X-POSITION: Taylor Maps Out All-New Wolverine's Road To ResurrXion

Laura Kinney has leapt from one fracas into another with the conclusion of "All-New Wolverine's" "Civil War II" tie-in arc and right into her next storyarc, "Enemy of the State II." And if that tile sounds familiar to you, that's because this new story is the spiritual sequel of a blockbuster Wolverine tale from 2005. But the launch of "Enemy of the State II" isn't the only big thing going on in the world of Laura Kinney; she's also making her big screen debut in next year's "Logan" feature film.

This week in X-POSITION, "All-New Wolverine" writer Tom Taylor joins us and answers all of your questions about everything from the unstoppable Jonathan to Laura Kinney's future as Wolverine and a movie star.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Tom! Let's kick things off with an overview question from Kai.

As a character that doesn’t have the same history as Logan, what is your favorite part of developing Laura Kinney as the new Wolverine?

Tom Taylor: I guess the best part of developing Laura is looking at the way she’s developed since her earliest stories, and trying to organically find her next evolution. If we’ve done our job right, then Laura becoming Wolverine will seem natural. I think we’re really going to see just how much she’s evolved after "Enemy of the State II."

EXCLUSIVE: "All-New Wolverine" #15 interior art by Djibril Morissette and Michael Garland

You've also added a new supporting player to the title -- a literal wolverine. Sam wants to know more about Jonathan.

Was there any pushback to Jonathan or was he... Unstoppable? (Keep up the great work, Tom & co!)

Noooo. If anything, more Jonathan is wanted. [Editor] Mark Paniccia really wanted me to write a Jonathan origin story in our annual, but I couldn’t find the pages to tell that story and the Spider-Gwen story. Which is a shame, as I did write an outline for it. One day, Jonathan the Unstoppable’s incredible history will be known.

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Sam also has a question about your time writing Laura.

How much has writing Laura surprised you? Is the Laura you ended up writing what you expected?

If characters don’t surprise me, then I’m not writing them well enough. Good characters need to breathe on the page. I can’t tell you how often one of my outlines has been thrown out the window due to a character doing or saying something I hadn’t anticipated. Laura is always surprising me. Gabby too. I just have to go with it.

EXCLUSIVE: "All-New Wolverine" #15 interior art by Djibril Morissette and Michael Garland

In addition to Laura and her "sister" Gabby, there's another character that fans -- particularly Dominick -- really enjoyed seeing in the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Laura and Squirrel Girl together. In light of all the angst and event overdose, is there any likelihood of seeing the two of them (along with Gabby and Jonathan joining them) together again in the not-too-distant future?

Really glad you dug that, and I hope you checked out the song we put together for that issue. This was an issue I really wanted to write, and it was a much deeper issue than it looked. It was an important story for Laura’s development. Again, I’m very grateful to Mark Paniccia for letting me run with that one. I wrote him an impassioned email from bed when I had a bad fever, and I pretty much begged him to let me do that story as (in my fevered state) I was convinced it was pure genius. Mark backed me up.

The next morning, once I was feeling better, I was really worried that it was only a good story to fever-brain-Tom. I’m glad it worked out.

Fingers crossed we see more of Doreen Green in "All-New Wolverine," too! Next, Ambaryerno has a few questions about Gabby.

[Regarding] Gabby's powers, will there be a particular reason explored why she still has her facial scars despite her healing factor?

Gabby’s healing ability kicked in pretty late, which is why Alchemax Genetics weren’t aware of it, and her sisters were able to hide her powers from them. She already had the scars for years before the healing factor. They’re part of her.

January will also be marking Gabby's first appearance outside "All-New Wolverine" when she and Laura guest star in "Ghost Rider." Any particular thoughts or feelings about a character you've created getting their first exposure in the wider Marvel universe?

They grow up so fast. (sniff)

It’s always a fantastic thing. I’ve also seen people cosplaying as Gabby. That’s amazing.

EXCLUSIVE: "All-New Wolverine" #15 interior art by Djibril Morissette and Michael Garland

Here are a few Qs from Alucard2099, including one about "Enemy of the State II."

The trigger scent has been one Achilles heel for Laura that she hasn't been able to overcome. Is this scent gonna have the same effect on Gabby?

No. The trigger scent was engineered for Laura. But that’s not to say the trigger scent won’t have implications for Gabby.

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The "Enemy of the State" event featuring Logan was really epic in scope and I loved it. What really got me hooked were so many Marvel characters and the twists with each page turn. Now I want to know if any of the characters are gonna showing up in this one featuring Laura, like maybe Elektra or perhaps Daredevil?

There will be some guest stars, but nothing like we saw in the first "Enemy of the State." But... we could see those characters further down the line.

We also now know that Laura Kinney will make her feature film debut in 2017's "Logan." Kamose1234 wants to know your thoughts on that development.

Now that the Logan movie is awaiting release and Laura has been confirmed to make her cinematic debut played by actress Dafne Keen, what are your thoughts upon seeing the trailer? Also, does the film particularly resonate with you given your recent "Civil War II" crossover between Old Man Logan, Laura?

It’s impossible to write a character for as long as I have and not have an emotional attachment to them. I’m weirdly protective of Laura, and seeing her in that trailer, which was so damn good, and so effective, was a strange moment for me. Part of me just wanted to yell, "don’t you hurt her, blockbuster movie!" But another part of me was kind of giddy to see her on the big screen, and I truly hope she goes on from there to become all she can be. I think my fellow Australian, Hugh Jackman, has embodied Logan in a way that can’t be rebooted any time soon. And, with this in mind, I truly hope we can see Laura as an All-New Wolverine on screen very soon.

EXCLUSIVE: "All-New Wolverine" #15 interior art by Djibril Morissette and Michael Garland

And back to comic book Laura, here's another ask from Kamose1234.

Even though Laura made it pretty clear that she was done with Old Man Logan and didn’t view him at all like she did her universe's Wolverine, would you say he made her rethink her decision to take up the Wolverine mantle and what it means?

No. Not at all. If anything, it probably strengthened her resolve to honor the memory of the man she knew.

And we'll close out this week's Q&A with the question on everyone's mind.

Hey Tom, will we see "RessurXion" have any impact on Wolverine?

I can’t speak to that yet, but I know some people are worried that Laura-as-Wolverine will disappear soon. That’s not going to happen. I can tell you that I’m in it for the long haul. We’re planning the next stage of her solo series now, and Laura has a big future slicing her way through the Marvel universe with Gabby and Jonathan the actual Wolverine by her side.

Thanks to Tom Taylor for taking on this week's questions!

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