X-POSITION: Seeley Spurs an Odd Couple Into Action in "Deadpool Vs. Thanos"

Surprisingly, the fast-talking mercenary Deadpool and the world-conquering despot Thanos actually have something in common: an ex. Yep, both DP and Thanos have courted Death -- yes, in every single way that phrase can be interpreted. But now something's gone wrong and Death has been kidnapped, leaving the universe with a population surplus in her absence. Despite not getting along, because of course Thanos and Deadpool don't get along, this mismatched headlining pair must set out to rescue Death and get the universe knocked back into shape.

Seeley Pits "Deadpool vs. Thanos" in "Very Twisted" New Series

This week, "Deadpool vs. Thanos" writer Tim Seeley makes his X-POSITION debut and answers your questions about everything from Deadpool and Thanos' chemistry to his jab at Starfox and ultimate goal when it comes to the Merc With a Mouth.

CBR News: Welcome to X-POSITION, Tim! We'll start this week with a question about the origin of "Thanos vs. Deadpool" from Justin

Tim -- did Marvel approach you about ["Deadpool vs. Thanos"] or is it something you brought to them? I'm surprised it hasn't been done before and I'm certainly looking forward to reading it!

Editor and man of a magical mustache Jordan D. White asked me if I'd want to write a team-up book with them, sort of offhandedly in an e-mail. As if that wasn't the most important question he could ever ask.

I calmly replied, "Yes. Yes I would."

Next up, Lucy sees a parallel between some of your previous work and Deadpool.

Hi Tim, big fan! Your comic "Sundowners" is a superhero comic that dealt with unstable protagonists who act as unreliable narrators. Deadpool is both of these things, how is your approach to writing him different from your "Sundowners" characters, and how do you think it's similar? PS: Dana Cypress is my favorite female comic character.

Thank you for being the only human on earth that read "Sundowners." And also for loving on "Revival" (out monthly from Image Comics!).

As for "writing crazy people" I think I approached the Sundowners "realistically" and "respectfully." I mean, at least as much as I could considering it was a book about mentally ill people in costumes fighting alien brain leeches. But, with Deadpool, I think the key is to avoid making him realistically "crazy" in any way. Deadpool is a guy in a constant state of flux... not in a realistic "manic depressive disorder" type way, but in a broad, hugely entertaining, unpredictable fun comic book way. He's alternately a funny, tragic weirdo, and a cold, callous, evil dirt bag. "Sundowners" is about "real" people in an outlandish situation, whereas Deadpool is about an outlandish person in a crazy ass situation. The key for this series was playing Deadpool's particular brand of nutty against Thanos'.

MiddlePegasus has a question about the specific setting of "Deadpool vs. Thanos.

"Deadpool vs. Thanos" #1 has a note up top saying that it's set before DP's 2012 relaunch. Was there a specific reason for this, like was there something you specifically wanted to play with from the pre "Marvel NOW"?

It was something Marvel wanted, because I believe it fit in better with the timing of "Secret Wars" and Wade's "death" and such. Personally, it didn't really matter to me.

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MiddlePegasus also has a question about your collaboration with series artist Elmo Bondoc.

The Doctor Doom in a bathrobe visual in "DP vs. Thanos" #1 cracked me up. What's it like coming up with visual gags like that and how closely do you work with Elmo Bondoc on bringing that humor to life?

Usually I work pretty closely with the artists, but in the case of Elmo we never really talked. That was all up to the editors, and they did a great job. Elmo seems to be one of those guys who just nails everything on the first try, and I was happy to sit back and watch him interpret my script notes about Dr. Doom wearing "Crocs."

There's one cameo in "Deadpool vs. Thanos" #1 that caught Gr3yMalk1n's eye.

Loved seeing Cable even if for only a panel! There should be more Cable in comics now. What are your thoughts on Nathan Summers, and might we see more of him in this mini, even if they're just gags?

I have a lot of affection for Cable and Deadpool together, as I bought their first appearances in "New Mutants' and "X-Force" off the shelves in the late '80s/early '90s. Yes, I am old. I actually think Cable is kind of ridiculous... so I tend to make fun of him, via Deadpool whenever he shows up. I love the idea of this downtrodden, hard boiled soldier always having to deal with this hyperactive merc who is at least a little bit in love with him.

And there's one joke in the issue that BKLYN1880 noticed and just had to ask about.

Seriously, how long have you been waiting to get that dig in on Starfox from issue #1? The Spock and Wolverine comparison was dead on.

Ha, actually I really like Starfox! I'm a sucker for anything from on the "cosmic" side of Marvel, and the idea of this elfin Lothario being the brother of Marvel's biggest baddie is pretty great. But, he's definitely a product of the swinging '70s, and I figured Deadpool would echo the sentiments of most modern comic fans that he's ridiculous.

In addition to scrapping with Thanos and Black Talon, WanderTimothy wants to know if there's a third someone looking to cause Deadpool trouble.

What's up with the guy in all black with the red energy that attacks Black Talon? I assume he's going to cause trouble for Wade?

Why yes! And not to ruin anything, but if you go back to the "Deadpool/Death" annual from 1998, you'll have a pretty good idea who that is.

And WanderTimothy has another question, this one about DP's fight with the Mad Titan.

I thought the structure of issue #1 was really interesting, jumping around not in chronological order, but we missed the big DP vs. Thanos throwdown! Will we get another big fight between them?

Every issue! Issue #4 features the biggest, craziest Deadpool/Thanos fight of them all. We're talking cosmic-powered stuff here.

JulEstrange has a pair of queries about your relationship with the X-Men corner of the Marvel U.

What was your relationship with Deadpool before getting this gig? Has he been a bucket list character for you?

Wade and I have a long strange history. I actually bought "New Mutants" #98 off the shelf in 1991 and was instantly taken with him, like every other 13-year-old boy on the planet at the time. I actually drew him in a story written by Marc Sumerak in 2008, and it was the most fun I'd had drawing someone else's script at that time. Then, I got a gig writing "Talon" at DC, and decided to use Lord Death Man as the villain. I absolutely loved every panel I wrote with him, and it occurred to me, I was basically writing him as DC's Deadpool. So, I knew that at some point I'd really want to write Wade, and if I'm being honest, my particular brand of mayhem, horror, and humor is probably more suited for him than almost any other Big Two character.

And even broader, do you have any interest in diving even deeper into the X-Universe, with certain characters?

I want to write Deadpool's ongoing series at some point. I will politely wait until the excellent Gerry Duggan is all done with his groundbreaking run but after that, I'm full-on gunning.

As for the rest of the X-Men universe, there're plenty of characters I'd love to take a crack at! Here is a short list! Ahem!

Generation X! Rogue! Savage Land Bikini Rogue! Quicksilver! X-Force! Cable! Savage Land Bikini Rogue meets Poolside Banana Hammock Gambit!

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And lastly, ElizaMore has a question about the camaraderie we'll be seeing in future issues of "Deadpool vs. Thanos."

Issue #1 ended with Thanos and Deadpool teaming up, but I wonder how that will work out. Thanos only likes being in charge and Deadpool doesn't really listen to anyone. What's they're working dynamic like? Seems like it'll be counter productive, of course, in a good way.

Oh yeah, they are without a doubt the worst team ever. They're opposites in every way, not to mention that Thanos is so much more powerful than Deadpool. But the key to writing stories like this is always having a reason why two people who hate each other have to stick together. That was the challenge going in, and as we go through all four issues, you'll see that connection tested in every panel!

Thanks to Tim Seeley for taking on this week's questions!

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