X-POSITION: Taylor Confronts "All-New Wolverine's" Past, Present & Future

2016 is shaping up to be a big year for the all-new Wolverine. Not only has she taken over the mantle of one of Marvel's premier superheroes, she's teamed-up with A-listers like Doctor Strange and the Wasp and is about to square off against Captain America as part of "Civil War II." And the year of Wolverine doesn't stop there: there are even rumors circulating that the ex-X-23 could end up in next year's "Wolverine 3."

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This week in X-POSITION, "All-New Wolverine" writer Tom Taylor answers all of your questions about everything from Wolverine's upcoming fight with Captain America to her potential for a big screen appearance.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Tom! Let's kick things off this week with a question from Samantha targeting the upcoming "Civil War II" tie-in.

Will Laura destroy Captain America? And I'd like to know what's going to happen with Kimura? Because she's been in Laura's life, she was in her worst time of Laura's life, and if we are getting Kimura soon after Captain America that's one ride I wouldn't want to miss! Thank you so much, Tom Taylor, I love your work!

Glad you're liking the book! Laura and Cap will be one to watch. It's intense, and leads to one of my favorite four-panel sequences in our series so far. Will she destroy him? Well, no. Probably not. I don't think Cap is getting destroyed in a Wolverine book. As for Kimura, I can't say what's going to happen but she is lurking. And I believe she is to Laura what Sabretooth is to Logan. She is pain and fear. She is an ever-present threat. She is not good news.

Next up, MarvelMaster616 wants to know more about X-23's clone, Gabby.

What will Gabby's role be moving forward? She's in a very similar position to the one X-23 herself was in early on. What can we expect from her now that X-23 has committed to helping her?
We all love Gabby. But I won't say what we can expect from her. Certainly, not everything is as it seems. I'm not guaranteeing she'll be around for the long haul. There is a Civil War coming after all...

Well, that sounds ominous! Now, how's about a question from Darzefader about a previous X-23-starring issue?

I was hoping that you would answer a simple question for me. Can you tell us if the Captain Universe plot point from "X-23" #16 will ever make a reappearance? Will she eventually become Captain Universe or has this plot point been abandoned in the shed?

Never say never. "X-23" #16 was a great comic full of noble sacrifice and power. Plus it led to her babysitting for Reed and Sue!

Following a recent issue of "All-New Wolverine," Ambaryerno wants to know your thoughts on a specific part of Laura's backstory.

Very much enjoying the series so far, particularly your attention to detail and Laura's history. Seeing the reference to "NYX" in issue #4 was particularly welcome, as it's a part of her history that many writers seem anxious to skirt around. They may obliquely reference it, but it's seldom tackled directly... Do you believe that there's untapped potential in further exploration of that part of her past, in the manner of how [Netflix's] "Jessica Jones" examined the lingering effects of rape? Sexual slavery and child prostitution are serious problems even in the West that we often want to turn a blind eye to. We like to pretend it doesn't happen here, and Laura seems like someone who could give a voice to the women (and men) who have been victimized by sex trafficking in a way that not many Big Two superheroes can.

I don't know if we'd ever go back to there too directly, as I want "All-New Wolverine" to be the next part of Laura's life. I want this to be a chapter in Laura's life where she isn't used. And, if anyone does try to use her, she fights back.

That said, Laura's history shouldn't be forgotten. No one part of her life defines her. Not her time being controlled by the facility. Not her time self-harming. Not her time with Zebra Daddy. But all of these things are part of her make-up. And I don't want to hide from this. We've acknowledged aspects of her past in various places in the book, most recently when she's talking to Carol in issue #9 about monsters.

Everything that makes up Laura is in my mind as I write her. It's one of the reasons she fights so hard. Why she sacrifices, puts herself in harm's way, and has so much empathy for others despite her occasionally cold exterior. It's one of the reasons she wants to protect Gabby so badly -- seeing herself at that age.

As for a human trafficking story, it does make sense for Laura to tackle this -- so much so that we discussed an arc around this very early on when I came onto the book. We may get back there. But we have other stories to tell first.

Quick SPOILER ALERT for any X-PO reader that hasn't seen "X-Men: Apocalypse" yet, but Kamose1234's question addresses a major tease in that movie.

With the post-credits scene of "X-Men: Apocalypse," a unique casting call for "Wolverine 3," Bryan Singer's confirmed pitch to 20th Century Fox, and the overall rumor of Laura's theatrical debut -- what's your opinion, as the writer of her solo series, on the possibility of her being introduced into the X-Men films?

I've seen the rumors and, while I can't speak to the possibility, I would love to see Laura take up the Wolverine mantle in the cinematic universe. It makes perfect sense, and she'd be fantastic to see on screen. I'd especially like to see her head her own movie. That said, if Hugh Jackman's retiring, I think they should continue to keep Wolverine with us Australians, so maybe an Australian-related actor for Laura.

Kamose1234 also wants to know more about how Wolverine views Old Man Logan.

So far Laura seems disinterested in Old Man Logan saying "he's not the man I knew" and expressing annoyance when Gabby brought him to their home. This surprised me given how, in different titles, the other X-Men have happily accepted the alternate Wolverine into their lives. What are your thoughts/reasoning on Laura's surprising stance on having "Logan" back and can we expect to see over the course of their team-up her viewpoint towards him change?

I thought about her reactions to this one a lot. It's not cut-and-dry. She's buried her father, she's grieved for him, she's taken up his mantle. And then, a guy wearing his face, with an even more violent and damaged past, shows up in her life. I don't think her reaction would be one of instant acceptance. You will definitely see this relationship grow and shift over the course of our "Civil War II" arc.

Healed1337 is gonna try to get some info out of you about "All-New Wolverine" #10...

With the major reveal at the end of "All-New Wolverine" #9, I assume that there will be some sort of relationship between Laura and Old Man Logan going forward and that you probably won't say too much until after issue #10 is released. Instead of asking a question about that, how do you think Gabby sees Old Man Logan, being the clone of his clone?
I don't want to spoil this. But definitely read #10.

That issue's out in July, everybody, the answer is on its way! Here's healed's second question.

On a bit of a sillier note, what do you think Laura's favorite movie is? Favorite musical artist or band? Most hated kind of food?

Urgh. That's a little daunting. I wouldn't even want to tell anyone my own favorite anything, let alone define this for Laura. That's a little weird, right? I'm happy to shape her relationship with her interdimensional future dad... but I don't want to suggest her favorite band -- that feels like perfect fuel for Internet outrage arguments.

That said, her most hated kind of food is anything that isn't 25 with chicken.

Next, The Big G has a throw down they'd like to see.

Who wins: Jonathan the Wolverine or Lockheed the Dragon? Can Jonathan go the distance with the heavy weight champion X-Pet of the world? *cue Rocky theme* And should I start booking the main arena at the MGM Grand for the bought?

Oddly enough, I have an origin story in mind for Jonathan which demonstrates that he could actually go toe-to-toe with Lockheed. I was hoping to fit this origin story into our annual (as was [editor] Mark Paniccia) but the annual was too jam-packed with our Spider-Gwen team-up story to fit it.

And we will close out this week with Steve, who wants to know if you have any other plans for Marvel comination.

The guest stars have been an especially nice part [of "All-New Wolverine"]. It has me wanting to see you take on another ongoing or two for Marvel. Is there anything in the works? What would your dream books to take over? I know that if Dan Slott left "Spider-Man" in a totally positive way, I'd love to see you as his successor!

There are many solo Marvel heroes I'd love to get my hands on and I've had a great time with those guest characters, but I've been crazy-busy with my TV series, "The Deep," and there hasn't been time for much else aside from that and Wolverine. That said, I'm hoping I'll have time to take on more comics in the near future.

Following Slott on "Spider-Man" would be terrifying. It would be like following [Scott] Snyder on "Batman." Two good guys, two top writers, who have told consistently great stories for a long time. I'd be up for the challenge but it would be even more daunting than naming Laura's favorite band.
Thanks to Tom Taylor for taking on this week's questions!

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