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Marvel's X-Men have packed up their New York mansion (the parts that hadn’t been destroyed, at least) and moved to San Francisco. As soon as they settled in, they sent out a worldwide telepathic broadcast inviting all mutants to town, and many accepted. However, when the X-Men “zig,” X-Factor has typically chosen to “zag,” and did so once again by moving to Detroit instead.

This “other” X-team is going through further changes as well: old X-Factor members have left, new members are joining, and the arrival of a member’s newborn is nigh.

Joining us today to discuss these events and more is “X-Factor” scribe Peter David, who, much like the noir-esque characters he writes, keeps his secrets close to his vest. Let us see what your piercing questions can solicit from the veteran writer better known as PAD in this week’s all-new X-POSITION.

Our first set of queries comes from RickyD410, who asks a “why,” a “when,” and then chimes in with a request.

1) Why did the team choose Detroit to relocate to?

Bottom line is, everybody's gotta be someplace. They felt it was far enough away from New York that they could stay off the radar (which, as it turned out, wasn't the case, but it worked in theory).

2) When will we see the return of Damien Tryp? That old Dumbledore look-alike is one of the few things to surprise Layla. He would be an exciting villain to see again.

Yes, he will be back in a storyline launching with issue #41.

3) Can you write a Summers Rebellion miniseries (which takes place in the future Layla is stuck in)? I think it'd be pretty cool — and at the end, Layla can come back! Can you at least tell us if we’ll be visiting this future again anytime soon?

I think a miniseries would be pretty nifty too. That's not my call to make, though. I certainly think it's material worth exploring; whether we do it in a miniseries or in the book itself remains to be seen.

Speaking of the one-shot in which we first witnessed this rebellion, Toboe had a few questions:

1) I loved the recent one-shots featuring Quicksilver and Layla Miller. What are the chances we'll see either of them pop up in “X-Factor” anytime soon?

There's always a chance. However, I'm determined that if one or both of them do show up, it will be in the most unexpected manner possible. So if I told you now what I have planned, that would pretty much blow that possibility, right?

2) Was Madrox’s hallucination of Layla (which occurred awhile ago) a one-time thing, or is it going to keep haunting him for some time?

Yes to one question, no to the other.

3) Can we get more Rictor? Please?

You got it. I'll have him gain weight.

Hey, then he can weigh in on a Rictor scale!

Caleb Warren is next, and he’s concerned about an impropriety occurring in “X-Factor.”

Will Jamie and Siryn get married now that she's pregnant? Will they talk about it?

All I'll say is, read issue #39.

And on the topic of the babe’s impending arrival, Marcus Martin was curious…

1) Why don’t the X-Men seem interested in the birth of Siryn's baby? Do they not know?

I have to think at this point that the X-Men do not, in fact, know. Some fences have been mended, yes, but there's still something of a gap between the two teams, and Siryn, Madrox et al simply have not felt the need to let the X-Men know about it. I mean, let's face it: if Emma were pregnant, you think Scott would call Jamie and say, Guess what?

2) Once the baby is born, will he or she play a role in X-Factor's future?

Yes. Just not a role anyone is expecting.

It appears Andre4000 is trying to win the betting pool for the baby’s birth date. Can you help him out at all?

1) Do we have a due date for the baby?

Issue #39.

2) Will the team be finding out about Rahne’s involvement with X-Force anytime soon? She’s going through a lot and it would be good to have friends around.

It would be, yes, but there are no immediate plans to have X-Force get involved with X-Factor. I wouldn't rule it out for the future, though.

3) The noir aspect seems to have left book, and it kind of feels more like “A-Team” instead of “Maltese Falcon.” Has the book grown out of the Sam Spade phase?

Honestly? I keep writing the book the exact same way. Part of noir comes down to the visuals, and if the artist conveys that, then the book has a noir feel. If he doesn't, it doesn't. The book is still crammed with dubious people doing things of questionable morality, and no one is painted in strokes of black and white, but instead gray. To me, that's the definition of the noir spirit.

4) And — not to complain — but the book has felt kind of uneven with the team getting tied up in X-events, Secret Invasions, and the like. Will the team have an uber-mission soon t hat will help to drive them?


5) Also, will Raimondi be returning to the book soon? I think the recent art changes are part of what’s led to the feeling of “unevenness” and loss of noir…

I wouldn't disagree. My understanding is that Valentine Delandro is going to be doing the book regularly, but the way things go in “X-Factor” land, that could be changed by the time this response sees print.

Excalibur88 wraps things up for us today with a special request:

I remember that back when you were writing “Captain Marvel,” you wanted to put in a letters page. Sadly, the series was canceled. Any chance that you'll be putting one in “X-Factor”?

They canceled Captain Marvel? Crap. That explains why I keep getting notes from editors saying, Stop sending us scripts. Seriously, we had been doing them while Andy Schmidt was editing it. Since then we've had several editorial shifts. I'm hoping that once things settle down we'll see the return of the letters page.

This week’s X-gathering is now at a close, but we promise to return with a vengeance in seven days. And who knows vengeance better than Jason Aaron, writer of “Wolverine Manifest Destiny,” which arrives in stores this week. So send those emails our way with all the ferocity and passion you can muster. Put “X-Position” in the subject line, and send them soon…or else.

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