In the past couple of weeks, fans of the X-Men were given much to cheer about thanks to several announcements made at the 2010 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2).) A new writer was introduced to the X-stable (Rick Remender on "New X-Force") and many new X-series were announced, including a new "Wolverine" (written by Jason Aaron), "X-23" (written by Marjorie Liu), and a new "X-Men" (by written Victor Gischler). In addition, writer Peter David promised readers that they'll "go nuts" when "X-Factor" #207 comes out, saying, "The last page will get us as much - if not more - attention than the time Madrox ate his baby."

Naturally, fans had questions about these announcements, and if you were at C2E2, you got to ask them. If you weren't, however - thank your lucky stars there's X-POSITION! We managed to get a hold of X-Editor Nick Lowe, who he kindly agreed to answer your emails.

Ready for a teaspoon of fun and a tablespoon of revelations? Okay then, let's get cooking...

CBR: First up is Kevin, and he dives right in with a question that many fans asked when they wrote in this week:

As announced at C2E2, there will be a new book with the simple title of "X-Men." Why was it felt a new X-book was needed?

NICK LOWE: First, you've only seen the first hit of the new "X-Men" series. There are bombshells and other cool stuff still coming that will explain this more, but first and foremost, it was the idea. Victor sent in a pitch that made us look at vampires in a new way and pitted them against the X-Men in a way that we hadn't seen before (for either the X-Men or the vampires). And when you see where it goes from there, well...it'll become more clear.

And why wasn't "Legacy" just renamed back to "X-Men?" It gets confusing when you change up titles of existing books and put out new books with the names of long-established books. What was the reason for doing this?

You're looking at this from a collector's point of view, where we try to look at it from purely story reasons. We don't think about the volume numbers and such when we're planning this stuff out. Well, except when we think it can get more eyes on the book. [laughs]

But "X-Men: Legacy" is its own thing. It's established what it is and is doing great and we didn't want to mess with it. Mike Carey has great plans for the book and we would have had to uproot them to make that book into adjectiveless "X-Men."

Kyle is next, and he is also curious about the new book and the niche it fills within the X-Universe...

With the announcement of the new Adjectiveless X-Men title (written by Victor Gischler), there are now four ongoing X-Men titles: Adjectiveless, Uncanny, Astonishing, and Legacy. Can you briefly touch on what readers can expect from each book? How will the continuity of the books fit together?

Okay, here's the big rundown:

  • "Uncanny X-Men" - The flagship book and X-continuity central. If you're an X-fan, this is the book you cannot miss!
  • "Astonishing X-Men" - This is our high-class boutique book. It's concentrated adventures that dance between continuity raindrops.
  • "X-Men" - Big action and more information to come, as far as mission statements go.
  • "X-Men: Legacy" - These are stories that focus primarily on one X-Man; Rogue, in this case. And the X-kids also get some focus here because Rogue's in charge of them.

And don't forget:

  • "New Mutants" - This is the book that's surprised the most people in "Second Coming." It's so good. Anyway, this book concerns Scott's plan for the future of mutantkind. He believes that the future leader of mutants is in the "New Mutants." We just don't know who it is, and this is the story of that!
  • "X-Force" - Wait! That's ending, right? Right?!?!

"Necrosha," as a crossover, was a bit confusing to me. It seemed that the main narrative was really an "X-Force" story and crossing over into "New Mutants" and "Legacy" only muddied the waters with plot points that, while worthwhile on their own, seemed out of place in the midst of the larger event (for example, Rogue's group fighting Proteus on Muir Island). Do you feel the event was successful as a crossover?

"Necrosha" was a different style of crossover than "Second Coming." It wasn't a chapter-to-chapter story. The events of "X-Force" set it all into motion. Doug Ramsey wouldn't be back if it weren't for Selene's plan and that was what "New Mutants" focused on. And Selene's resurrection of Destiny brought the unfortunate resurrection of Proteus as well. The starting point was "Necrosha" for both of those storylines.

And I definitely think "Necrosha" was successful. The story in "X-Force" was really powerful and huge. The story in "New Mutants" brought a character back into the X-side of the Marvel U that is going to play big into our plans and was a great story. The arc in "X-Men: Legacy" was the best to date in my opinion, and that's saying something.

Adam Sherman is seeking knowledge about everything from mercenaries to romance. Do you have any insight to share... please?

What made "Deadpool: Merc With Mouth" go from ongoing series to limited series?

Victor, Axel and Sebastian's plan from the beginning was to tell a specific story and that was that-and with the success of Deadpool Corps, I think fans will be happy with what he has planned for Wade.

Will Kitty Pryde's relationship with Colossus be dealt with at any point this year?

If Colossus lives through "Second Coming," it will. But once Kitty turns into the Shadow King, all bets are off.

If I used all the questions Joshua Hetherington sent in, I'd have the makings of several X-POSITIONs. However, that wouldn't be fair to the other X-fans, so I hope he'll make due with answers to the following well-worded inquiries:

Kitty Pryde's return was billed by Fraction as a big uplifting moment for the X-Men. And yet, it seems that right after her return, "Necrosha" occurs, which leads right into "X-Men: Second Coming, which leads to everyone going back to their miserable, depressed, negative selves. From the promotion around it, I thought Kitty's return was going to be a much bigger deal. As it stands, it didn't seem to do much beyond the one issue it occurred in. Am I missing something?

It was a (mostly) uplifting moment for the X-Men. Their friend is back. The heart of the X-Men is back. But that's not the end. X-Men comics are never going to be bright and fluffy. And they never have been. Awful stuff always happens to them. There are bright moments, but this is drama! Anyway, you'll see a lot more of Kitty after "Second Coming." Check out "Uncanny X-Men!"

Cloak and Dagger haven't been seen much in "Uncanny X-Men," considering their joining of the team was such a major moment of "Utopia." They've appeared in "Wolverine: Origins," "X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas," and their own one-shot, but I have yet to see them even have a walk on role in "Uncanny." Will we see more of them in that book soon?

We had big plans for them in "Uncanny," but there was too much other big stuff going on at the time to give them their due. So they popped up in those other places. Sadly, you probably won't see them in "Uncanny" for a good long while.

What is the future of the X-Force team? Cyclops stated at the end of "X-Force" #25 that he "still needed X-Force," but the team's creators seemed to shut the door on the team with the book's last issue. Can you clarify things for us?

Read "Second Coming!" They aren't done!

And didn't X-23 get removed from X-Force by Wolverine? Why is she still running around with Logan and Warren as if she's part of the team in "Second Coming?"

Was the team she was running around with X-Force? I seem to remember seeing Colossus, Psylocke and Magik on that team and they aren't in X-Force.

Will Storm's mohawk (as seen in ads for "Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis") be a look that's consistent to all her appearances across the Marvel Universe?

I sure hope so. I love Storm's mohawk more than my mother and call it more, too. My mom isn't happy.

Is the "Xenogenesis" going to be the first of several "Astonishing X-Men" miniseries? Is it tied to present continuity and, if so, is it set after "Second Coming?"

I'm not saying when it's set! You'll have to wait and see that. And I'm not going to spoil future "Astonishing" plans today...so there, Joshua.

Aspbros wrote in and wondered if he dared hope about Hope...

You have Hope appearing in the new "We Are the X-Men" teasers. Aren't you spoiling the ending of "Second Coming" in doing this?

I am, indeed, spoiling the end. Hope lives through it. So does Warlock. But everyone else is fair game.

Good to know - I was worried about Warlock!

Zachary brings things to a close today, which is somewhat appropriate considering his question is about conclusions:

Will "Second Coming" lead up to another event sometime down the road? Or can this event be looked at as the conclusion (finally) to "Messiah CompleX?"

"Second Coming" is indeed the conclusion to "Messiah CompleX." But I'm not going to say that it doesn't open up new things that we will lead into other stories in the future. That's just the nature of serial storytelling and what we do.

That puts a bow on today's little X-present, courtesy of Nick Lowe. Next week, we'll be looking back to the future as writer Louise Simonson makes herself available to answer your questions about "X-Factor Forever." Just shoot those emails right to me as quickly as you can, and I'll send them right over with a kazoo fanfare. An "X-Position" in the subject line helps grease the wheels in getting your questions noticed - so do it!

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