As an X-editor, part of your job is to keep track of all the mutants in the Marvel Universe. While not an easy task, this job became much simpler after the events of "Decimation" wiped the mutant population down to a more manageable two hundred individuals. And if that still proved to be too tricky, most of the homo superiors in the Marvel U have now moved to a single island - Utopia.

Is moving an endangered species to a single location a strategically sound move? How long can they all exist in one place? And what does the future hold in store for the future of mutantkind thanks to this move? Well, here at X-POSITION we go straight to the source for answers to all of your questions. And in this case, that source is X-Editor Nick Lowe!

Ready to head to Utopia? Hold on tight...

Taurean was thankful to see an X-Man of old return to the fold, but wants to know if this new status is permanent or temporary...

Thanks so much for bringing back my favorite character in "Nation X" #2 - Jubilee! My one major request for the X-editors is that Jubilee stays as a regular on an X-book and doesn't fade back into Limbo. Can we also please have a Generation X reunion now? The New Mutants have their thing going; how about Jubes' old gang getting back together along with a resurrected Synch and Skin?

I'm sad to say there are no current plans for Synch or Skin, but you know that it's comics, so I'm sure you'll see them sooner or later. As for Jubilee, you'll have to wait and see!

We may be featuring Nick this week, but X-Editor Jeanine Schaefer has something to contribute too.

JEANINE SCHAEFER: Jubilee is one of my favorite characters, too. You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't!) by how many people I've talked to in the last couple of months who feel the same way we do. You'll definitely see her more in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled!

Mauro has been keeping his eyes open, but he's been looking for Cable. Can you help him out?

As a Cable fan, I'm quite curious about the future of his series, as it is shockingly not a part of "Second Coming" and there has been no confirmation that the series will continue after issue #25. Is it canceled, suspended, or getting rebooted? Here's hoping Marvel gives the series the support it deserves...

Are you sure that "Cable" will make it through #25? It'd be hard to have a Cable series starring someone else.

Mike is curious about a certain cute little redhead...and one other cute little redhead. There sure are a lot of those in the X-world!

I would love to see how Rachel Summer's future world relates to Hope. Any chance this will be revealed?

Do you mean the "Days of Future Past" future? I think that's what you mean. With all the time-travel comings and goings X-side of the universe, I don't know whether that future exists and if it does, I don't think we'll have a second to go there.

Chad M. Murray hates to be teased. Is it within your mutant abilities to make him feel loved?

1) Editors and writers keep mentioning how Hope has green eyes and red hair, clearly linking her to Jean Grey. I'm pretty sure "The Second Coming" will have nothing to do with Jean's return though, because if it did, I assume you would keep it a secret. So, could you please stop with all the teasing? I think it's kind of cruel to toy with the emotions of us Jean Grey fans like that.

You obviously weren't a youngest child, Chad. Take it from someone who was a youngest child - the last thing you want to do to someone that's teasing you is ask them to stop teasing you.

2) I've been noticing Psylocke has been popping up in a lot of places lately: "Uncanny X-Men," "X-Men: Legacy," "Wolverine: Weapon X," and her own miniseries. I, for one, am grateful for this. Is there an intentional, combined effort to turn this mistreated character into a major player in the X-world?

It's definitely intentional and you have one man to thank for it - Axel Alonso. He loves Psylocke even more than Warren Worthington and CB Cebulski do...and that's saying a lot!

Joshua Hetherington has a bone to pick with you...actually, it looks like he has a couple. Do you have a rib or two to spare?

1) Is Cyclops the dumbest leader of all time? He's put an endangered species on an island separated from humans. How does he expect mutants will survive when enemies can just torpedo the place from submarines underwater (as shown in "Necrosha," under the island is a weak point)?

I don't think the island is a dumb move at all. To me, the island is a very defensible position. It's remote, so any enemy has to have a pretty formidable war chest to even get close to you. It's easy to see anyone coming (I can guarantee that the X-Club has more advanced tech than sonar, which would be enough to see subs coming). And there's very little chance of collateral damage, which was one of Cyclops's major concerns in San Francisco during "Utopia."

As for "Necrosha," it was a very well thought out plan by an enemy who was perfectly poised to attack quickly (using Blink to transport the forces close) and break down the defenses (using Cypher to hack into the defense systems and make them null). Would it be smarter for them to have a building in the middle of New York City? Or back at the mansion? Back there, anyone could disguise something like a nuke in a laundry van and get close enough to wipe them all out. Not at the island.

2) Why were Pixie and Magik seen working alongside each other recently? Pixie hates Magik! Yet in "Dark Reign: The List - X-Men" one-shot, Pixie's engaging in playful banter with Magik. It bugs me when a character that hates a character in one book likes them in another. It's a massive continuity headache!

They were working alongside each other because they were ordered to do so. As for their dialogue, it all comes down to how you interpret the character, Joshua. Even though Pixie hates Magik, she tries to make the best of a situation. And I don't find it terribly hard to believe she'd try to show her up in a contest of sorts.

3) Any word on who will take over "X-Force" post-"Second Coming"?

That'll be a big announcement, Joshua. When it's time, you'll hear it and have your chance to grumble about it, I'm sure.

4) I assume the X-Men are already suspicious of where X-Force members go off to on their "missions." With "Second Coming" and X-Force playing a key role, will we finally see the X-Men as a whole discovering X-Force?

You are correct that they won't be able to keep it a secret forever.

5) Will M's reaction to Emplate's return be shown in "X-Factor"? As seen in X-Factor's most recent storyline, Monet still hasn't exactly gotten over being "controlled."

They aren't going to be coming in contact this time around, Joshua. Sorry.

6) Will Siryn hear of her father's return in "Necrosha"?

That's really up to Peter David. If he gets a chance to address it in "X-Factor" (if he even wants to do that), he will, I imagine. But knowing his big plans for "X-Factor," I don't think he'll have the room.

"Big" plans? Caleb Warren is hoping for something huge - like the size of outer space. What are the chances of that?

Are there any plans to have a story that officially crosses through the X-franchise and the cosmic corner of the Marvel U? With the X-Jammers up there and now that Beast is with S.W.O.R.D., it seems only natural...

The X-Men have their hands full, but keep your fingers crossed and we may finally see that Nova/Cassandra Nova romance you've been waiting for!

The sound you hear now is hundreds of Nova fans gagging. Ick! OBrian Tallent had another question about the stars and a certain object flying the spaceways...

I'm sure I've missed this somewhere, but what was the reasoning behind Kitty Pryde being shunted off into space? Why was this decision made for such a popular character, and when will she be coming back?

It was the ending of the "Astonishing X-Men" run that Joss and John wanted to do, and we thought it was heart-breaking and perfect. For us it's more about the story than anything else. As for where you can see what has been going on with Kitty and the bullet, pick up "S.W.O.R.D." #1!

Grey has questions, yes he do; Grey has questions, how about answers from you?

1) The last time we saw the Phoenix Force it was leaving Korvus and Rachel - when will this be addressed? And what about the Phoenix shards trapped inside the Cuckoo's hearts?

Read "Uncanny X-Men" #517 ASAP!

2) Also, will the Mimic or Nate Grey be sticking around after Dark X-Men?

You'll just have to wait and see. I don't want to spoil Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk's story.

XMAN4life has been enjoying the multitude of mutants in the book, but doesn't want his favorites to get lost in the shuffle. Can you deal him a hand he'll like?

I love the new blood that's been put on the X-Men - and that the team is really a giant army now - but it seems like a lot of characters are falling through the cracks as far as being used. We haven't seen Hepzibah in two years, Cloak & Dagger and Dazzler seem like they are becoming background characters, and the X-Men students are coming off as the red uniform ensigns from "Star Trek." Are there any plans to correct for this? And I was wondering if the students considered actual X-Men or are just viewed as students?

There are only so many hours in a day and so many pages in the X-Books. There are lots of X-characters, and not a lot of stage time. We have to make decisions on who gets more "stage time." We generally stick to the bigger characters and more central characters, but we try and service the smaller ones, too. But I'll give you some specific answers:

Hepzibah - "SWORD" #2Cloak and Dagger - "Wolverine: Origins"Dazzler - "Uncanny X-Men," here and there...X-students - Dude, they're a major part of "X-Men: Legacy"! As for whether they're X-Men or students, it's kind of both. Cyclops will use them on missions, but they still do get taught stuff.

EC has been thinking about Emma Frost quite a bit - both her present and her past. How about a hint on the future?

1) Emma and Namor's involvement with Norman seems to have ended abruptly. Any chance we might see more interaction with other members of the Cabal, like Loki, Doom, or the Hood?

Emma and Namor are doing their best to avoid further contact with these scary individuals. That was part of the point of betraying them.

2) I've been wondering this for a while and was hoping you could give me your thoughts on the portrayal of Emma Frost in the X-universe. She committed horrible on-panel/off-panel deeds as the White Queen, including murder - and it all appears it's been glossed over (both by the X-Men and their writers). Can stuff like that truly be forgiven and forgotten? Plus, all the crying she's done lately makes me wonder how she lasted so long as the White Queen. Thoughts?

Wolverine has killed people both on purpose and by accident many more times than Emma has. One of the key tenets of the X-Men is taking in people with pasts that are less than moral and giving them second chances. That's what's going on here.

Do they like that she did those things? No. She's been working with the X-Men for a long time now (from way before "New X-Men," as the Gen X fans who've asked questions here today have noted) and has saved the world many times.

Does she sleep well at night? Probably not.

Do the X-Men trust her implicitly? Probably not all of them. Scott does. I could go on about this for hours and hours, because many of my favorite stories are redemption stories, like that of St. Paul. People who do horrible things, see the light, so to speak, and try to make up for it in any way possible. Emma is trying her hardest to make up for her past crimes and protect her people. She can't change the past, all she can do is try and do better every day.

That's it from the fans, but now it's time for our "Behind the X" segment where readers get a chance to know their X-staff a little better. So Nick, with the holidays slowly sneaking around the corner, what is your favorite holiday movie and why?

My favorite holiday movie is "It's a Wonderful Life." Such a great movie, such great story-telling, such great acting. There are three specific points that make me cry every single time I watch it (which should shock you because I'm way more macho than I sound in interviews).

That's all from macho-man Nick Lowe, but in one week's time, writer Chris Claremont will be joining us to answer your questions about the softer side of X-Men. Between his past works and the current "X-Men Forever," I'm expecting lots of thought-provoking queries from all of you X-Position-ites.

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