X-POSITION: John Layman Gets to the Heart of "Cyclops"

As young Scott Summers has learned, there's never a dull moment your dad's a swashbuckling space pirate. Of course, being a time-displaced teenage X-Man with the power to shoot concussive blasts out of your eyes also keeps life interesting; basically, there's no way Cyclops is ever going to enjoy even a remotely normal day. Thankfully that means that "Cyclops," the X-Man's first ever ongoing series, has plenty of action and adventure to fill its pages every month. Writer John Layman took control of the good ship "Cyclops" with issue #6 and has been plotting a course that has found Cyclops working alongside a new band of rival space pirates.

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In this week's installment of X-Position, Layman answers your questions about the Starjammers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the series' unique father/son dynamic. Plus, Layman teases Cyclops' involvement in the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex" crossover.

CBR News: We'll get things started with a question from Hawk_Guy about Marvel's most prominent cosmic characters.

You mentioned in your SDCC interview with CBR that you were hoping to involve the Guardians of the Galaxy in this series. Can we expect to see that anytime soon? Any other Marvel Cosmic characters?

John Layman: There are no plans for Cyclops to cross over with the GotG, at least in Cyclops' solo series. This is not to say you won't be seeing some Layman-written "Guardians" stuff in the future, but I probably can't say any more than that.

sagiravi has a question that touches on the subtle nature vs. nurture aspect of "Cyclops."

I>Is there going to be a change in young Scott as he progresses through the story? Are his changed experiences going to make him a different person than his adult counterpart, perhaps having different views and perception on things?

I think that is what young Cyclops hopes. That is, he's very driven not to be the person the older Cyclops has become. He's able to see his older self as a sort of cautionary tale of who he does not want to be and act accordingly. Still, occasionally he sees moments of "Old Cyclops" in himself and so the question is raised: How much of his destiny is in his control, and how much is unavoidable?

SDCC: Layman Sets a Course for Interstellar Adventure with "Cyclops"

AJpyro wonders how your creator-owned Image series has influenced your work with Scott Summers.

Are there any elements of "Chew" that you might bring in for "Cyclops"?

I try to bring a spirit of fun to everything I write. That being said, "Cyclops" and "Chew" are very different animals, so I try to wear a different hat when I write each. Cyclops is more high-adventure and less ludicrous. It's also considerably less profane and violent. Both are equally fun -- and challenging -- to write.

Arthas has a question about the series other lead character -- Cyclops' father Corsair.

How do you see Corsair's relationship and views on Teen Cyclops?

Just as Young Cyclops, Corsair sees an opportunity for a second chance. In some ways he "blew it" with Older Cyclops, not being there for his formative years. Here, he sees an opportunity to "get it right the second time around," so that's exactly what he's trying to do.

Gray Lensman has a question about a new, possibly romantic, addition to the book's cast.

All of Cyclops' relationships have been about Jean Grey in one way or another. Will the 'Captain's Cute Daughter' follow a different path, and will she be sticking around past the introductory arc, into and past the upcoming "Black Vortex"?

Yeah, I intend for Cyclops to leave a very permanent impression upon the Captain's Cute Daughter. How's that for a cryptic answer?

Since "Cyclops" takes place in the vastness of Marvel's outer space, nx01a has a question regarding Marvel's dozens of alien races.

Marvel has so many alien species. Will be we seeing any established alien races during your run on "Cyclops"? Any personal favorites?

Well, the Shi'ar show up in this current issue. They'll be giving the Summers some headaches for a while. I also have a very soft spot for Skrulls, which is why I put one as a member of the crew of the Desolation.

EXCLUSIVE: Shedding Light on "Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex"

With the "Black Vortex" event looming large in the book's future, hqt4991 has a question about how it will affect "Cyclops."

With the certainty that Scott will meet the rest of the Original 5 during the "Black Vortex" event, do you have any plan for a scene between Scott and Jean? I imagine they must have a lot to say to each other.

See "Cyclops" #12.

Timdogg98 has a question about the Starjammers, the team of space pirates that play a supporting role in "Cyclops."

How much do you plan on utilizing the Starjammers during your run? I think they'd make for a great supporting cast besides just focusing on Cyclops and Corsair. There's no reason the Starjammers can't be on the same level as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I've certainly got ideas for what I want to do with the Starjammers, but I don't want to lose sight that the "heart" of this book is the father/son relationship between Scott and Corsair.

Cris Lenci has a question regarding the unique storytelling possibilities that come along with young Cyclops.

What do you find appealing about writing a young and almost continuity free version of Cyclops in contrast to adult Cyclops?

I love that fact that Cyclops is both a character you know and continuity free. It's kinda the best of both worlds because the character is so established and has such a history, but the fact that this is a displayed-from-time younger version keeps me from being handcuffed by 30-odd years of history. It makes for almost infinite story possibilities.

Special thanks to John Layman for taking on this week's questions!

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