The X-Men have been put through the wringer over the course of Marvel Comics' "Second Coming," with Nightcrawler and others falling in battle as Utopia, sealed off from the world by a magical barrier, fights off an unstoppable siege from Bastion's forces. The end is in sight - but with the question of Hope's destiny as savior or destroyer still unresolved, the future of mutantkind is still very much in doubt. Meanwhile, Dracula is dead and vampires are cutting loose in a brand-new "X-Men" series.

Welcome once again to X-POSITION, where the creators behind the myriad mutant titles answer your questions about their corner of X-universe. This week we have editor Nick Lowe on hand to answer questions about anything at all X-Men related, and you took the opportunity to cover a broad array of X-topics.

Away we go!

ChadLDN starts us off with three questions that run the gamut.

1) Each X book has had its own unique personality for some time now - how does the new 'X-Men' series differ from 'Uncanny', 'Astonishing' and 'Legacy?'

"Uncanny" is the core X-Book where you're going to find the core activities of the X-World (Cyclops, Emma, Magneto, etc...) and the biggest threats to mutantkind. This is where internal turmoil will live. "X-Men" is the place where you'll find huge adventures that tie the X-Men into the greater Marvel Universe. The first arc with vampires is the tip of the iceberg as far as greater Marvel U interaction. The second arc deals with an non-X villain named - eep! You almost got me to spill it! You are tricky, ChadLDN.

2) Are we ever going to see any serious panel-time for Dazzler, Psylocke, Shadowcat or Northstar?

You'll be seeing more of Shadowcat right away in "Uncanny" #526 and Dazzler and Northstar have a big part of the arc starting in "Uncanny" #530. As for Psylocke, make sure you read "X-Men: Second Coming" #2 this week!

3) Can someone, ANYONE, please write a good ol' X-Men baseball game into a book? Surely they could use a friendly match to relax after everything that's happened.

Matt Fraction has been doing more with basketball than baseball in "Uncanny." I know people like you, ChadLDN, who shun primarily indoor sports won't stand for this, but it's the closest we're getting in the near future. I was never crazy about the baseball games, myself. I much preferred the trips to Harry's Hideaway.

The status of a certain set of space-faring characters was a popular query this week, but we'll let Jeff Burger do the honors.

Last we heard, Havok, Polaris, Marvel Girl and Korvus were on their way back to Earth in an attempt to figure out the vanishing of the Phoenix Force. Can we get a definitive answer that they will be re-appearing soon?

If so, does it imply an upcoming Phoenix story, as the Cuckoos lost their Phoenix fragments as well?

Hi, Jeff. To answer your question about Havok and Co. - Nope, You can't get a definitive answer, but I did get a document from a certain X-Writer with a story idea for them, so...

And to answer your Cuckoo-Phoenix question, wouldn't that be special? It would almost make you think we were leading up to something, wouldn't it?

Next up is Marc Ravens with a set of questions about the missing, the dead, and the dangerous.

1. Any chance we see Exodus or the Acolytes pop up soon?

A few of the Acolytes are on Utopia and showed up in "Second Coming." Did you miss it?!? Shame on you!

2. Any of the characters that were brought back in "Necrosha" going to be seen again soon?

We were just discussing the characters in "Necrosha." Most of the characters raised from the dead went back to being dead when Selene was vanquished. Most.

3. What villain should we look out for the rest of this year or next year?

If you're walking down a dark alley, look out for any villain. They are generally bad news.

4. Can't wait for the Heinberg /Coipel back up in "Uncanny"--are there any other back up stories planned for "Uncanny" in the future?

There are other back-up stories being planned for "Uncanny," but I'm not ready to talk about them just yet. But I will say one of them revolves around a major X-villain from the past.

Meanwhile, Prodigal wonders: What's become of the New X-Men?

As a fan from the "Academy X" days, I humbly request: somebody DO SOMETHING with Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFillipis's New Mutants Characters Winddancer, Prodigy, Surge and Elixir!!! I feel kind of cheated they got the short end of the stick, given their potential. And it seems ridiculous how their counterparts, Hellion, Mercury, Dust, Rockslide got the better part of the deal.

Hello, Prodigal. I love those characters too (especially Prodigy!) but there's only so much time and space.

ComicsKid86 has a fashion-conscious question about a certain recently-returned mutant.


I am excited to see Psylocke back in the main X-titles after a long absence and to see her involved in major story lines once again! Is there a possibility she would be getting a new costume anytime soon?

Thank you.

Psylocke still has a closet-full of them from the old-days, so once she works through those, she'll get a new design. Waste-not, want-not, right?

I wonder what Stacy and Clinton would have to say about that?

Our mutant friends have been having a rough time of it lately, but Ybrik Metaknight has a few questions about those who have traveled the other way from the pearly gates.

There have been a lot of deaths and resurrections/returns recently. I feel like many of them have not been adequately addressed with respect to close character relationships, which I feel are what drives much of the X-books.

1) Are there any plans to have Rahne Sinclair react to Doug Ramsey's resurrection or Warlock's return? With the circumstances of Doug's death and the interaction Wolfsbane had with "Douglock," I think it'd be good to see how she feels about her good friends' return. Same question, but for Kitty Pryde's reaction to those as well as the return of Illyana (and what the hey, maybe Rahne's reaction to Illyana as well). Kitty was so very close to Illyana and Doug, as well as "Douglock." I understand all these characters are going through a lot right now, but I think it'd be a mistake to not address these crucial moments of character interaction or even have them occur off-panel.

2) On a similar note, are there any plans to show Kitty's reaction to Nightcrawler's death? Outside of Wolverine - whose reaction has been well documented - I would expect that nobody was closer to Kurt than Kitty, with all the years they spent together in various incarnations of the X-Men and Excalibur. I fully understand why we didn't see her reaction during the funeral, but it'd be nice to see with her dealing with the Elf's death.


We'd love to deal with all of these character interactions, Ybrick. It all depends on what kind of room we have in the books and where we think it can fit in. Sorry I don't have a better answer to that.

The Phoenix rears its head again, which is great since someone needs to keep an eye on Magneto, according to MarvelMaster616.

1) What will Magneto's role be post-Second Coming? Is he capable of remaining subordinate to Cyclops's leadership? He's still Magneto. Should we take his future actions with a healthy dose of suspicion?

Magneto is going to continue to be a major X-Man. Right now, he's content to be Cyclops's consigliere. But does everyone else trust him? Read Allan Heinberg and Olivier Coipel's back=up in "Uncanny" #526!

2) Throughout the build-up to "Second Coming," you showed Hope with hints of the Phoenix Force. Even when she showed her power in "X-Force" #28 it wasn't clear if that was the Phoenix. Were all those teasers a ruse? What about Jean Grey? Hope has red hair and green eyes as you've pointed out many times before. Can you confirm or deny at this point that Hope and Jean have a connection of sorts?

As for Hope's connection to the Phoenix Force, keep reading. We aren't done with "Second Coming" yet. This won't give you a concrete answer, but it takes the next step.

If Hope really is the Phoenix, that adds another level of fun to the Summers family tree.

We'll wrap up this week with a "Behind the X" question, exploring fun topics not necessarily related to X-Men. San Diego's Comic-Con International is nearly upon us. I'm hoping you'll describe the best fan costume you've seen at a con, whether San Diego or other.

I wasn't at the convention, but someone sent me a picture of a little girl, maybe 5 years old, dressed as Pixie, wings and all. It was the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

That's a wrap for this week. Many thanks to Nick Lowe for taking a few minutes in the midst of pre-convention madness to join us for this session. Next week we have "X-Men" and "Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth" writer Victor Gischler in the hot seat. Drop me a line by Friday with "X-POSITION" in the subject line and we'll get it rolling!

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