X-POSITION: The 2014 That Was, The 2015 That Could Be

With this week's X-Position, we bid 2014 a fond farewell and look ahead to 2015. As this is the final installment of the year, we have once again put the column in the readers' hands and let them sound off on their favorite X-Men moments of 2014 and single out the things they are most looking forward to. Take a look below for some of the responses, and have a happy New Year!

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What was your favorite X-Men moment of the year and why?

"Storm saving the people of Santo Marco and kicking ass in 'Storm' #1. Not only was it visually epic and awesome to see Storm save an entire village from a massive tsunami, kick some ass and toss some tanks around like Tonka toys, but she took off her cape and got her hands dirty helping them fix their homes, and inspired them to rebel against their oppressors. Not only was she an awesome hero to her fellow man, but she truly embodied Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants." -- Wind Rider

"'I am proud of you, son' from 'X-Men: Legacy' #24. Six words that brought a grown man like me to tears. Nothing else to say here -- those who read it knows what I'm talking about. Those who didn't should, or they're doing themselves a great disservice." -- Filip

"My favorite X-Men moment has to be the humungous character arc Magneto is going through right now. I love -- and agonize over -- seeing Magneto's concentration camp past collide with the Red Skull's devilish machinations in the present. The entire story Cullen Bunn is crafting right now is tragic, gut wrenching and oddly endearing to a character that is often hailed as the greatest fictional villain of all time. While I don't think Magneto could ever fully be 'right', the displays of mercy on his part seem generous and I'm excited to see his journey continue to unfold in the New Year." -- Twinklecuts

"Marrow has had a cult following, but she's also been labeled as a typical angry '90s character. It wasn't until Simon Spurrier's 'X-Force' book took the world by storm and allowed the modern generation of fans to really feel for this character when it was revealed that she agreed to undergo experiments in an effort to restore her lost mutants powers -- even if at the cost of her unborn child. Prior to the revelation, she, with the help of X-Force, had blocked out the events of the preceding months to even function properly. Seeing her unleash on the villainous Volga (and on herself) was heartbreaking, cool (gnarly, even!), and the most intense moment of 2014." -- The Seventh Light

"Can I cheat and say two? My favorite moments both revolved around Quicksilver and they were connected. I loved the moment at the press conference where he took responsibility for what happened after he stole the Terrigen Mists. It felt like a rejection of a trend that has become commonplace in comics where heroes and heroines commit a crime that results in the mass loss of human life but they hold no responsibility because of "X" excuse. The second one was when he was conceding to Gorgon and Polaris came to his defense. Peter David had slowly built this beautiful sibling relationship between the two across this year and this was the culmination of it with both of them finally viewing themselves as brother and sister. Again this felt like a rejection of a trend of nearly every facet of the entertainment industry; we get blockbusters, massive multi-title events, etc., but at least this reader really isn't into that. I like good character work over big explosions. Peter David gives you that and you still get some explosions. To say the news in 'AXIS' #7 was disappointing would be an understatement." -- Derek

Who should win X-Character of the year and why?

"Cyclops. He is a man with many demons but he faces them head on, not letting anyone deter him from what he knows to be right. His biggest weakness is that he can be very narrow-minded in his actions. He's a flawed individual but he has the best of intentions. I hope he gets proven right in 2015." -- EyeBoy

"Danger! She made me laugh so much in 'All-New X-Factor.' I love this book for a lot of reasons but her abrupt honesty and her acid humor were among the main ones. Peter David can really make any character shine." -- cosmos

"Magik. She has been a delight to read. Illyana has been funny, dark, darkly funny, pragmatic, sexy, powerful, scary, and caring. I've enjoyed seeing her heartwarming friendship with Kitty, her good angel/voice of reason/right hand woman role with Cyclops, her time travel shenanigans with Dr. Strange, and her twisted sense of humor. I look forward to her every appearance." -- Andre Harewood

"Eva Bell hands down. Those annuals were amazing! She got a whole life and became a much deeper character than she had been before. I can't wait to see what she does next!" -- Steve McSheffrey

"Storm. Between the year she spent ruling a miniature society while romancing Wolverine, lighting up the whole world's sky in grief when she found out he was dead, single-handedly taking on tyranny in the world via hand-to-hand combat, and keeping a tsunami from wiping out an entire village. I feel like she's had a big year and is worthy of the title X-Character of the Year. Finally, after all this time, Marvel has given a minority female pagan character her own ongoing title -- talk about striking a blow for diversity in comics!" -- Starleafgirl

Which series are you most looking forward to in 2015 and why?

"I'm most looking forward to 'Uncanny X-Men' because they have the most interesting characters together under one roof: fearless leader Cyclops, the master of magnetism Magneto, Emma Frost, and the demonic sorceress Magik. Who doesn't want to see the adventures this strange team will get into?" -- Christian Hernandez

"I am hugely excited to welcome G. Willow Wilson to the X-side of things when she begins her arc on 'X-Men.' Her writing on 'Ms. Marvel' has proven to be smart, different, and inspiring and her work has been such a breath of fresh air." -- Twinklecuts

"The weekly 'Wolverines.' This has the potential to highlight many characters who haven't had spotlight on them to this magnitude -- Lady Deathstrike, X-23, an inverted Sabretooth." -- timdogg98

"Magneto. From the moment this series has started, Cullen Bunn has crafted a story that gives you an insight into the mind of what is Marvel's most iconic 'villain.' Bunn's writing humanizes Magneto to an extent but the levels of horror that Magneto goes to are never minimized by either Bunn or artist [Gabriel Hernandez] Walta. I am particularly excited to see how Bunn's writes Magneto's relationship with his youngest daughter Polaris, which he has mentioned is going to be a big factor in the book in 2015. Everyone should be reading Magneto." -- Derek

"That Emma Frost ongoing written by Marjorie Liu and drawn by Kris Anka -- what do you mean by 'wishful thinking'?" -- cosmos

Which character are you hoping makes more appearances in 2015?

"Angel. I'd like to see some of what he should have become had he not become so altered by the Celestial workings. No wings, no healing blood -- this Angel could be anything if he'd only get the story time!" -- Steve McSheffrey

"Only one character? Heather Hudson. More than one, it would be Alpha Flight." -- Loflin

"I want to see the surviving original 'New X-Men' and second round of New Mutants: Surge, Prodigy, Elixir, and Wind Dancer. There's a lot of love for 'Generation Hope,' Hellion and Co., and the Jean Grey School misfits, but the original students of the aughties really deserve some love for their diverse and layered personalities and just for being the ones that paved the way for this current generation!" -- The Seventh Light

"Generation X as a reunited team, but if not, at least Chamber and Husk in regular roles again." -- jcyberdove

"Chamber, Karma, Rictor, and an increasing spotlight on Monet St. Croix. As you can tell, I'm all for a Generation X reunion, but I also want to see these four because they are relatable, ordinary and extraordinary heroes with very human and mutant-specific struggles. What's it like being an angsty mess-up with a furnace for a chest? Or a Vietnamese immigrant who had to escape a war-torn country only to face hardships when she arrived stateside? Or a powerful gay man with depression and feelings of inadequacy? These guys have compelling stories that have yet to fully unravel. Meanwhile, Monet knows how to be messy, messy perfection and I love her for it. I'd also like to see Bling! fleshed out a bit more and maybe be given a new dated codename." -- Twinklecuts

Thanks to everyone that sent in their responses!

Next week, X-Position welcomes new "X-Men" writer G. Willow Wilson into the fold. Have a question for Willow? Go ahead and send 'em in via an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position" or if 140 character questions are more your speed, try Twitter. But get 'em in quickly, because the deadline's Friday! Make it happen!

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