The recent X-Men Panel at the 2010 New York Comic Con contained many surprises for fans of Marvel's merry mutants. Announcements included new X-writers and new X-series, in addition to a mysterious event that promises to rock the X-Men's world. For those that follow the X-Universe, it seems "Second Coming" wasn't the end of crazy times for the children of the atom, it was only the beginning.

Many writers and editors appeared onstage to answer X-fans' questions at NYCC, but alas, there wasn't time to respond to every inquiry lobbed at the dais. Fortunately for you, however, X-POSITION exists to serve this very purpose. And who better to tackle questions about the X-Universe than X-Editor Nick Lowe? He's got his football helmet on and is biting down on his mouthguard - he's ready to play! Let's kick a few queries his way and see if we can get one through the uprights.

Taurean starts us off this fine day with a question about one of the bigger proclamations from the convention...

Hi X-Editors! I have some questions for you guys after the amazing announcements from NYCC. When will we hear more about the "Age of X" since it is just around the corner in January? What can you tell us about it? Does this event shift all the X-titles for a few months like the "Age of Apocalypse" did?

Hello Taurean! Keep your eyes peeled for the February solicits for more information on "Age of X," but suffice it to say, it's going to be huge.

With this "huge" event coming, obviously more help is needed. Regino wrote in with a query or two about that...

1) I'm really enjoying the stories in "Uncanny X-Men." Matt Fraction has always been one of my favorite writers. While I have nothing against Kieron Gillen, why did you feel it was necessary to bring him on? Is the title going to transition to his hands?

Hey there Regino. Matt Fraction is one of my favorite writers as well and is kicking butt on his run. But he's such a great writer that there are such huge things coming that necessitated bringing someone on board to help. He and Kieron worked really close on "The Five Lights," so it seemed a perfect fit. As for the future of the book, we'll let you know when status changes, but they're really enjoying working together at this point.

2) "Astonishing X-Men" has been known as the title where "big time" writers come to showcase their talents on an X-book. Daniel Way certainly fits that bill, but what went into selecting Mr. Way as the next "Astonishing" writer?

We love Daniel and his writing in the X-office. He has, almost single-handedly, taken "Deadpool" from a near-cancellation book to one of our strongest books in the Marvel line. And are you reading what he does on "Dark Wolverine" (along with Marjorie Liu, of course). Daniel writes some of the most exciting comics in the business, so he and Jason Pearson seemed like a no-brainer. They were made for each other!

Ben Tennyson is enjoying the latest series to join the X-family and was hoping you could shine a light on the make-up of the team:

1) "Uncanny X-Force" was amazing - easily the best X-book right now! Rick Remender mentioned that his X-Force team was already chosen when he was attached to the book. So why did you pick these characters? I'm especially interested in why Psylocke was chosen, but it's always a pleasure to read a good-written Betsy.

That's an easy question. Axel loves Psylocke - plain and simple. He just loves her. So that's pretty much why she's there. As for the rest, we knew that Warpath, X-23 and Wolfsbane weren't going to be signing up for such a team again, and we wanted to formulate a cast that would get people talking. Seems like it worked.

2) Can we expect a resolution to the whole "Hope/Phoenix/Jean Grey vision" subplot anytime soon? Is she or isn't she Phoenix?

That seems like something that would be addressed in "Generation Hope," to me.

Joshua Hetherington has his fingers crossed that you'll address a few of the following questions in this book as well...

1) With Hope having clear similarities to a certain religious figure - and the Lights acting like disciples following their encounters with her - will there be more Lights shown as the series goes on (akin to the Twelve Disciples). And will the fifth Light (who is the focus of the first story arc) be considered the Judas-type figure?

As of right now, it's just the five. The fifth one (goes by the name of Kenji) is definitely the most trouble when Hope and the X-Men encounter him. But think about it - with these new mutants, their powers are out of control until Hope touches them. And, by virtue of the fact that Kenji is the last they get to, he is the most out of control. So the question becomes: is he choosing to do what he's doing? Or is he a rabid dog, so to say.

2) Will Generation Hope (is that what they're going to call themselves?) be getting team uniforms?

They will be getting uniforms, most of which you see on the first cover!

3) Can you give us any hints regarding the new writer for "New Mutants?" Is it somebody we've seen on an X-book over the last few years?

No and yes! So I guess that means, yes and yes!

4) In earlier X-Positions, Zeb Wells promised new uniforms. We're twenty-one issues in though, and this still hasn't happened. May I suggest updated "21st century" versions of the New Mutants graduation costumes from the 80s?

You can suggest anything you want, but first, I think you should find Zeb and punch him for breaking a promise.

Aw, don't punch Zeb. He might actually bring back some of those costumes from the 80s (shoulder-pads and neon rule!).

Mxcowabunga had a cup full of queries about various mutants. How about a tablespoon of answers?

1) Is the identity of Hope's father an important mystery? And will it be answered anytime soon?

Now, Mxcowabunga, whatever gave you the idea that something like the familial ties to a character could be important? I don't think the X-Men books have ever done such a thing.

2) Elixir's powers make him an important character who could potentially help human/mutant relations. Which X-book will be getting him and will his knowledge about Hope obtained in "Messiah War" ever be acknowledged?

Right now, Elixir is on the lam. You won't be seeing him particularly soon, but I imagine that he is on a quest to eat at every McDonalds in the world and then heal himself from the damage that such a quest would cause. It's similar to the quest that I'm on, only without the healing powers.

3) Mystique recently showed up in "Wolverine," but there was no mention of what happened to the Dark X-Men once Norman Osborn was incarcerated. Will we be seeing some of the other former members soon?

You will be seeing one of the characters in a major role in the adjectiveless "X-Men" next year.

Speaking of Mystique, MarvelMaster616 is wondering if she feels the pain of motherhood in light of recent events:

1) Does Mystique know that Nightcrawler died during the fight against Bastion? Will her reaction (and necessary revenge) become an issue at some point? I can't imagine she would be too happy with Cyclops, Hope, or Wolverine at the moment...

Mystique knows, certainly. As for if anything will come of it, you'll have to keep reading.

2) What is the status of Storm's marriage to Black Panther? If he's now taking on the Daredevil mantle, what does that mean for them? Will this necessarily lead to marital drama?

As a long-married man (one Herculean year), I need to answer this questions with another: what doesn't lead to marital drama?

3) Is Namor going to remain with the X-Men on a long-term basis? If so, how much does Emma Frost influence that decision? The man can't seem to resist blonds...

Namor is with the X-Men for the long haul. And Emma definitely weighs heavily into that fact. Haven't you been reading "Uncanny?"

Madroxdupe024 has our last question of the day, and it's a bit philosophical in nature. Oh, and he needs some linguistic tips too:

Do you feel sometimes that teasers and/or red herrings backfire? Like in the recent "Man Without Fear" teasers, Gambit was polled on CBR as being the character most people wanted to see "win" that title. Do you look at a result like that and think "Oops, maybe we shouldn't have teased that particular character?" Or do you perhaps use that info to see if a solo book for that character might work out?

Teasers are named quite appropriately, in my opinion. Their purpose is to tease all of you and get you talking. Whether you love something or hate something, we want to make sure you're talking about something. And if something like that can amp up people's desire for more Gambit? All the better.

And please settle this debate for me - how do you say Psylocke? Is it pronounced like "lock" or "low-ke?"

We say "Sy-lock" up here at the House.

In seven days, X-POSITION heads to hell courtesy of "Wolverine" writer Jason Aaron (and his "Wolverine Goes to Hell" storyline, of course). He's also happy to talk about Wolvie and webhead's adventures in "Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine," if you're in the mood for something a little more cheery. Either way, send me those emails just as soon as you can. Include an "X-Position" in the subject line, and I'll give you access to my twitter feed - "Sh*t my mutant says..." Hurry!

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