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When the Marvel comic book titled "X-Men" became "X-Men: Legacy," its focus concerned a man (Charles Xavier) who was trying to discover who he was and where he fit into the world. Well, while the book's featured character has shifted over its many issues from Professor X to Rogue, the title's theme remains the same - it's all about the journey toward self-discovery.

Recently, Rogue has been charged by Cyclops to become a leader for young mutants. As someone who struggled with her own powers - and who went down the wrong path by joining the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as a teen - Rogue has much to share...and still more to learn! Mike Carey, the writer of Rogue's adventures, joins us for today's X-POSITION to give us all a hint of what we can expect from this X-quarter's curriculum...

Phoenix Force starts things off for us by asking for a roll call of Legacy's classroom.

I'd like to know if "X-Men: Legacy" will have a permanent roster of 'teachers' and 'students,' or will it be Rogue and a sort of revolving door of X-characters that fit a particular storyline? If there will be any cast permanency, can you give us any hints as to who will make the cut? And I know this is the mother of all longshots, but what are the chances of seeing Jubilee appear?

No permanent roster, Phoenix Force. There'll be a lot of characters moving in and out of the book as we take full advantage of being back in the thick of things, but as with the Professor X incarnation of the book, you'll see certain characters coming in repeatedly as we play out their arcs, using Rogue as a catalyst.

Jubilee...yeah, a longshot, but could happen. It would be interesting to check in on her and find out what she's been doing since her "New Warrior" days. No current plans, though; the next three arcs are already planned out, and we know who we're going to be using. After that, it's all (well, not quite all) up for grabs.

If most of it's up for grabs, Taimur O Dar is reaching out and asking...

1) The recent reemergence of Gambit's Death persona has me wondering if we can expect the return of a certain "sinister" character next year (Mr. or Miss). Any chance of this?

I'd see that as a distinct possibility, Taimur. She's had ample time to recover from that little flesh wound now. Seriously, given the historic connections in play there, it's almost bound to happen at some point.

2) And are there any plans for Rogue to face Mystique and her Dark X-Men in "Legacy"? It's a mother/daughter reunion I'm eager to see!

We have a different mother/daughter reunion planned in the near future - same daughter, different mother. It's great that Mystique is back in play though, and that would be a very cool scene to write.

As long as we're discussing Mystique, ProfeZZor X has a concern about that "thing" mommy did...

Rogue has had Mystique in her mind ever since "Messiah Complex." Prior to that, Mystique did some unscrupulous things; in particular, she slept with one of Rogue's best friends, Iceman. Since Rogue knows that they were intimate, and she also knows of Mystique's infatuation with Bobby, will she confront him on any of that?

Hello again, ProfeZZor. I think Rogue cares too much for Bobby to put him on the spot like that. He blames himself for falling for Mystique's line and endangering the team. Even knowing, as he now does, that there was something at stake emotionally for Mystique herself, it's still something that hurts a lot. My feeling is that Rogue won't go there until she can do it without making Bobby feel worse than he already does.

Bobby may feel bad, but Filthy Mutie is worried about someone who's carrying around some serious darkness within them.

Will we be seeing more of Gambit's suppressed Death persona? Maybe even interacting with Archangel or other former Horsemen?

We'll definitely be seeing that plotline play out, FM. And it's possible that the repercussions could be wider than we're currently seeing. I don't want to say more than that, but the comparison with Archangel is an interesting - and relevant - one.

As long as Gambit's being discussed, Chrissstopher wants to know if he's going to be part of the status quo...

1) What involvement will Gambit have going forward with Rogue in her new role? Will you still keep Gambit in this book, or will he be going over to be with the myriad of other characters in "Uncanny"?

It's not an either/or situation, Chrissstopher. The chances are you'll see him in both books. The beauty of the current set-up in the X-verse is that we're all able to draw on the same core cast because we're once again sharing the same base of operations and the same story context.

2) Being a huge "Generation X" fan, I was delighted to see Emplate in the "X-Men: Legacy Annual." What was it about Emplate that drew you to the character and made you want to include him?

The main thing is that he's one of the creepiest and scariest X-Men villains. I wanted a threat that would feel very visceral and physical, and he seemed to fit the bill. Plus, I was a big Gen-X fan, too, and Emplate was my favorite Gen-X bad guy, hands down. I wanted to bring him back into the spotlight because it's cool to have him around.

3) Now that Legion is with the X-Men on Utopia/Nation X and is getting his mind 'right' (as of "New Mutants" #5), I would love to see you write a story with him and Xavier, as David is the only person from Xavier's past that you weren't able to address during the first part of "Legacy." Is there any chance of this happening?

You'll see a lot more of David going forward - and given answer (1) above, expect to see him in "Legacy" as well as in other places.

4) How did the collaboration between yourself, Zeb Wells, and Kyle/Yost work while writing "Necrosha"? Did Kyle/Yost share their plans initially, and then you all went off and did related stories? How did you avoid continuity issues with characters and timing, given that all three books are not directly crossing over?

It's a very different model of crossover from the "Messiah Complex" model, and yeah, it does really come down to Chris and Craig putting themes and ideas in play, which are then allowed to ricochet through the other books and play out there as well as in "X-Force." The "Legacy" story is really about the law of unintended consequences.

In "Necrosha," we see a supremely dangerous X-Men villain making a power play on a terrifying scale, but some of the things that happen as a result weren't purposely planned - they're side effects. Potentially devastating, with appalling implications both for the X-Men and for humankind, but accidental...which I think is great! When you get an upheaval on the scale of what happens in "Necrosha," there would have to be after-shocks, spreading ripples, dominoes falling further down the line. In a standalone book, you'd have to indicate those things with a few cut-away panels. In a line of books like the X-Men, you can cut loose and show them to their full extent.

On the topic of big crossovers, Matthew Dakoutros asks...

Will "Legacy" be involved in the final chapter of the "Messiah" trilogy?

Oh yeah! Count on it, Matthew.

There's good touching and bad touching; Ethan Elgin, however, is curious about Rogue touching...

Now that Rogue seemingly has control of her touch, will we see any further developments regarding the limits and/or her control of this ability? And if so, when?

Yeah, we will. There's always been more to Rogue's power than we've seen, Ethan. Future stories will define what she can and can't do, and there will be some surprises.

Morgan Piersanti wins the prize this week for the question most likely to short-circuit your brain:

What would happen if Rogue and Mimic tried to use their powers on one another?

Agh! Quit messing with my head, Morgan. Nothing good, I guess. Probably there'd be a feedback effect that would lay both of them out cold. But to see something very similar, read "Legacy" #230...

As long as your mind is spinning, Sami Dawed had a question about your thought process regarding a recent revelation:

Reading the Annual, I noticed you had Indra revealed as not a Hindu, but as a Jain. First of all, I have to say thanks for expanding his character - I liked that you made him a different. What were your thoughts on making this distinction with Indra and where did the idea come from?

I'm not sure, Sami. About 75-80% of the population of India is Hindu, so it would have been an obvious connection to make, but I just thought it would be more interesting to give Indra a different background. And then I thought of the Jains, whose strict adherence to non-violence would create an interesting moral conflict for an X-Man. Of course, there's also a question now as to why a Jain would be named after a Hindu god; the answer to that will come in a future story.

If Indra is a Jain, what does that makes Match? At least, that's what Chandler X was wondering...

Will we ever see Match sans the flame? I've been curious about what he looks like. I hope he's African American!

I always assumed he had to be a red-headed kid...

Can he be both? Just a thought...

Jose Estrada wraps everything up today with an interesting notion...

Now that the mutant population at large lives on Utopia, what has become of Karima Shapandar? She was a great character, but now has fallen out of the spotlight since Danger joined the cast. I can see why you may not want to have them both on the title since they're both "robot chicks," but I think they would be great foils for one another.

Danger is a robot that has gained sentience, so has been thrust onto a path where she is forced to become emotionally human; however, Karima is the opposite - a human who has been forced to become more robot-like. What do you think?

Yeah, that's a good way of defining the difference between them. To me, Karima seems to be kind of a tragic figure: she's struggling to hold onto - or retrieve - a little piece of her humanity, against the odds. She and Danger would have a lot to talk about, and with the disbanding of the Acolytes, she's out in the world again. I'm sure we'll see her soon.

On that somewhat ominous promise from Mr. Carey, we say goodbye to this week's legendary "Legacy" fun. Next week, everything old is new again with "New Mutants" writer Zeb Wells! Much has been occurring to this old-but-new team, so I expect emails aplenty from all of you. As always, send them my way with an "X-Position" in the subject line just as soon as you can. The last one to email me is a de-powered mutant. Hurry!

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