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Superheroes come in different flavors. There are those that deal with standard emergencies like evil geniuses robbing banks; others that deal with cosmic-level threats like alien invasions; a few that get tied up with politics and espionage; and a couple that operate with mythic and/or god-like entities.

If you're a reader who enjoys all of those tasty flavors, "Captain Britain and MI13" is the comic book for you.

Within the pages of Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk's Marvel Comics series, you will find a government strike team that deals with the occult and "weird happenings, features a hero with ties to the King Arthur legend, includes a couple of vampire-related teammates, and is more fun than you can shake an ebony blade at.

Writer Paul Cornell stopped by CBR's X-POSITION this week to answer your questions about Captain Britain's team, and he also chats about his upcoming project, "Dark Reign: Young Avengers." So buckle up, things are about to get epic!

CBR: Andre4000 wrote in first with a laundry-list of questions, beginning with the notion that team-talk isn't completely bollocks:

I've been curious about the dialogue in "Captain Britain and MI13." The characters seem to have more of an American dialect than a British one. Was this a conscious decision you made? Or is it just the way the characters are "speaking" to you?

Paul Cornell: I think they sound British to British people. I've been trying to write the way real British people talk, rather than play up the differences. There are loads of American phrases as standard in the UK now. Captain Britain will indeed say, "guys." And I think he should. He's not trying to play up to some sort of pastiche.

The look at Meggan that we saw in issue #9 isn't enough! Will we see more of her again soon...please? Will Brian's brother be making any more appearances as well?

Yes, very soon. And possibly, but not soon.

Many of the stories you write seem to deal with magic and sorcery. What do you use as "source" books for the way magic works? Or have you just created rules in your own mind, and if so, can you share some?

I was a practicing pagan in my youth and have always been interested in how people do magic. A lot of these rules - of exchange and obligation - are just classically how these things are always done.

I'm excited for your "Dark Reign: Young Avengers," although I'm a little confused about the status of this team. Do they still exist as a fully-functioning team? Are they just a group of kids who hang out with one another? And what will your story be about?

The original YAs still exist as a fully functioning team. Indeed, they've been brought rather more together by recent events. The new YAs they encounter, though, are a group of kids who hang out together. The story is about the two groups colliding.

Ricky DeMaio is up next and shares how the Captain Britain holds a special place in his heart:

First, let me say I'm a huge fan of CB&MI13. As someone who has just moved from the states to the UK, I can't wait to learn more about the Marvel U on this side of the pond. Here's my queries:

Will Tink be making any more appearances? She's too much fun just to stay in Avalon!

Nothing planned, but in the fullness of time, it'd be only natural to see her again.

With the end of "New Warriors," can we see the English mutant Chamber join the team? He's one of my favorites. And I believe one of his ancestors has had some interactions with Dracula...

We talked about Chamber when the book started, but I think we have our cast changes sorted out now and his natural home is with the X-Men books.

Will we learn more about Faiza's powers? I'm very confused by what she can or can't do.

She can safely open up a body, see what's wrong with it, and sort it out on a subatomic level. This has the incidental effect of halting shape-changers like Skrulls in their tracks (and anyone else who knows what's good for them). She has trouble doing this to magic beings.

Why does Dane still have the fake Ebony Blade? Shouldn't Alistaire be researching it and trying to learn what it's about?

We just sorted that in issue #10. And I'm sure Al had a look.

You've mentioned that all British superheroes are members of MI13. Is that similar to the Superhero Registration Act in the US (in the Marvel universe), in that all superheroes now must work for the government? Do the British heroes even care (or will they have a "Civil War" of their own)?

There was a very watered down SRA in the UK. All Brit heroes being part of MI13 was an emergency measure in the wake of the Skrull invasion, and will probably be stood down as a concept soon. At any rate, Pete has no intention of being heavy-handed with those who don't comply.

In looking at the recent issue of "CB&MI13," Husnain Mahomed was curious about certain "guests" that might appear in the book soon.

So we just saw Doom and Dracula form an alliance - can we assume that the rest of the Cabal will make an appearance? How about Norman or Emma Frost, please?

Hmm, let's see what happens.

As long as we're on the topic of the fanged one, Kal was wondering:

Do you have any plans to bring Clan Akkaba into the fold? They are enemies of Dracula from centuries ago, we last saw them in "New Excalibur," and they seemed to be in England as well. Surely they would have some objections to Dracula trying to take over.

I'm sure they would. They'll be mentioned if there's a good moment to do it. But as I've found - building stories from continuity - you can't include everyone, and sometimes, as in real life, people just don't show up.

Well, Morgan Piersanti is hoping that a few of his favorite heroes might "show up" in the near future"

Will other country-themed superheroes like Shamrock or Big Hero Six appear in "Captain Britain and MI13" anytime soon?

Neither of those two. I keep saying we should do a Scottish hero, so maybe one of those.

Closing out this week's fun, Caleb Warren sent in the following:

Do you plan on using the Hellfire Club's London branch in any of your stories in "Captain Britain and MI13?"

It's possible.

In regards to your upcoming "Dark Reign: Young Avengers" miniseries, will Kate, Eli, and Tommy's love-triangle of sorts progress at all during "Dark Reign?"

There will be developments there, yes. We're rocking Tommy's world a bit.

What can you tell us about the cast of the Dark Young Avengers? Are these new heroes/villains, or is it the original Young Avengers "going dark?" Did you create any new heroes or villains for this story?

These are new heroes/villains/neither/both, not the YAs going dark. The YAs will be comparing themselves to the new guys.

And thus ends our little international tete-a-tete. "Uncanny X-Men" #506 appears in stores this week, so it's a good thing writer Matt Fraction will be here to answer your questions in our next X-POSITION. You know the drill: read the issue, write down your hopes/thoughts/dreams, and then send us those emails AQAP (as quickly as possible - we're trying to start a new acronym). Put "X-Position" in the subject line, and I'll send your missive along with warm thoughts and a happy emoticon.

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