X-Position: Submit Your Questions for X-23 Writer Mariko Tamaki

The hunt for Wolverine continues on through several Marvel comics this Summer, but for many readers the answer to the question "where's Wolverine?" is simple: she's hanging out with Gabby.

This July, though, the heroine otherwise known as Laura Kinney is going to drop her father/brother/clone's mantle entirely and return to the codename she was given back when she was a "project" being brought to life by the Facility, as writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Juann Cabal will be the creative team for a new ongoing X-23 series. Laura -- and Gabby -- will walk a very different path later this year, heading straight into the Stepford Cuckoos, amongst others... and it promises to be a fascinating change of pace for the character, who has become a true fan-favorite over the years.

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That's not the only claw-intensive series which Tamaki is currently working on, though. She's also currently writing the four-issue miniseries Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of the Killer, which focuses on Laura's brother Daken, as well as Lady Deathstrike (DEATHSTRIIIIKE!!) and ol' fuzzy-chops himself, Sabretooth. With so much going on, it seems only right to announce that Mariko Tamaki will join us for our next X-Position! She'll be ready to hear all your questions about the wild world of Wolverines, and probably you're going to want to ask a bunch of questions about Hellion too, I guess. Well, now's your chance!

You can submit questions for Mariko by commenting on this article, posting ****in this forum thread**** or by tweeting @CBR with the hashtag #XPosition! But get 'em in by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, June 29, and we'll see you back here soon for the Q&A!

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