X-POSITION: Ray Fawkes Slashes His Way Into "Wolverines"

Wolverine may be out of the picture, but that doesn't mean his presence can't still be felt -- perhaps more now than ever. The "Death of Wolverine" storyline has transitioned into a newly launched "Wolverines" series, which will follow the cutthroat adventures of five of Wolverine's closest allies and enemies -- X-23, Sabretooth, Mystique, Daken and Lady Deathstrike -- as they deal with the fallout from his grisly demise and wrestle with the X-Man's larger than life legacy.

The group has a lot of mysteries to solve, thanks to the two transitional limited series that closed out 2014: "The Logan Legacy" and "The Weapon X Program." Marvel newcomer Ray Fawkes, whose work can be read every month in "Batman Eternal" and "Constantine," scripted Daken's installment in the "Logan Legacy" anthology; now he finds himself side by side with "Death of Wolverine" scribe Charles Soule as the two plot out the weekly installments of "Wolverines."

CBR TV: Soule & Fawkes Talk Death & Life in Weekly "Wolverines"

Ray Fawkes joins us for the first time here at X-Position and answers your questions about everything ranging from X-23's future showdown with Siphon and Sabretooth's deadly set of skills.

CBR News: First up this week, solletaire has a question about the way you will be formatting stories in "Wolverines."

"Wolverines" is a weekly comics series. Is it going to be in line with "Batman Eternal," as in it will be one big story, or will it follow more traditional comics and be split up into separate arcs?

There are several distinct arcs -- smaller stories -- in "Wolverines" that combine to form one large, overarching story that takes the book from start to finish. I don't want to give too much away, but there is a plan that all of these characters play a part in, and most of them don't realize what's going on at first...

solletaire also wants to know if we'll see some classic Fawkes influences make their way into "Wolverines."

X-POSITION: Soule on "Wolverines'" TV Influences

You are known for your work with the supernatural. Will we see supernatural elements in the book?

Not so much. We deal with some extreme sci-fi elements, which feel a lot like magic to me -- but this book represents a "branching out" on my part!

Sabretooth has changed a lot over the past few decades, and Damian has a question about which version of the character you will be using in "Wolverines."

‎My question is about Sabretooth. I think there is a consensus within the comic book community that Sabretooth has been consistently jobbed in most appearances for the longest while. He went from a superior fighter to Logan to someone who gets beaten down left, right and center by fodder. Will you rectify this, and does Sabretooth still have adamantium?

Sabretooth does tend to take a beating, but I'm sure you'll be happy to see some of the beatings he'll be doling out too! One of my favorite things about Creed is his ability to shrug off attacks that would leave other people smeared across the floor -- and we'll certainly see him put that ability to use. He does still have some adamantium in his skeleton -- and that sure helps.

Liam wants to know more about the mysterious Shogun.

Will we learn more about Shogun's past and why he was at paradise?

Shogun will be in the spotlight for a significant part of "Wolverines", and we're going to learn a lot more about him.

Liam also has a question about your personal preference when it comes to the dynamic cast of "Wolverines."

Out of all the characters in Wolverines, who is your favorite to write?

Tough question! I do love devious characters, so my instinct is to say Mystique. I'll just go with my instinct.

Ambaryerno has a question regarding fan favorite character Josh Foley, also known as Elixir, and his relationship to his former teammate X-23.

Many fans were greatly upset by the handling of Elixir in "The Logan Legacy.".. Laura in particular was a friend (sort of) and teammate of Foley in two different series ("New X-Men" and "X-Force"), and many people were disappointed by her inaction when he was attacked by Siphon, given her past characterization as someone willing to risk her life for others without a second thought. Will this be addressed in future issues of "Wolverines"?

It's possible. Laura's absolutely going to be dealing with Siphon face-to-face, so anything can happen.

Charles Soule Mourns the "Death of Wolverine"

Sinister 340 wouldn't mind seeing some old Wolverine vilains from his original ongoing series brought back into play.

Will the team face some of Wolverine's old enemies?

Yes. Though most of [the main "Wolverines" cast] are Wolverine's old enemies. [Laughs] But Mister Sinister is already making an appearance, and there will be some more surprising foes in coming issues.

Additionally, Sinister 340 wants to know if there are plans to extend the core "Wolverines" cast.

Will the team expand maybe to include other mutants close to Wolverine?

They will be dealing with other mutants, for sure -- but the nature of the team makes it unlikely that anyone else will be recruited. Most of these guys are looking for the first chance to escape, to be honest.

NewLow has a question about the relationship between Wolverine's son, Daken, and his clone, X-23.

Daken and X-23 was fun when Marjorie Liu wrote about their relationship together. Any possibility you might explore again the relationship of son and clone, yin and yang, blood and blood etc. between Daken and Laura?

This is the major drive between every scene with Daken and Laura in "Wolverines." We deal with it a fair bit.

Alucard2099 wants to know if "Wolverines" will interact with the casts of some of the headlining X-Men titles.

Can we expect to see the cast of "Wolverines" interact with other X-characters like the mutants from the Jean Grey School and Cyclops team?

Oh yes. Though expecting their interactions to be anything other than brutally violent may be too much to ask...

Special thanks to Ray Fawkes for taking on this week's questions!

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