X-POSITION: Marjorie Liu and Daniel Way

There's something about Marvel's X-Universe that cultivates unique partnerships: bright and shiny Jubilee with the dark and moody Wolverine; grizzled old soldier Cable with the psychotic Deadpool; boy scout Cyclops with the misbehaving Emma Frost. Sometimes, however, these partnerships occur off the page, as in the case of writers Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu.

Since initially partnering together on "Dark Wolverine" #75, the two scribes have enjoyed a working relationship that has grown into co-writing a new ongoing series in "Daken: Dark Wolverine" while each further immersing themselves into the X-corner of the Marvel Universe with various solo projects, including "Deadpool," "X-23" and an upcoming run on "Astonishing X-Men"). They have lots to say about all their books, so it's handy that they're here for today's X-POSITION. Ready to roll? Let's rock!

Jason sent the first letter we're drawing from our virtual mailbag, and he wanted to know more about that partnership mentioned a second ago.

I am curious - how did the two of you end up working together? Also, how do two writers create a single story? What is your process?

Marjorie Liu: Dan would probably be the better person to answer the first part of this question, but the short version is that he needed a co-writer and we clicked. As for how we work together, it's nothing complicated. Basically, we talk. For the upcoming "Dark Wolverine" arc, we recently got on the phone and hashed out a general storyline. Dan writes the outline. I tackle the script. Then, we hand it off to our editor.

Daniela is enjoying the work you've done together and was hoping you could share some of your thoughts on the character you spend all that time discussing.

I'm a very big fan of Daken and I (along with other Daken fans) have a question about his relationship with Romulus that comes up quite often: we know that Daken was manipulated and used by Romulus, but there seems to have been a few hints that Romulus' abuse wasn't only physical and mental, but also possibly sexual. Were those hints intentional, and will you ever address what Daken went through during his days with Romulus?

Daniel Way: Eventually, yes, we will explore those things but we're not in a big hurry to do so. A lot of Daken's appeal is his mystery, and that's something we want to build up more before we start to take it apart.

MARJORIE Liu: Agreed - though you'll catch a glimpse of that history in issue #3.

Rory recalls another moment in Daken's history and wonders how it factors into the first issue of your new series:

My curiosity was piqued during the phone conversation that Daken had with Johnny Storm in "Daken: Dark Wolverine" #1. Previously, Daken had manipulated the Fantastic Four against Norman Osborn. I know considerable time has passed, but has Daken struck a friendship with the Human Torch that we don't know about? Does he have a secret agenda in store for the Fantastic Four? Will we be seeing more of this relationship in the future?

Way: Yes, the Fantastic Four will actually play a key role in this arc.

Liu: In other words, all your questions will soon be answered...in the book.

The Big G (not me) sent in several questions about the claw kids:

1) When Logan cut out Daken's Muramasa claws, did the sword prevent Daken's wrist claws from growing back? Because I can't recall Daken using them in quite some time.

Way: No, the sword did not prevent them from coming back, it's just that the claws on his inner forearm are very specialized weapons - they're only used when necessary.

2) Are there any plans for a Daken vs. Thunderbolts rumble? I'd love to see Moonstone try to get some payback for stringing her along during their stint on the Dark Avengers.

Way: There's a very good possibility that Moonstone will show up down the line.

3) Marjorie, I love what you're doing with X-23. Great stuff! I'm curious about what made you decide to bring in Miss Sinister for the next arc. I thought you were going to have Belladonna in it since Gambit's coming along for the ride, but it was a nice surprise.

Liu: Thanks! I can't remember the exact moment, though I know it happened during the X-Summit in L.A. I asked if I could use Gambit in the book, got the okay - and then at some point Miss Sinister came up. She had appeared in an issue of "Wolverine: Origins" fighting with Daken, and then just disappeared. I thought, wow, there's some unexplored territory.

Marcus Martin has some other "unexplored territory" he hopes you might consider for future storylines:

1) Will you ever have X-23 teaming up with other teenage heroes outside of the X-Universe, like the Avengers Academy, the Young Avengers, or the new Spider-Girl as the series progresses?

Liu: It's not in the current plan, but it could happen. Never say never!

2) Is there any way for X-23 to meet Spider-Man again, given that he too has experience with clones in his past?

Liu: Again, no plans for it.

3) Will there ever be a chance for Deadpool of the present to cross paths with Hope again, given their relationship with Cable?

Way: I can almost guarantee it.

CharlesN2 has someone else in mind that he'd like to see Deadpool encounter...

I absolutely love everything you've done with "Deadpool," especially the arc that featured Bullseye. Are there any plans to hook these two up again in any capacity? And are we going to see Agent X, Sandi, and Outlaw involved with the "Deadpool" series anytime soon?

Way: There are plans for Bullseye elsewhere in the Marvel U right now, but you can get a Bullseye fix in the "Hit-Monkey: Year of the Monkey" miniseries that I did recently. As for your other question - not anytime soon.

John Brian wants to know about one of your favorite characters and checks in to see if they'll be "sucking" up space in a future issue:

Marjorie, it is known that you are one of the biggest Jubilee fans out there and you have mentioned using her in "X-23." I find this interesting because, in a bizarre way, they are kind of like "sisters." Can you give us any clue about your plans for this and if it will relate to the "Curse of the Mutants" aftermath?

Liu: It's true, I'm a huge Jubilee fan! She will definitely play an important role in an upcoming arc. And, no doubt, I'll address her status as a vampire. I'm sure both X-23 and Gambit will have interesting reactions to that.

Since you brought up the Cajun, Nathan has to ask:

Marjorie, I'm loving "X-23" and one of the main reasons is Gambit's appearance. With that being said, will Gambit be a regular character in this series?

Liu: Absolutely! Expect to see him for most of this first year. I love Gambit, and being able to write him into this book has been a great experience.

Jake closes out today's fun with a quadrilogy of queries.

1) Marjorie, I love what you're doing with X-23 so far, but I was unsure if it was demon Logan or the "actual" Logan who was offering to adopt Laura in the last issue. Could you clear this up for me?

Liu: Thanks, Jake. That was the real Logan who offered to adopt Laura.

2) Are there any plans for Hope and X-23 to have some panel time together? During "Messiah War," Hope seemed sort of fascinated by X-23 and they had similarly horrible childhoods...

Liu: No current plans, but I would love to see them spend time together - for those exact reasons.

3) Daniel, with Daken being a sociopath (essentially) and one of Norman Osborn's cast-offs, are there any plans for the Avengers or the X-Men to try and take him down? He seems too dangerous to be out on the loose, especially since he took out an entire X-Men team and stole the Murasama blade.

Way: Wolverine isn't going to allow anyone to go after his kid - it's as simple as that. Think about it: pissing off Daken or Wolverine is a terrible idea, but pissing them both off? Catastrophic.

4) Are we ever going to see Deadpool's reaction to Cable's death?

Way: As I said before, I can almost guarantee it.

And with that near-guarantee, it's time for our "Behind the X" question. I'm actually going to hearken back to a question that asked you last year: do you have any big plans for the upcoming holidays? Last year, you mentioned "Support Our Soldiers," so I just wanted to see if you had any grand plans in store.

Way: No real plans, just spending time with friends and family.

Liu: I still suggest that people reach out to our armed forces and send letters and care packages. I also plan to spend time with family. That, and bake a lot of desserts.

Thus ends another adventurous ride on the X-POSITION tilt-a-whirl. Next week, writer Kieron Gillen stops by bringing positive vibes with him to answer questions about his new series "Generation Hope." The first issue arrived in stores last week, so do your homework and read up! After you've completed that assignment, shoot me an email with your observations and inquiries ASAP.

Mr. Gillen will also be joining Matt Fraction as co-writer on "Uncanny X-Men" this December, so you may have a thought or two about that you'd like to share as well. And if you put an "X-Position" in the subject line of your email, I'll share the secret to a happy Thanksgiving with you (hint: it involves elastic waistbands). See you in seven!

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