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A kiss is just a kiss...or is it? For better or worse, people generally feel the need to label their relationships, and ever since Rictor and Shatterstar locked lips in a href="http://marvel.com" target="_blank">Marvel Comics' "X-Factor" #45, fans have been trying to define what it means. There's no doubt that it was a big moment in the series (as fans chose it as one of the "Top X-Moments of 2009"), but readers were confused by a recent lip-lock Shatterstar shared with his ex-teammate Boom Boom in "Nation X: X-Factor."

What does this mean for Rictor? What kind of label does he want to place on their relationship? And is this going to confuse Guido (Strong Guy) even more? These questions and more get answered in today's X-POSITION courtesy of "X-Factor" writer Peter David. Ready for a little kiss and tell?

Dani starts off today's fun with a few questions about the aforementioned smooch and the various relationships on the team...

First off, cheers for your work in "Nation X: X-Factor" - it was splendid and I can't wait for the next installment of your current arc "The Invisible Woman Has Vanished" (loving that the Richards' kids in it). But I have a few quick questions:

"X-Factor" #201 is in stores now

1) I liked the whole Rictor-Shatterstar-Boom Boom thing. Why, in your mind, did Shatterstar kiss Boom Boom though?

Because he found her attractive. Because he enjoys it. Because he thought she would be receptive to it. As has been pointed out elsewhere, Shatterstar's experience with everything from social interaction to sexual appetites was relatively limited. His exposure to humanity, however, has made him hungry to learn more...about everything. He's like a kid in a candy store, and there's plenty of sweets all around.

2) And can you give us any word on when Rictor's gonna sit Shatterstar down and talk to him about their "relationship" further? We can see his feelings are a timebomb going "tick, tick, tick..."

It's going to have to be pretty soon, I'd think. Shatterstar is interested in exploring various aspects of human interaction and sensuality, and he very much wants Rictor to explore it along with him. And Rictor's not exactly sure that's what he signed on for.

3) You didn't really leave Longshot on Utopia did you? As long as he and Dazzler aren't getting back together for good, he should be with X-Factor.

Nah. Longshot presumably makes his way back to New York in between issues. He and Allison aren't back together for good. Ex's having a hook-up isn't exactly all that unusual a thing in the real world, so I didn't see why we couldn't have the characters indulge themselves. I figure it's called "Utopia" for a reason.

Derek (and a few other fans) noticed someone else who seemed intrigued by Shatterstar. Maybe you can help clarify this and a few other items that were on Derek's mind...

1) From his reaction in "Nation X: X-Factor," do you think Iceman was up for a bit of Shatterstar?

I didn't think Iceman had much of a reaction, really. He just kind of stood there. That was by design; it was something that readers could read as much or as little into as they want.

2) At the end of the day, is Layla a mutant? I was a bit confused by that part. How come she confused Sentinel sensors?

It comes and goes, literally. Which makes her unique in that regard. There's a reason for it, and I may get around to explaining it if there seems a reasonable place to do so.

3) The team is quite big at the moment. Do you plan to keep it that size or streamline it?

I'm not planning to punt anyone from the team at this point. You can have a goodly number of individuals without it becoming unwieldy. Especially if you look at it with a sort of "Mission: Impossible" point of view, namely deciding who the most suited characters are for any particular mission.

Steve McSheffrey has some kind words for our guest and a quick question about someone who moves...quickly.

First, I'd like to say thank you to Mister David for years of reading entertainment - both in comics and his book writing. I don't think any other creator in the industry today has such a good track record of providing me with faultless entertainment. As for my question, I was wondering if the Avengers books are retaining custody of Quicksilver for the time being? He's much less interesting as an Avenger and it'd be a shame if the answer is yes...

At the moment, Pietro is remaining with the Avengers. Honestly, with all the bad blood between him and X-Factor at the moment, I don't know that he'd be the right fit for the team at the moment. But thanks for saying nice things about my work.

Lance J. M. wants to see guest-stars galore. Can you pull out your magic wand and grant his wishes?

1) Are we going to see John Maddox a lot in this story arc? He's my favorite dupe (with Qui Chang being a close second).

I try to be judicious with my use of John. Ultimately, he's just trying to lead a normal life, and there's only so many ways I can work him into a story without it seeming contrived. But when the circumstances are right, sure.

2) Could you give us a clue as to some of the future clients X-Factor will be servicing later in the year? Anyone noteworthy?

Why yes. Yes, I could. But I'm not sure that I'm supposed to, so I'm playing it safe.

X-POSITION regular Joshua Hetherington sent in a long list of requests and queries. Let's see what you think of these apples...

1) Any chance on using Jubilee or Husk soon to visit Monet? I'd love to see a mini-Generation X reunion! With all the Necrosha insanity (i.e. Synch and Skin being revived), it may be a good time for them to meet and talk.

Kind of depends upon what they're up to elsewhere. I wouldn't be opposed to it.

2) Will we learn any revelations about Longshot and Shatterstar's similar backstories anytime soon?

Yes. I'm not entirely sure I want to get involved in the whole Benjamin Russell thing, but yeah, I have some thoughts as to how, or if, they're related.

3) Will Wolfsbane be returning any time soon? I think the idea of a Rictor/Shatterstar/Wolfsbane love triangle could be fun...

I agree.

4) Will we ever learn the fate of X-Cell? Callisto and Marrow must still be in that sewer somewhere...

I'm thinking they're going to surface somewhere around issue #210.

5) With all the relationship drama on the team lately, is there any chance of M finally landing herself a boyfriend? I mean, Darwin clearly likes her (even if she clearly has a leaning toward Longshot).

Oh, I have some very unexpected developments coming up with Monet's love life. We're laying the trackwork for that beginning with #203.

6) What will the X-Factor side-story bring to the overall "X-Men: Second Coming" event? Are you disappointed or relieved that the team isn't part of the crossover in a more direct fashion?

Ultimately, we tie in to stories when it makes creative sense. I mean, yeah, the sales bump is always appreciated. But first and foremost, it has to be organic to the series. And since there is an across-the-board concerted effort to try and finish off all the remaining mutants, it would in fact seem to defy credulity that someone hasn't targeted X-Factor. So that's the direction in which we're going. And fortunately it actually dovetails with several other storylines. Our crew has been fairly splintered, and nothing quite brings people together like someone trying to kill them.

On that cheery note, I'll bring out this week's "Behind the X" question. As every person enjoys treating themselves occasionally, what is the most self-indulgent thing you've ever bought yourself?

When you bowl an 800 series (three games in league totaling more than 800 pins) you get a ring from the United States Bowling Congress. The ring is free. But if you spend a stupid amount of money, you can get a big, fancy gold ring instead. I went for that. That's pretty self-indulgent.

For those who are interested, offers to kiss Peter David's ring can be made directly at his blog - www.peterdavid.net

When it comes to next week's guest, X-POSITION readers are in luck! It's a two-fer as we have both Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu joining us. Together and individually, the two scribes write quite a few X-books, including "Wolverine: Origins," "Deadpool," "Dark Wolverine," and the upcoming "X-23" one-shot due this March.

With that many topics to choose from, I better see loads of questions from our readers. Just type up those numerous queries and email them to me ASAP. And if you remember to include an "X-Position" in the subject line, I promise not to do my bad imitation of Wolverine (it involves 6 pencils and lots of duct tape). Hurry up! Snikt!

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