X-POSITION: The 2015 That Was, The 2016 That Could Be

With this week's X-Position, we bid 2015 a fond farewell and look ahead to 2016. As this is the final installment of the year, we have once again put the column in the readers' hands and let them sound off on their favorite X-Men moments of 2015 and single out the things they are most looking forward to. Take a look below for some of the responses, and have a happy New Year!

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What was your favorite X-Men moment of the year and why?

"It was Magneto's last stand in 'Magneto' #21. It was a very fitting end for the series and its morally ambiguous protagonist. Magneto 'dies' valiantly attempting to save the world and, in the few moments before his demise, he tells his daughter and heir [Polaris] that she needs to live as she has still has something to offer the world. It fit with a running theme that I felt was in the series, where Magneto felt he a was relic and that he didn't belong in this new world. I found it very moving that in his final moments, he did have catharsis about the life he had led. This was very satisfying as a reader since the series had built to this moment with a fantastic, even pace." - Derek

"Cyclops' Million Mutant March in 'Uncanny X-Men' #600. Cyclops ironically achieved Xavier's dream of all mutants coming together before being 'killed' during the 8-month gap. I believe it was Cyclops working through his guilt over killing Xavier [in 'Avengers vs. X-Men']." - Doctor Mo

"Cyclops willingly assuming the mantle of Phoenix again in the face of the universe ending [in 'Secret Wars' #4] and then getting his neck snapped at the hands of God Emperor Doom." - ofBERENxLUTHIEN

"In 'Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: Black Vortex Omega' #1 when Shadowcat used her cosmic powers to save the day. This concluded the issue of Kitty's fear of space, thus allowing her to embrace her relationship with Star-Lord and accept his marriage proposal." - Kamose1234

"Adult Bobby crying while talking with O5 Bobby about being gay. I guess it struck a chord personally, but it also was just really sad to see Bobby cry about such a major secret in his life." - Alejandr0

Who should win X-Character of the year and why?

"Storm should win X-Character of the year. Not only did she lead the X-Men against various forces, she did it while running a school while dealing with the death of Wolverine and dealing with adult Cyclops' midlife crisis. Now she's back after 'Secret Wars' leading all mutants to safety all while fending off the demon hordes of limbo. Whew...." - txgohan

"Old Man Logan. Logan is no stranger to pain. And Wolverine's physical death in 'Death of Wolverine' was a physical sort of vulnerability that Logan can understand and handle. Old Man Logan, though, is wracked by an emotional vulnerability that colors him quite differently. I enjoy the character development that can and will happen." - Nick
"Cyclops hands down has faced so much this last year and, in my opinion, triumphed even when his friends turned their backs on him. I don't believe he ever did anything inherently evil and only did what he had to. He is my favorite X-Man because his character transition makes the most sense to me. He is what the X-Men and the world made him: a great leader for the mutant race who isn't afraid to get his hand dirty to triumph." - ofBERENxLUTHIEN

"Tempus! She undid a lot of idiotic moves that the X-Men made In that Matthew Malloy situation. There would be no more X-Men without her." - Jarred

"Tough call, but for me it's a tie. Cyclops had a huge impact upon the whole of the world -- human and mutant alike -- as he well should. The other is our all-new Wolverine, former X-23 Laura Kinney. Graduating from sidekick or understudy to the real deal, like Wally West and Dick Grayson (temporarily) she's earned the title Wolverine, and for me that makes this her year." - RaikoLives

Which series are you most looking forward to in 2016 and why?

"I think like many other fans at least online I am not keen on Terrigen Mists extinction/sterilization storyline and am dubious of its origins. However, I am cautiously optimistic about Cullen Bunn's 'Uncanny X-Men.' His 'Magneto' series reigns for me as one of the most solid titles from start to finish that I have read by Marvel. It was a true character piece and I am looking forward to reading Cullen write Magneto again, particularly in relation to one of the only X-Men characters who can match his arrogance, Monet. I only wish all three of Magneto's children (Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Polaris) were also in the title to see Cullen take another stab at the family dynamic after 'Secret Wars: House of M.'" - Derek

"I'm looking forward the most to 'Extraordinary X-Men.' It feels like the X-Men back in the '80s and '90s with big action and adventure to go with the drama." - txgohan

"'Extraordinary X-Men.' It's got great potential to grow into a really good X-Men book, with the tried and true 'hated and feared' drama, as well the 'edge of extinction' storyline to make things that much more intense. Sure Marvel played with it with M-Day and Utopia, but I'm interested to see what [Jeff] Lemire brings to the story." - RaikoLives

"'X-Men '92.' This title provides an opportunity to play with characters/team configurations that are no longer an option (like Generation X and Bishop). Since this title is not set on the primary Marvel Earth, it can make up its own rules." - Doctor Mo

"'Old Man Logan' because it allows in a way for the original Wolverine to return, but does not retcon the events of 'The Death of Wolverine' and revisits a Mark Millar classic storyline, character, and alternate universe." - Kamose1234

Which character are you hoping makes more appearances in 2016?

"Pixie! I feel that she has more to offer the X-Men than being the team teleporter having now graduated, as she's experienced plenty in her time in school, San Francisco, Limbo, and working on various X-Teams. Her experience of surviving as a young X-Man and transitioning onto active teams would be invaluable to the All-New X-Men, and she could also be a fantastic occasional foil for Laura in 'All-New Wolverine,' since Pixie has a great darkness/light dichotomy with her personality and Laura has connected well with similar characters such as Gambit and Jubilee in the past." - Jumpyshark

"Northstar! He was just starting to get some development in 'Astonishing [X-Men]' and 'Amazing X-Men'..." - Phil

"Most of the New X-Men, like Hellion, Surge, Indra, Dust etc. They should be more then just wallpaper and everyone misses them in (real) action. Just check the boards everywhere." - Danny

"I'm hoping to see more of the Ragin' Cajun in 2016. Even though Gambit is said to make an appearance in 'Uncanny Avengers' next year, I still think there's more potential in Remy's character than just kinetic energy. With his own standalone movie coming out in the next couple of years, isn't this the perfect chance for the comics to shine a spotlight on him and continue to add to his own lore like James Asmus and Marjorie Liu did in the past?" - Lawrence

"I'm really pulling for some more Hijack! In this day and age, you can't lose with a technopath! 'Uncanny X-Men' #35 really gave me high hopes for what could have been and I'd love to see him leading that group again -- this time into some real mission-based action!" - Jarred

Thanks to everyone that sent in their responses!

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