Marvel’s X-Men are going through quite a lot of changes as of late, with many more changes to come. The mutants are dealing with a new home (San Francisco), new teams (Young X-Men, X-Force), new enemies (the Hellfire Cult), and soon they’ll be tackling Limbo itself (“X-Infernus”).

With everything that’s going on, it would take a special kind of mutant power to keep track of it all. Thankfully, editor Nick Lowe appears to have been born with that gene, as editing the X-Men books seems hardwired into his DNA. Lowe joins CBR for today’s X-POSITION and is prepared to wield his mighty editing powers as he answers your questions about all things X-Men and previews exclusive artwork from forthcoming issues of "Secret Invasion: X-Men" and "Uncanny X-Men."

CBR: Prodigial begins things for us today with a couple of questions about recent developments in “Uncanny X-Men.”

1) Will Karma ever find any 'love' joining the main team in the city of San Francisco?

Nick Lowe: Karma will be around, Prodigal. Don’t you worry.

2) It’s great to see Empath on the scene again. Will this “fetish-control” of the Red Queen have any repercussions in the future appearances of the character? Also, what “new tricks” has he been said to be manifesting?

The “new tricks” refers to his power level, more than anything else. But you haven’t seen the last of Empath. Where did he end up after the X-Men defeated him? Keep your eyes peeled.

Shawn seems to have enjoyed Empath’s return as well, and hopes to see some of his buddies soon.

1) Is there any chance we'll ever see the Hellions make a "return" to the X-Universe like so many previously deceased characters have?

Don’t expect this any time soon, Shawn. You’ll just have to settle for Warpath, Empath and Magma. Maybe Tarot, too. But definitely not Beef.

2) Please tell me that the Red Queen in “Uncanny X-Men” is not Firestar. She is way too interesting a superhero to suddenly become evil.

I make no promises, buddy. Wait, that’s not true. It’s not Katie Power. Or is it?!?

Oh the possibilities! As a matter of fact, Katie is exactly the type of addition Blair R. Campbell is looking for in the X-books:

Is there any chance that the X-teams will be getting an estrogen injection? I've always felt that the books were at their best when the teams were evenly split between men and women, but it seems like a lot of the best female characters (Kitty, Rachel, Lorna, Betsy) have been pushed aside. I think any of these characters could enhance the X-books, so why not use them?

Hold on, hold on, hold on. Rachel and Lorna are still around. Just because they’re out in Shi’Ar space doesn’t mean that they aren’t important. As for the X-Men in San Francisco, we totally agree with you. Don’t be surprised if you see more of Dazzler, Domino, and another surprise lady.

Caleb Warren brings his Texas attitude with him for these next two queries.

1) I'm way excited about “X-Infernus,” but have a question: will y'all be giving magical abilities to any characters that have never had such abilities?

No new magical abilities at this point, Caleb.

2) In the preview for “Astonishing X-Men” #27, we learned that at least two types of artificial mutants do exist. Is this at all related to the Y-men from “Young X-Men?”

Nope. These are two separate occurrences.

Marcus Martin is concerned with the X-Men’s place in the overall Marvel Universe, so he sent in three questions that were nagging him.

1) During all the recent events (Civil War, World War Hulk, and now Secret Invasion)Ñ€šÃ‚ which affected the Marvel Universe, it seems the X-Men played a minor role in them. So my question is: when is there going to be an X-Men event that affects the overall Marvel Universe and bring more non-mutant heroes to the X-titles?

We generally like playing off to the side, but the X-Men have a huge role in “Dark Reign” which comes to light right after Secret Invasion. And there’s rumbling of a big hullaballoo with the rest of the Marvel U and your favorite mutants.

2) Just how much say do you guys have when members of the X-Men appear in other Marvel titles and vice-versa?

A good amount. We’re the primary caretakers of the X-Men here at Marvel. So we get to see it all and have a say.

3) How would you describe the X-Men’s relationship with the rest of the Marvel Universe and its heroes right now?

Right now, it’s not too bad. The X-Men keep to themselves for the most part, but mainly because things don’t usually end well for them when they get involved. But when you see what happens post-Secret Invasion, you’ll see that this separation may not last.

Derek Brunell has sent in an email that made me wonder why the Sabretooth never moved to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Will it make sense why all these villains have relocated to San Francisco? Seems a bit stupid to relocate to a city were the X-Men have literally sent out a broadcast worldwide saying they’re setting up shop there.

What villains relocated there? Empath was pretty obviously there to mess with the X-Men. Magneto and High Evolutionary went there to get a piece of the Dreaming Celestial. I haven’t seen a ton of others. As for why some villains will go there, it may be because they’re targeting the X-Men. So that’s why they’d go.

Let’s check in on ProfeZZor X now, who wrote in with a special request:

For decades, Iceman has been the butt of many jokes. And within that time, many writers have attempted to bring forth his serious side only to have him fall back into obscurity and frat boy mannerisms with the next writer. Over time, many characters have all hinted at the possibilities of his omnipotent potential, but it stopped there.

Mike Carey has diligently made it clear that he wants to bring forth a leading man in Iceman through “Manifest Destiny.” Knowing this, what are your plans for Robert Drake next year, and will history repeat itself leaving Mike's efforts for Iceman undone in the foreseeable future?

We like Iceman, too, ProfeZZor. Providing we find the right fit, don’t be surprised to see your pal Bobby around.

As the last question was about Iceman, it seems appropriate to wrap things up this week with an email from Zero_Ice.

1) For a long time it was known that mutants/mutations occurred randomly. Certain people had higher chances for producing mutants versus others (e.g. the Guthrie's) and two mutant parents didn't guarantee mutant children (e.g. Graydon Creed). I think it was during Morrison's run readers learned that humanity was evolving into mutants. Mutations were no longer random but the next step in evolution.

Did Scarlet Witch's decree change all that? Are the mutants showing up now, post M-Day, back to being completely random? Or are mutants still on track for being the next stage in evolution (hence the decree really isn't a problem)?

Well, the only truly new mutant since Wanda’s spell is the baby who’s off with Cable. As for the others who are new to you, they were around before the spell but, for various reasons, didn’t register on Cerebra or other mutant detecting devices. As for mutancy, my understanding has been that it’s always been the next step in evolution. Mutancy is the key step in evolution in the real world as well.

2) I've been to a few boards where fans claim that Cyclops isn't a hero anymore because his main motivation now is only to protect mutants versus protecting all of humanity. In defense of Cyclops, I'd say he's on the right track to defend mutants as a priority. Mutants are a bigger target now than in the past due to their low numbers, and who else is going to make mutants the priority — The Avengers? Do you agree, disagree, or have a different view?

We definitely agree with you, Zero. Cyclops has mutantkind’s best interests at heart and they’re his #1 priority. This leads to a lot of tough choices, but that’s life when you’re faced with tons of adversity as the X-Men are.

Thus concludes this week’s X-fireside chat, but like a stale pack of candy corn around Halloween, we will be back. In fact, you’ll find us right here in just seven short days with “X-Factor” writer Peter David. So whip up an email and shoot it to us with “X-Position” in the subject line. Make those questions relevant, thoughtful, and sassy, and send them over as soon as you can.

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