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Reading Marvel's "X-Factor" is like that box of chocolates Forrest Gump always talked about - you never know what you're going to get. Flipping through the last ten issues or so, parts of the team have kept busy in all kinds of crazy ways: travelling to a distant future, playing bodyguard in the present, searching for an invisible woman and battling with Baron Modo in South America. Phew! As you can see, X-Factor is one full-service detective agency!

With so much going on, there's bound to be questions. Luckily there's X-POSITION - a place where you, the fan, can email your favorite X-creators about all those concerns that keep you up at night. While we can't tuck you in or get you a glass or warm milk, we can try to get you the answers you're looking for. Today, Peter David (PAD to his fans) joins us to help take some of the mystery out of everyone's favorite mutant detectives.

So pull out your magnifying glasses and get ready to look for clues. Our X-POSITION X-pedition begins right here...

J.J. Meylar starts things off with a tip and a couple questions. What do you say?

Hey, Mr. David! First off, you need a Facebook page so you can connect with your fans more often. Now, for a few questions:

1) Do you have any plans for Mr. Clay to show back up and confront Madrox?

Yes, actually. He'll be showing up some time after issue #211.

2) Is Qui Chang dead? He's one of those duplicates that one would expect to see every now and then. I've been wondering about his status ever since that one dupe was killed by poison during that whole thing with the X-Cell...

I assume you mean Kwai Chang, and the dupes don't die unless they're actually killed in action. The thing is, Kwai Chang is not Kwai Gone (get it? Kwai G...never mind). His personality and experiences still exist within Jamie.

Indeed, we may well have seen him in the form of any dupe who was counseling a peaceful solution, to say nothing of his knowledge of martial arts. It's just that he wasn't wearing the robes that he was attired in when we last saw him.

Interesting thought. And for the record J.J., PAD happily connects with his fans over at his blog. Swing by and tell him X-POSITION sent you!

As long as we're on the topic of Madrox and his many dupes, Daniel Jay wanted to express his enthusiasm for Jamie's mutant ability.

I love the exploration of Jamie Madrox's multiple personalities through his dupes, both in personality and in sending them off to become experts at various fields (detective, monk, etc.). What further plans do you have regarding this aspect of Multiple Man?

At this point, he's gathered in pretty much all the stray dupes, but random bits of knowledge that Jamie displays are still courtesy of the things he learned courtesy of the various dupes exploring the world.

Mutatis Mutandor is intrigued by Layla Miller (as are her colleagues, of course). As she's a girl who "knew stuff" because of her time-travelling, Mutatis was wondering if there is still "stuff" for her to know...

I'm a huge fan of yours and show your work to others as an example of how to be surprising without killing off twenty children. That said, I'm a little confused about Layla Miller. As of issue #50, she seemed to no longer be in a place to "know stuff," yet in the current storyline, she still does this. So was this a matter of Layla telling Madrox what he needed to hear, or am I missing something?

Remember Marty McFly's big plan in "Back to the Future II?" Where he acquired the book of sports scores and was going to use it to be on games and make money? All of those games occurred between 1985 and the end of the 20th century (and hey, where's my flying car anyway)?

The point is, Marty hadn't lived through those years, but - had he held onto the sports almanac - he could have benefited from the information therein. Same basic deal. Layla jumped over eighty years worth of information, but she had the better part of a decade to gather as much information about all the time that she missed. So she's still got plenty of info at her disposal.

JCC also had a query about Layla and the future she's facing at present...that makes sense, right?

I was thinking about when X-Factor faced off against the Damian 'Tryo.' From what we saw, it looked like the eldest Tryp was still threatening Layla at the end. Now that Layla is (somewhat) back, will we be seeing any more of this story again soon?


A one-word answer. To the point, yet mysterious - much like Layla!

Marius665 sent in an email about little Layla as well. Let's see what's on his mind:

Are we ever going to learn who Layla Miller's parents are? When Quake was sent out by Nick Fury to recruit people for the Secret Warriors in "Mighty Avengers," I know Layla was on that list. With each of those characters having a parent that used to be a villain, what does that mean for Layla?

To the best of my knowledge, Layla's parents are dead and were never villains.

To be fair, I think that was Nick Fury's Christmas card list.

X-POSITION regular Joshua Hetherington sent in a bevy of well-worded inquiries. Oh Josh, what would we do without you?

1) Banshee lives! At least for a little while (though a few revived mutants did escape apparently). Will Siryn run into the Dad she only recently accepted as dead?

Nope. Believe me, it was tempting, but I thought about and decided, y'know what? The business with her dad dying was such a long-running character arc, and she finally made peace with it...it just seemed needlessly cruel to rip the scab off that wound with no real character benefit and no clear understanding of where I would go with it. After all she's been through, Terry is finally getting her head back together. Let's let her have some peace of mind, at least for a little while.

2) What are the chances of Valeria Richards reappearing anytime soon? She was awesome.

She's an FF character, but if they ever want to dump her from the book, she has a home in X-Factor.

3) Will the Isolationist; Josef Huber, return to screw with X-Factor again?


4) Any chance Penance or the M-Twins could reappear anytime soon?

We have some serious stuff coming up for Monet over the next few months which does indeed involve members of her family.

5) When is Quicksilver returning to mess with his former teammates? I'd love to see their reaction to him having powers and being back on the 'good guys' team. Would they even buy it?

They probably wouldn't buy it, no. Pietro is busy elsewhere, so there's no immediate plans, but I wouldn't say it's out of the question.

6) And on that note...rematch - Quicksilver vs. Layla. You know it's the battle to end all battles (they're arch-nemeses, after all). Any chance this is coming in the future?

If he's available, sure.

7) I was hoping you and Craig Kyle and Chris Yost were going to do an X-Factor/X-Force crossover story. Should I give up on this dream?

No plans at the moment, which isn't to say that there couldn't be some ripple effects from X-Force's activities.

Nicholas Marinelli closes down the party with the last question of the day. While he enjoys "X-Factor," he seems to be more interested in the "W"-factor:

I noticed that you have always had a good grip on Wolverine, and it seems you delve into him every now and then and the stories are always great (the "Terra" series, MCP stories, and "Election Day"). Do you have any plans to possibly get back into a Wolverine tale?

Not in "X-Factor," but if Marvel wanted me to take a crack at Logan, I'd be up for it.

Before we go, it's time for this week's "Behind the X" question, where fans get to learn what makes X-writers tick. Here's PAD's bit of close and personal fun: what is the best birthday you've ever had and why?

I'd say the first one. Don't remember much about it, but it was certainly the liveliest.

And if PAD actually had a Facebook page, he could post photos of that momentous birthday occasion! C'est la vie...

We're taking a break next week due to the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (a.k.a. C2E2) where fans can expect lots of announcements about all their favorite X-books. They may even get an explanation for the following set of mysterious images.

Be sure to swing by CBR throughout the weekend to read the latest and greatest from the convention too. Why? So you'll have plenty to ask the X-Editors when they take their turn in the X-POSITION hot-seat two weeks from now. Just type up those questions, email me by April 23, and throw an "X-Position" in the subject line to get your query answered. Wow, it's like going to a con without the offending odors! Catch you on the flip side!

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