X-POSITION: Pak on "Storm's" Legacy and Ororo's Rivals

In the first four issues of "Storm," Ororo Munroe's first ongoing series from Marvel Comics, writer Greg Pak has moved the weather-manipulating mutant all across the Earth and put her face to face with a number of old friends and foes. The most recent issue saw Storm's expanding supporting cast get cut down by one, however, as Pak addressed the "Death of Wolverine" storyline that robbed Ororo of her lover. Wolverine's death hit Storm hard, causing the normally calm under fire leader to loose control of her abilities in a most spectacular fashion that had plenty of readers talking.

Pak Creates a Chaotic "Storm" with the Death of Wolverine

In this week's X-Position, Pak answered many reader questions about Storm's place within the larger superhero community, her mutant philosophy and her legacy.

Greg Pak: Before we start, I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who's been reading and writing about the book. I was a little overwhelmed at the New York Comic Con earlier this month with the passion so many readers had for the character and stories. You guys are absolutely the best and we're doing our darnedest to tell the kinds of stories that are worthy of your amazing support!

Let's get the Qs started! First up, a few people wanted to know if other X-Men would show up in a supporting role similar to the one Beast has had so far -- specifically Rogue, Bishop, Dani Moonstar and Sage.

No immediate plans for any of the characters above -- but I'm just about to meet with my brilliant editor Daniel Ketchum to plan the next arc in more detail, so anything's possible! You will see some of the other key X-Men as Storm's adventures begin to have a big impact on the wider X-Universe starting with issue #7.

Marc Livingstone has a question about a character we haven't seen in a few months since her recent appearances over in Brian Wood's "X-Men."

Is there any chance of Storm's daughter [Kymera, from an alternate future] appearing in the series?

I'll be a thousand percent honest here -- I'm avoiding that for the time being. I did a ton of alternate universe stories with "X-Treme X-Men," and it was a blast, but I don't really want to dive back into alternate universes or time travel with this book right now. There's absolutely great stories to be told with that character. But I'm seeing a ton of new or lapsed comics readers picking up Storm, and partly because of that, I'm holding off for the short term on diving into the more difficult-to-explain continuity for now.

X-POSITION: Pak Calls Down the Lightning for "Storm"

butterflykyss had some high praise for a scene in issue four, and also has a question about Storm's power set

I was absolutely moved to tears with [Storm's] global display in issue #4 and I want to thank you for remembering that the application of her powers go beyond just weather manipulation... Will you explore other facets of her powers, i.e. electromagnetic, thermal, radiation as well as her latent mystical abilities, and will you explore the different ways she could utilize her powers on a more defensive manner akin to Magneto's electromagnetic shield?

Thanks for the kind words. One of the fun things about featuring Storm as a main character is that every issue provides a new opportunity to explore Storm's powers in both big and small ways. Stay tuned!

CHEMICALX wants to know if you'll be dealing with Ororo's reaction to the death of Charles Xavier and the schism between Wolverine and Cyclops.

Although the breakdown between the X-Men took the form of Wolverine versus Scott, Ororo spent years as the biggest supporter of the dream of coexistence... Will you ever touch on her feelings about what has happened with Charles since his death?

Interesting question. That's certainly possible, particularly since Storm is carving out a bit of her own doctrine within the pages of this series.

N'Dare piggybacks a little off of the previous question and asks about Storm's viewpoint in comparison to her X-peers.

I don't know how I feel about Ororo's solo journey without the mutant aspect ever being fully explored. With her upcoming arrest, will we ever see anything that explores Storm's philosophies on mutant-kind to differentiate her from Magneto and Cyclops' militant viewpoint?

During the course of this book, Storm is showing another way through her actions -- taking on fights that no other X-Men might have even noticed, no matter what the consequences. For now, she's showing whatever philosophy that might represent through her actions. But at some point, there could come a time when people start to realize there's something like a Storm Doctrine in effect. And hijinks, as they say, could ensue.

Yukio has only appeared in one issue of "Storm" so far, but The Weather God really wants to know if Storm's longtime partner-in-crime will be sticking around for a while.

Will Yukio be staying on longer than issues 4 and 5, and if not, do you plan to have her appear anytime later as a prominent figure in the book?

You'll see her again. Although as you'll see at the end of #5, the nature of whatever interactions she'll have with Storm in the future will be... different.

Wind Rider also offers up some praise for "Storm" #4's mourning scene before leaving Earth's orbit.

The "goddess' mourning" with the solar wind covering the whole planet was so epic in issue #4. Will Storm's mission to better the world go beyond earth and include adventures in space or other dimensions? I'm all for more space weather/other-worldly awesome!

We've actually made a very conscious effort to use fairly grounded, real world settings in the first few issues of the series. But as we go on, yes, I'd love to cut loose a bit and see her in different environments. I'm not likely to dive into cross-dimensional stories in the near future -- as noted above, I had a blast with that in "X-Treme" but am looking to do different kinds of stories with "Storm." But Storm's past gives her very interesting hooks into a number of different genres, from the mystical to the mythical to space whales. So anything's possible!

X-POSITION: Greg Pak Weathers the "Storm"

xrs13 doesn't mince words with this question.

Is the full head of hair going to make its return in your run?


I will say that many, many women I know change their hair pretty frequently. And sometimes those changes of hairstyle have great character resonance. So it's worth thinking about.

malachi_munroexxx wonders how Storm and her recent actions fit into the larger Marvel Universe

How will the other heroes, like the Avengers, view her when she resists the authorities in "Storm" #7?

Guess we'll all have to pre-order the book with our local retailers right now to find out!

rutog98 has a question about Storm's rogue's gallery.

Will we be seeing a personalized villain for Storm show up with insane power levels to push Storm to her limits in a fight? Captain America has the Red Skull, Iron Man has the Mandarin, Batman has Joker, Wolverine had Sabretooth and Thor has Loki. Any chance of Storm getting a villain like this at some point? Maybe one of the evil deities from African mythology can fit this role for her? I'm not asking for her book to be like Thor's in being centered around any kind of mythology, but maybe African mythology can be the center of some of the stories here.

Interesting. Fred Van Lente and I actually delved just a bit into African mythology during our "Hercules" run. But if I were to dive back into that for this book, somehow I'd be more inclined to build up allies rather than enemies for Storm from African mythology.

But to answer your broader question, yes, I am thinking about new enemies for Storm. And you're going to meet a very big one in issue #7.

Daymare has a hypothetical situation to run by you.
If you heard tomorrow ["Storm"] was going to be cancelled with issue 7, what would you want the legacy of the title to be or hope you had accomplished with the run?

I'd hope that we'd shown Storm as a multifaceted hero who absolutely rules as the star of her own book. I'd hope we'd cemented the concept of Storm's commitment to doing the right thing for forgotten people regardless of the consequences. And I'd hope that we'd opened the door for new readers with another book that reminded the world that comics are indeed for everyone.

Special thanks to Greg Pak for taking on this week's questions!

Next week, X-Position commemorates the end of Jason Latour's mind-blowing run on "Wolverine and the X-Men" with one more go 'round with the writer. Have a question for Jason? Go ahead and send 'em in via an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position" or if 140 character questions are more your speed, try Twitter. But get 'em in quickly, because the deadline's Friday! Make it happen!

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