X-POSITION: Soule Wraps Up "Wolverines," Teases Cyclops' "Uncanny" Future

Since we last stepped into the wild world of "Wolverines" here at X-POSITION, the weekly X-series has entered the homestretch. With the clawed quintet's adventure capping off with "Wolverines" #20 in late May, co-writers Charles Soule and Ray Fawkes have ramped up the intrigue as the series nears its end. We've been treated to the rollicking return of Fang, endured the rollercoaster quasi-romance of Lady Deathstrike and Shogun, seen the further exploits of the enigmatic Fantomelle and Culpepper and even gone more than a bit meta with the dearly departed Deadpool.

X-POSITION: Charles Soule Looks Toward Logan's Replacement In "Wolverines"

This week, "Wolverines" co-writer Charles Soule joins us once more and answers your questions about everything from Cyclops' role in "Uncanny Inhumans" to Deadpool's recent "Wolverines" appearance and the fate of his ragtag team post-"Secret Wars."

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Charles! First up this week, David Branson has a question about everyone's favorite inverted ex-villain.

Since Sabertooth is inverted, do you see him as finally having the chance to use his free will to make some real changes in his life, or do you see him as more brainwashed/programmed into being good? If his inversion were (by no choice of his own) reversed, would he still be able to hang onto that good side of himself?

I've been writing Sabretooth's inversion as almost a moment of clarity for him. He's able to see what he was, a psychopathic monster, and perhaps see a path toward something else. The problem is that you can't rewrite history, despite an inversion. Sabretooth might feel different, but that doesn't mean anyone else knows he's different. Even getting people to trust him a tiny bit will be a long road. We see that a lot in "Wolverines" -- and he's still got a long way to go, for sure. If his inversion were ever reversed, assuming he'd put in the time to get people to accept him as someone who had changed... well, I don't know. If that ever happened, he'd have to look at his "new" life and see if he wanted to keep it. Time will tell!

Kj7 has a few questions about not only "Wolverines" but one of your other Marvel series -- "Uncanny Inhumans."

Daken was recently brought back to life as the Horseman of Death. We saw him survive the events of "Uncanny Avengers" while still being in his blue form with blue claws. The cover of Daken's "Logan's Legacy" issue portrayed him like this, but other than that there has been nothing about how he got rid of the Death Seed or what happened to him in between "UA" and "Wolverines." Are there any plans on addressing this? Have you talked to Rick [Remender] about what did happen and do you plan to address these issues in later issues?

The Daken-as-Horseman story is something we hit only subtly in "Wolverines." You'll note that when he uses his claws in Wolverines, they often appear as they did in the "Uncanny" stories. I don't believe he's quite shaken things off yet -- but as you've seen in "Wolverines," he's been through a lot of other crazy things recently. He's lost his healing factor, an arm and an eye -- it's been a long, tough road for Daken, no doubt about it, and it won't get any easier any time soon.

"Uncanny Inhumans" #0 really had me captivated as a reader, especially the final spread of what's to come. I couldn't help but notice Cyclops' head taking up much of the spread. Is he going to be putting the "uncanny" part into the book as an antagonist or will he be uniting with Black Bolt to form some kind of a team?

Thank you for the kind words on "Uncanny!" We're all very excited about that book. As far as that spread, let me put it this way -- nothing about that image was unintentional. If Cyclops was there, then we have plans for Cyclops. I can't say anything more than that at this point, but I will say that the plans for "Uncanny" are gigantic, and will touch on just about every corner of the Marvel Universe.

Considering all the ongoings you have written for Marvel already, ImprobableQuestion wants to know about the potential for some of your old characters to cameo in "Wolverines."

"Wolverines" recently featured a guest appearance from the cast of your "She-Hulk" run. Is there any possibility of seeing Inhumans or former Thunderbolts -- well, you know, besides Deadpool -- cameo in the future?

As regular readers have seen, "Wolverines" is a very cameo-heavy series. I don't want to spoil anything too specific, but I can say that we'll see some folks from my Weapon X Project series popping up soon, and in issues #14-15, masterfully written by Ray Fawkes, we get a pretty amazing cameo from a fellow who likes to accuse other people of trying to ice skate uphill. I also put sort of a nostalgic cameo in issue #20, just for me... that will make more sense once you get there.

TeeracK wants to know more about Deadpool's recent appearance in "Wolverines."

Issue #13 was probably the best thing I've ever read. Any chance you can just do that for real? I would buy the crap out of a Wade Wilson/Wolverine series.

I would write the crap out of it. Maybe someday! And thank you -- that was maybe my favorite issue of the whole series.

Speaking of "Wolverines" #13, Ambaryerno has a question about how the issue ended.

Issue #13 of "Wolverines" came across as a distinctly meta commentary during Deadpool's quest to become the new Wolverine (which is quite appropriate considering Deadpool's disdain for the Fourth Wall). It really felt like it was directly addressing the fan speculation of who would take up the mantle in Wolverine's absence by calling attention to just how difficult Legacy Characters have it (as was very recently exposed by the new Captain America and Thor).

The issue then ended with Fantomelle giving X-23 one of Wolverine's old costumes. While I know you can't say much about what's to come -- either in "Wolverines" or "Secret Wars" and its aftermath -- just how deliberate was this ending? With a very meta read to the rest of the issue, was the suggestion of Laura taking up the cowl intentional?

Think about what goes into any issue -- I have to outline it, script it, get it through editorial approval, then it's penciled, inked, colored and lettered, and then I go through another round of possible changes to the lettering, all before it gets into your hands. Do you think any part of any issue is unintentional? I hope you enjoyed it, though -- as I mentioned, that was one of my favorites of the series.

Mighty Roman has a question that jumps back to the genesis of "Wolverines."

When writing "Death of Wolverine," how did you decide Logan's fate (how he would die)? And what was the biggest challenge in writing the last Wolverine story?

I wanted to give Logan a death that would feel a bit unexpected, but also (and more importantly) would do justice to him as a character. We've seen him fight a million ninjas before... and win. If he fought a million ninjas here, but then somehow lost, what would that say about him? That this time he wasn't the best there ever was? Logan is an icon, and that's how I decided to leave him -- literally. I would say that getting the ending right was the hardest part of that project, but I'm really happy with how it all came out.

With "Secret Wars" on the horizon, healed1337 asks two questions on everyone's mind.

As an X-23 fan, thank you for writing her so well and allowing her to use her tactical mind instead of just charging at people with her claws out. Also, her issue with Fang was touching.

Do you know if any of the Wolverines will appear in "Secret Wars" or its tie-ins?

I'm glad you enjoyed the issue. I've had a great time writing Laura throughout the series. As for appearances from her and the other Wolverines, I would say that you should wait and see, but be hopeful!

With the series ending after 20 issues, what kind of plans are there for the future regarding Wolverine's legacy?

Many... but I can't tell you what they are. This series will wrap up the story Ray and I have been telling (along with the many amazing artists on the series), which really begins with "Death of Wolverine" and runs through "Logan Legacy," "Weapon X Project" and "Wolverines." It's one huge story, of about 36 issues, all together. I can't wait to put all the trades on my shelf some day. Beyond that... big plans. Wait and see! I'm sorry I keep saying that, but you know how it is.

Lastly, Alucard2099 has one last question about Daken and the character's future.

What's in store for Daken after "Wolverines," should he survive the experience? Is the change going to be permanent in his attitude, should other writers tackle the character?

Since it's a shared universe, it's really up to other writers to see whether they want to pick up or drop things prior writers have done. My job was to tell the best stories with these characters that I could while they were in my care. As long as the stories are great, that's all that really matters. We've spent a lot of time on Daken in this series -- Ray Fawkes in particular has done a bunch with him, as you'll see in Issues #14-15. I think he's learned a lot, both from his father's death and the things that have happened in "Wolverines." Still, there's that saying about leading a horse to water -- it's hard to know if any of these lessons will have lasting impact on him.

Special thanks to Charles Soule for taking on this week's questions!

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