship. Sorry bout that.

And a thread on CBR's X-Men forums begins to gently weep...

No need to cry, though, because X-POSITION returns next week with Mike Carey as guest. Do you have questions about "X-Men: Legacy" or "Secret Invasion: X-Men"? Here is the place to ask them -- don't be shy!

Also, there will be a small change to X-POSITION for the month of June, so please make note: George won't be around to collect your emails. He's heading out for a small summer break to contemplate his place in the X-Universe. In the meantime, CBR's own Shaun Manning will be filling in. Send him your emails by 12:00 PM PST this Friday, and be sure to throw "X-Position" in the subject line.

Please take it easy on Shaun as he gets used to your enthusiasm. And please limit your questions about Dazzler (or Shortpack) to one per person. Have fun!

Now discuss this story in CBR's X-Men forum.

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