How many editors are willing to withstand the direct assault of fan emails? How many are brave enough...confident enough...bold enough? Thankfully, for readers of Marvel's X-Men books, Nick Lowe is just such an editor.

This week, X-POSITION hit a new high in terms of email requests. We read all your queries, sifted them to find the golden nuggets, and sent them to Mr. Lowe. Despite being busy hunting for chocolate eggs and managing the mutant corner of the Marvel Universe, he found the time to answer what we passed along. So without further ado, let's dive right in!

CBR: X-POSITION regular Marcus Martin gets to toss out the inaugural question today:

Can you clear up the confusion around the "Dark X-Men" teaser and where we are going to see it?

Nick Lowe: Well, I can but I won't. That's the whole point of teasers - to tease you with the possibilities. But I'll tell you this, when you see the July solicits, it will be a lot clearer.

Marcus, you may also want to check out CBR's reports from the recent Emerald City ComiCon as well (found here and here) where "Uncanny X-Men" writer Matt Fractions offers some clues. And while we're on the subject of that "Dark" teaser, Andre4000 was hoping to acquire some additional information.

What does the "Utopia" stand for in X-Men/Dark Avengers: Utopia"

Here's more of me being unhelpful. I'm not going to tell you at this point. But let's use our imaginations at this point. What does "utopia" mean? My good lady-friend Merriam Webster tells me that it means "a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions." So think about that. Think about the X-Men. Think about the Dark Avengers. What could that mean?

Well, in the case of R. Smith, he wants to know what it specifically means for one of his favorite characters...

Can you tell us anything about Cable's future after "Messiah War?" Will he still be stuck in the timestream, or will he be back in time to participate in the "Uncanny X-Men/Dark Avengers" crossover?

He's getting really shaken up in "Messiah War." I'll tell you this: Cable won't be part of "Utopia," but I won't rule out Hope being a part of it.

Zachary Simon sent in a handful of queries. Let's see what we might glean from his inquisitive nature.

How are the Dark Avengers going to deal with the superior numbers of Cyclops' mutant army?

I don't think Norman and the Dark Avengers are that worried about the numbers of the showdown. Think about it: who on the X-Men can match the Sentry? Or Ares? Colossus is strong, but he's not that strong. Round out the Dark Avengers with Marvel Boy, Ms. Marvel (Moonstone) and the rest, and I'm more worried about what Scott is going to do.

Once Wolfsbane resolves her problems over in "X-Force," will she ever show up in the new "New Mutants" series?

Zeb and I really love Wolfsbane, so I hope she gets her problems resolved soon. But, knowing Chris and Craig, I just hope she's alive when they're done with her.

Do you have any plans to bring back either Kwannon or the British Psylocke? Some fans seem to like the old version of Betsy a lot...

Read "Uncanny X-Men" #508 on sale this week!

If you could have one mutant that has never been on the main X-Men team join the X-Men, who would it be?

I'd say, but looking at the Dark X-Men, I think my wish may be coming true, in a way.

Speaking of wishes, Zared has a couple of his own:

Two of my favorite X-characters have recently turned up in comics, albeit briefly, and then faded away again. I was wondering if there were any plans for Husk and/or Cecelia Reyes to show up in the X-books any time soon?

Husk has been around a bit in the background, but hasn't quite latched on to the limelight in awhile. And Cecelia's back in NY, so she'd have to make the move first.

While we may not see those two particular characters soon, Giselle wanted to know more about the possibility of "mixing up" the X-cast...

You've been talking a lot about how "Uncanny" has a rotating/ensemble cast, but so far, everything we've seen is focused on Cyclops, Emma Frost and Beast. When will we finally see this rotating cast rotate?

I think you're oversimplifying a bit here, Giselle. Sure, Cyclops and Emma are central. But Angel/Archangel has been big. Colossus has been huge. Pixie's been a big part. Be happy that Matt has ignored my pleas for a whole storyline centered around just Kitty inside the bullet. "Day 84: Still in the damn bullet." Imagine that for four issues.

FoolishScribe has desires of their own and was hoping you might address three needs they're feeling...

I have a question about three of my favorite mutants that seem to have been thrown to the wayside: Dazzler, Firestar and Northstar. Do you have word of any upcoming storylines where they play a major role? I was just curious - especially about Dazzler - in light of all buzz coming from Marvel about her return to the X-universe.

Northstar has a significant part in "Uncanny" starting in #508. The best Dazzler scene I've read in years is in #511. As for Firestar, she's mainly occupying herself on the other side of the country.

Aaand one of CBR's X-Men Forums just blew up with that announcement about "Uncanny" #511 - huzzah! Meanwhile, Asterix wants to know more about their favorite mutant...or non-mutant, as the case may be:

I've been waiting for an announcement about the next stop of all the former "New Warriors," especially Jubilee. I heard Peter David wanted to get his hands on her (right here in X-POSITION) and it got my hopes up. Is there any chance of that happening, or for her to interact with the Young/New X-Men? She's around their age, after all...

You're going to have to keep waiting. Sorry, Asterix.

As long as we're waiting for Jubilee, Manolis was hoping that when she returns, she might bring a few of her former classmates.

With the recent wave of nostalgia books ("New Mutants," all the "First Class" titles), is there a chance we will eventually see a reunion book for "Generation X" or the 90s X-Men? The 90s get a bad rep, but the first 30 issues of "Generation X" were one of the best darn X-Men runs of all time (and one of the best-selling at the time)...

First of all, I want to make sure to set the record straight about "New Mutants." It takes place in the regular Marvel U (or 616 as many of you call it) in present day and present X-Men continuity, and will weigh in big there. Second, I love "Generation X" and we were just talking about that title recently. It's not going to come particularly soon, but it's glad to know that all of you want more X-Books!

While Manolis appears to want more, apparently Mencemor doesn't feel the same way.

I was wondering why there are so many upcoming X-titles solicited. Don't you feel that there are too many already? For example, I personally like Wolverine, but is it really necessary to have a billion different titles dedicated to him?


"Deadpool" #10 on sale May 6 - click image for preview

That's something we hear a lot on the internet, but not in our sales figures. If people stop buying the X-books or books that Wolverine is in, I promise we'll follow your advice. Only buy the books that you want to read, Mencemor.

Unfortunately, this explains what happened to "Young X-Men," although the book still appears to have had a fan in Faded Day:

Despite the cancellation of "Young X-Men," will Cipher and the mystery surrounding the menace chasing her still be touched on and resolved?

Not immediately, no. But it's never forgotten. And if there are other unresolved X-mysteries that you want solved, ask about them next time we do an Editorial X-POSITION.

Did you hear that? Ask and ye shall receive! Service with a smile, courtesy of the friendliest X-editor around...

Rodyega has a question about an upcoming "Uncanny" storyline, and brings up a good point.

I've heard the Beast's science team will travel back in time to find a cure for M-Day. Can't they just travel back in time and prevent the Scarlet Witch from speaking her famous phrase? It seems they're doing this the hard way.

Would they be able to do so? People weren't all that successful in stopping Wanda from doing...well, much of anything around that time.

Good point for Rodyega, and a greater point for Mr. Lowe. So close!

Speaking of time-travel, Sixhoursoflucy bring us an email on this topic that serves as today's final query:

Marvel once adhered to rigid time-travel rules that followed the multiverse model in which all time-travel created divergent universes. Reed Richards best outlined this model in "Marvel Two-In-One" #50, and Mark Gruenwald once stated its rules in an installment of Mark's Remarks. Lately, however, the X-books like "X-Factor: Layla Miller" and "Cable" seem to be following the single-universe model that allows for circular time paradoxes. How do you reconcile these two mutually exclusive doctrines of time-travel?

BOOM! And my brain just exploded. We've actually been sticking to the multiverse model. Here's kind of how we see it: there's our universe and from each moment, timelines diverge. Are Layla Miller and Cable in the same timelines? Nope. It's certainly hard to wrap your head around, but we try to do so as clearly as possible.

And that's all from my big mouth. Toodles!

I think all of us need to give our minds a rest after that last question, but after you're through doing that, get ready to rev those brains into hyperdrive as we're traveling into outer-space next week to talk about "War of Kings." That's right, next week is a two-fer as writers Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett will be joining us to talk about the mutants among the stars!

Think up some good questions, email them our way as soon as you can, and we'll teleport them directly to the brains behind this intergalactic event. Remember to plop an "X-Position" in the subject line, and that spelling counts! Anyone who spells Havok with a "c" is outta here!

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