X-POSITION: The 2013 That Was, The 2014 That Could Be

Wrapping up 2013, this week's X-Position put the column in the hands of the readers, who answered questions about their favorite X-Men moments of 2013, as well as some things to look forward to in the coming year. Take a look below for some of the responses, and have a happy New Year.

What was your favorite X-Men moment of the year and why?

"'All New X-Men' #5 when Jean Grey reads minds and learns of all the horrific things her 'older' self ended up going through. This was a defining moment, not only for Jean, but for the All New X-Men team. They're now driven to not let this happen to them and is the reason Jean refuses to return to her own time. This decision obviously set a lot of other things in motion for all the X-Men." -- Marvelous Juan

"Jean Grey dismantling Wolverine's motorcycle with Beast" -- madroxdupe024

X-POSITION: All-New X-Editors NOW!

"There were a lot of understated moments that I loved... 'All New X-Men' #15 when Rachel Grey and Jean Grey bump into each other, read each other's minds and just keep walking. The Summers Brother High Five between Havok and young Cyclops in 'All-New X-Men' #14. Both current Iceman and young Iceman's awe at future Iceman's amazing ability to grow a beard in Battle of the Atom. But, all in all, I'm going to go with Nightcrawler's swashbuckling return in 'Amazing X-Men' #1, fighting his father, Azazel, and his demon pirates." -- Donald

"My favorite X-Men moment of the year was seeing Red Skull/Charles Xavier/Onslaught standing together in 'Uncanny Avengers' #4. Rick Remender deserves huge props for being able to rejuvenate a dated concept like Onslaught & have fans wanting more." -- timdogg98

"'X-Factor' 260 was my favorite single issue this year. It perfectly highlighted what I like about Peter David's writing and Polaris as a character. In the super hero genre we often see character's brushing off tragedies to largely implausible degrees. This issue was a counterpoint to that trend. Lorna Dane is a surviving veteran of intergalactic and demonic wars, two genocides and the accident in which she inadvertently caused the death of her own mother. Unlike other heroes we see Lorna really struggle with the life she has led and those she has lost. She gets drunk, fights with her brother, makes a big scene and while intoxicated contemplates engineering her own death due to her feelings of guilt about her continued survival while other's she views as more deserving of life have perished. This type of self-destructive behavior is familiar and tragically we often see it affecting the best of us, our real heroes such as our veterans, emergency personnel and survivors of conflict areas. Tackling the issue through the lens of this broken super heroine humanizes her and her insane world of hell gods, multiple men and trolls. I can't wait to see where Peter David takes Polaris in 2014." -- Derek

X-POSITION: Peter David Concludes X-Factor

Who should win X-Men character of the year and why?

"I think it should be Kitty Pryde. I'm not the biggest Kitty Pryde fan but Bendis really made me like the character in All New X-Men. I found her response to the naivety of Havok's words on point and necessary. Labels aren't going away. Like many of the people who disagreed with Havok's speech I've been dealing with them most of my life. I related to Kitty's words because like her and Havok I can pass too but it's constant question of should I? At what point are just being private or are being ashamed? Kitty's words to me were so positive because they were about finding pride in all of herself and not letting other people's ignorance about one aspect of her define all of her or make her feel ashamed. That scene with Kitty was what the entire theme of the X-Men and the mutant metaphor is about, self acceptance and the realization that you are part of a much larger community than maybe in your lonelier moments you might realize. Through Kitty, Bendis continued to convey that important message in the flagship. Kitty summed up what the franchise is about this year so I have to go with Kitty." -- Derek

"Beast should win X-Character of the year. Because if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have such an awesome book like 'All-New X-Men'!" -- timdogg98

"I'm going to go with Iceman on this one. The relationship between Young Bobby and Older Bobby has been hilarious. Add in OLD Bobby in Battle of the Atom? It was pure comedy gold. Aside from being hilarious, he has also expanded his role significantly and has grown as a character in leaps and bounds this year. His romantic chemistry with Kitty Pryde, Warbird and most recently Firestar has also been very interesting. It hasn't been all light-hearted, Marjorie Liu explored Iceman's dark side in Astonishing X-Men and proved him to be one of the most powerful super-beings on the planet, not just mutants. I stand firm on my belief that Bobby Drake, the Iceman, is the X-Character of the year." -- Donald

"Kitty Pryde! She's the teacher/friend/mentor of the 'All New X-Men,' essentially assuming the role of Prof X, which no one else seemed to do, at least not properly. As such she has incredible influence on where they will go, what they will do and ultimately who they will be.She's also the only one that seems to believe the All New X-Men really can help make things better in the 'NOW', and is the only one consistently helping them achieve this goal. She's a key reason Battle of the Atom happens and it seems obvious her decisions (joining Scott & leaving Logan) will shape the future of the X-Men." -- Marvelous Juan

Which series are you most looking forward to in 2014 and why?

"'Amazing X-Men.' I love where Jason Aaron is taking this book in the first two issues. It's just fun and adventure. I hope that it touches down on some serious matters, as well, but for now it's been a fun two issue ride! I also happen to love Iceman, Firestar and Nightcrawler, so this book touches a lot of my soft spots. Aaron is also writing the only appearances of Northstar I've ever enjoyed. I've never liked the character's snarky personality before Jason Aaron." -- Donald

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"'All-New X-Men,' because Bendis has taken a concept like the bringing the original X-Men from the past, to the present, and made it the #1 X-title on the shelves today. Can't wait for the 'Trial of Jean Grey.'" -- timdogg98

NYCC: Wacker Hears Testimony in "The Trial of Jean Grey"

"In 2014 Blink, Ariel, Sage and the future X-Men need to make appearances!" -- Marc

"'Uncanny X-Men'! Magik is becoming even cooler now that she's hanging with Dr Strange, Scott's team of new 'recruits' are way cooler than the kids attending the Jean Grey school (very ready to see them in action), and the Scott/Emma/Jean dynamic promises to be very entertaining." -- Marvelous Juan

"Got to be 'All New X-Factor.' I love Polaris. I love Quicksilver. I love the Kittens. The book seems so high concept and really socially relevent to our world right now with our large tech corporations." -- Derek

Which character are you hoping makes more appearances in 2014?

"Bishop. With Sam Humphries redeeming Bishop in 'Uncanny X-Force' and bringing him back to the side of good, it would be a shame for Bishop to not be utilized after 'Uncanny X-Force' ends. That is, assuming Bishop survives Vendetta!" -- timdogg98

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"I'm hoping to see a Rogue return. I think she went out a hero killing the Scarlet Witch as Wanda's crazy plan involved conscripting the entire mutant race regardless of age, health or training. Clearly innocent people were going to die. It felt in character for me that someone of Rogue's caliber would not gamble those lives away as her mentor had mistakenly done before and have faith in the Scarlet Witch. I miss Rogue already!" -- Derek

"Xavier's 'son' from the future. I want to know where he really came from, what drove him to be bad and if he will become a major threat or an ally of the X-Men in the 'NOW.'" -- Marvelous Juan

"Boom Boom. I love Boom Boom. Her character has always had such amazing potential. I just hope she doesn't fade into obscurity after Dennis Hopeless's Cable and X-Force ends. I'd also like to see Elixir and Hellion steal some of the spotlight. Such a waste of three amazing characters." -- Donald

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