X-POSITION: Lemire Teases "Wild Stuff" & "Big Changes" Ahead in "Extraordinary X-Men"

In the start of "Extraordinary X-Men's" second story arc, the X-Men have stepped out of one wild realm and into another. Storm's team thought the demonic hordes of Limbo were tough to deal with and now they're up against everything Weirdworld has to throw at them. And at the end of "Extraordinary X-Men" #5, Weirdworld appeared to throw their former ally Sunfire at them. Things aren't so easy for team member Old Man Logan, either. He has his own set of problems brewing in his solo series, all of which stem from his newly formed revenge list.

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This week in X-POSITION, "Extraordinary X-Men" and "Old Man Logan" writer Jeff Lemire answers all of your questions about everything from Storm's tense relationship with Forge to Old Man Logan's eventual reunion with Jubilee and the odds of an "Uncanny Avengers" crossover.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Jeff! Let's begin this week with a question from txgohan about the "Extraordinary" team's upcoming adventures.

With the X-Men going to Weirdworld, can we expect them to head to other locales? Maybe have an adventure in space? I do love their interactions with the Shi'ar.

To be honest, I have no plans for space adventures in the foreseeable future. Between "Descender" and "Trillium," I kind of feel like the space part of my imagination is pretty satisfied at the moment. But you never say never. Who knows what the future will hold.

Also, the "Apocalypse Wars" storyline will feature a lot of exotic and strange worlds.

Speaking of "Apocalypse Wars," comicbookbeard has a question about En Sabah Nur's Horsemen.

Will Apocalypse's new Horsemen during the "Apocalypse Wars" be existing characters, or new characters introduced into the Marvel universe?


Next, Lee has a question about Storm's relationships with two of the book's cast members.

Last issue, Storm had a very tense exchange with Forge that has me hoping their relationship may be up for further examination in the series. Is there any chance of reconciliation between them? Maybe even a love triangle with Logan? Very invested in my favorite X-Man's love life.

The tension between Storm and Forge is far from over. What we saw in issue #6 was only the beginning of what I hope will be a much deeper exploration of their feelings for one another. And yes, Logan will be a part of this story as well.

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Adrian has a question about the most pressing question in the X-Universe right now.

Hey Jeff! Been loving what your writing for marvel and I can't wait to see when "Moon Knight" comes out. My question is, how much longer are you going to tease us about what Cyclops did and his fate going forward?

The Cyclops Mystery is clearly a very big part of the series and a very big part of what Cullen [Bunn], Dennis [Hopeless] and I have planned for the X-books moving forward. I also realize we may be testing the patience of some fans in prolonging the reveal of what exactly he did, and what exactly happened to him. All I can say at this point is that we have a plan, a very carefully thought out plan, for the Cyclops story and while it may seem like a long time to wait at the moment, I promise that when we do reveal all the pieces, it will make sense and be worth it.

Nightcrawler's going through a bit of a crisis in "Extraordinary," and ofBERENxLUTHIEN wonders about the cause of his current state.

So far since Nightcrawler's resurrection in Jason Aaron's "Amazing X-Men," not one writer has dealt with the fact that Kurt had to sacrifice his soul to return. Since we are now dealing with a traumatized Nightcrawler, and delving a bit into his mindset, will we finally see the ramifications of giving up something that meant the world to him as a religious man?

Yes. That is not all that is plaguing Kurt though, as you will see in issue #7. Victor Ibanez did an amazing job with issues #6 and #7. I asked him to do some pretty wild stuff in #7 and he delivered big time.

Confuzzled wants to know more about one of "Extraordinary's" new characters and her relationship with Magik.

Hi Jeff, I'm really enjoying the character of Sapna and the glimpses of the Illyana/Sapna bonding shown so far. Why did you decide to put Magik in a mentor role and will her commonalities with Sapna help both characters to cope with their respective pasts and current situation?

I felt it was time to see Illyana in the "big sister" role after years of her being the little sister. And Sapna provided an opportunity for this. I also think Illyana has grown so much in the last few years it was time for her to be able to share some of what's she's learned with someone else. I love writing these two characters together and this is just the start of a much bigger plan for both of them. Keep an eye on Issue #8 for more Sapna/Magik.

The last issue ended with the cliffhanger reveal of Sunfire, and Askani's Flame wants to hear more about his return.

Sunfire -- he was rendered a being of pure energy by the Apocalypse twins in "Uncanny Avengers," but it appears he is back in physical form. Will we get to hear/see how that was reversed in coming issues?

I cannot say anything about Sunfire. See question #1.

The book has a large supporting cast of students, and Gene is curious about what's in store for them.

What can we expect from the recurring youth group (Anole, Ernst, No-Girl, Sapna, and Glob Herman) and what do you think they, as a group or individually, bring to the X-Mythos?

Don't get too used to these characters. Big changes coming for each of them very soon.

Gene's next question is about "Old Man Logan" and a character a few X-fans want to see in the book.

In the original "Old Man Logan" miniseries, Logan holding Jubilee's dead body was one of the most gut-wrenching scenes of a really intense story. Is his reunion with the ex-and-present tense firecracker something that weighs on Logan's mind and is that something we will get to witness in the team book or Logan's solo?

It's only a matter of time until Old Man Logan and Jubilee cross paths. I think this is one reunion he has been putting off for the very reasons you mention. Jubilee is so close to his heart and that moment from the original Old Man Logan series is one that haunts his very heavily.

Kamose1234 has noticed a connection between "Old Man Logan" and another book with strong mutant ties.

I can't help but notice that one of Old Man Logan's supervillain targets, the Red Skull, is also currently being hunted by the Avengers Unity Division in Gerry Duggan's "Uncanny Avengers." Will there be a crossover between your two series?

No plans. I can't stand Gerry or any Inhumans.

And lastly this week, MarvelMaster616 wants to know when we'll see some classic Wolverine characters in "Old Man Logan."

Will you have Old Man Logan interact with X-23, Daken, and an inverted Sabretooth at some point? What kind of story can we expect from the other Wolverine's established cast once they catch up with Old Man Logan?

The next arc of "Old Man Logan" is called "Bordertown" and will bring back some classic Wolverine villains. No plans for Daken, but it's interesting you bring up Laura/X-23. We've had a lot of discussion lately about this character.

Thanks to Jeff Lemire for taking on this week's questions!

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