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X-POSITION: Taylor Preps “All-New Wolverine” for “Civil War II” — and Squirrel Girl

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X-POSITION: Taylor Preps “All-New Wolverine” for “Civil War II” — and Squirrel Girl

The opening arc of “All-New Wolverine” ended with a major surprise for longtime fans of Laura Kinney: Kimura has returned. The villain, a longtime nemesis of the all-new Wolverine, made her first appearance in over six years when it was revealed that she helped Laura Kinney’s clones escape from the Alchemax facility. But Kimura’s not exactly altruistic, and her real — most likely terrifying — motivations have yet to be revealed. But to balance things out, “All-New Wolverine” #7 will feature a visit form Squirrel Girl, which is a team-up that comes with a song!

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This week in X-POSITION, “All-New Wolverine” writer Tom Taylor answers all of your questions about everything from “Civil War II” to Kimura’s return and Laura’s rocky relationship with Angel. And yes — there’s the debut of a new Wolverine/Squirrel Girl theme song.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Tom! Let’s begin this week with a few questions about Kimura, the first one coming from Beaubier.

Could you tell us more about your interpretation of Kimura’s character? What is your perception of their relationship?

Laura’s early life was a living hell. Kimura came along and toasted marshmallows on that hell. She is the most sadistic creature Laura has ever had to deal with and Laura hasn’t exactly had a shortage of sadistic creatures. Kimura is to Laura as Sabretooth is to Logan. To me, she is her nemesis, the one person who can match her, intimidate her and beat her. No part of Laura’s life is safe when Kimura is around.

Here’s Kyle’s Kimura question.

I love what you’re doing in “All-New Wolverine”! Kimura’s return had me screaming “NO!!” My questions are, how long until we get to see her and Wolverine go face-to-face?

We have a Civil War coming and some very big moments for Laura there, but I can’t imagine Kimura will stay quite long after that.

And wrapping up our trio of Kimura Qs, here’s The Big G.

When he last left her, Kimura was getting buried under a ton of burning rubble. In typical villain fashion she swore unholy wrath/vengeance on Laura’s friends/family/former love interests and so on…but that was a LONG time ago — even in comic time. What has Kimura been up since then?

I don’t want to ruin it, but she’s been busy. And her hatred for Laura certainly hasn’t lessened. When she comes, it will be furious with a lot of resources at her disposal.

Now here’s a question from healed1337 about Laura’s new “sister.”

Among the many awesome moments in “All-New Wolverine” #6 is Gabby popping a claw. Does that mean she might have acquired more of Laura’s abilities that we don’t know of yet, and could the nanobots be involved somehow?

Hmmm. Possibly. Her sisters always said she was special…

Jordan has a question about one of Laura’s other clones, Bellona.

We will ever see Bellona again, and if we do, will she be an ally or an enemy?

I think the way Bellona left the series had a lot of people reeling, with both her goodbye to Gabby and who she owed her allegiance to. And these are good follow-up questions. I think I have the answers but you’ll just have to keep reading to see.

And we’ll check back in with healed1337, who has a question about the book’s villains.

What other kinds of villains will Laura take on in this series coming forward, and will it be pre-existing villains, new villains or a mix of both?

With a Civil War coming, Laura’s focus won’t exactly be on villains in the immediate.

Speaking of “Civil War,” XCE wants to know more about Wolverine’s involvement in the story.

With Laura’s upcoming encounter with Old Man Logan, I expect it will be focused on the “Civil War” conflict, but might it also give us some insight into why Laura is now using Logan’s name and uniform?

There will be insights into their relationship but the coming conflict, and what it does to both Laura and Logan, will be pretty all-encompassing.

Kamose1234 has a question about Wolverine’s romantic life.

In the first two issues of “All-New Wolverine,” we saw a guest appearance by Angel whom in “All-New X-Men” recently just broke up with Laura due to her actions in the latter series of disregarding her safety. Even though you’ve said you “won’t be tying into ‘All-New X-Men’ anytime soon,” can we expect to see some fallout of the breakup in your series or maybe a new romantic interest for Laura?

Probably not any time soon. Laura hasn’t had a lot of time for Angel in our story. She’s been a little too busy fighting and saving freaking everything and everyone. We haven’t really had time to slow down and, after a quick check-in with Squirrel Girl [in “All-New Wolverine” #7], we’re going to be moving very fast again.

Looking to the future, Sarcasmic wants to know who else will be showing up in “All-New Wolverine.”

You recently used Stephen Strange and Janet Van Dyne in your book. The original Wolverine is well versed in the Marvel Universe, so I enjoy this idea of having Laura interact with the non-mutant community of the Prime Universe. I was wondering if you could tease any more non-X related characters coming to the series?

S.H.I.E.L.D. are set to play a pretty big role in upcoming issues and some heavy-hitters from the Marvel Universe will also be appearing — including a couple of people who’s names start with ‘Captain.’

Of course, it’s no secret that Laura’s next interaction is with Squirrel Girl. It’s a fun and heart-felt issue that Marcio Takara has just crushed coming onto the book. We had such a fun time with this issue that we wrote and recorded a song to go with it. You can listen to the unofficial Squirrel Girl and Wolverine theme song here (with my 10-year-old-son, Finn, on lead vocals).

Wow! A song debut! That’s gotta be an amazing X-POSITION first! Let’s close this week’s Q&A out with a big picture Q from Carolina.

What do you think has been the cause of Laura’s massive fanbase and following? 

Have you read her? She’s amazing.

I think part of Laura’s appeal is what she’s come through. She’s been damaged. She’s been hurt. But she’s come through everything and has continued to develop as a person as well as a hero. She’s a character who hasn’t forgotten her past, but nor has she let it control or define her. She’s not a victim. In “All-New Wolverine,” it’s like Laura has been given a new lease on life, a second chance to atone for the sins of her past (many of which she wasn’t responsible for). She’s come back from everything and, for anyone who’s been hurt in their lives, we want Laura to keep fighting to be the best there is at whatever she chooses to do next.

Special thanks to Tom Taylor for taking on this week’s questions!

Next week, X-Position welcomes “Uncanny X-Men” writer Cullen Bunn. Have a question for Cullen? Go ahead and send ’em in via an e-mail with the subject line “X-Position”. But get ’em in quickly, because the deadline’s Friday! Make it happen!

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