X-POSITION: Joe Kelly Brings Gags & Zingers to "Spider-Man/Deadpool"

The latest Deadpool series, "Spider-Man/Deadpool," is home to a number of big deal team-ups. In addition to the titular pairing of Spidey and DP, series writer Joe Kelly and artist Ed McGuinness have teamed up once again to put words in Wade Wilson's mouth and swords in his hands. Kelly and McGuinness previously worked together on Deadpool's first ever ongoing series, launching that book in 1997. Now they're back together again, lending their talents to the Merc with a Mouth as well as a certain wall-crawler and winkingly referencing the "slash" that's included in the series' title.

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This week in X-POSITION, one of the principles of animation and comics collective Man of Action and "Spider-Man/Deadpool" writer Joe Kelly joins us and answers your questions about returning to the Merc with a Mouth, Spider-Man's relationship with DP, Deadpool's sass and more.

CBR News: Welcome to X-POSITION, Joe! A lot of people are very excited to have you on a Deadpool book again. Justin has a question about just how long this return will last.

Hi Joe -- so excited for this series! I was wondering if this is intended to be a true ongoing or if it's more of a limited series. Either way, I hope Ed McGuinness is with you for the duration. You're a phenomenal duo and I wish the two of you and the book all the best!

Thank you! Ed and I are looking for a substantial run on this book, so more than 6 but less than 1000. We're having a blast and are so glad that fans have welcomed us back to the Marvel U with such warmth -- even the creepy ones.

Both Spider-Man and Deadpool are noted jokesters, and Blithe has a few questions about their dynamic and the series.

First I'd like to say I absolutely love the storyline so far. Deadpool hired to kill Peter Parker then hoping he and Spider-Man can still be friends afterwards... it's hilarious. As far as my questions go -- whose sass do you like writing better: Deadpool or Spider-Man?

Argh! So hard to say! Deadpool's comes easier to me because he has zero filter, but when Spidey gets in a zinger it really sings. Also, Spidey's gags are never mean-spirited (with the exception of what he throws down at Deadpool) so that's a good writing challenge. Deadpool is sassier though... for now. Expect some changes as the series evolves.

Just how much money does Deadpool have stashed away that he can just hire some fake baddie to help him get closer to Spider-Man?!

So much. Plus, he's married to a demon queen and she's got a lot of demon dollars banked away. They're a power couple on this and any other plane of existence -- Deadklah! Shikpool? Still working on it... they'll buy a power-couple name.

Both DP and Spidey have extensive supporting casts, and Alucard2099 wants to know if we'll see any of them.

Will the supporting cast of both Peter and Wade play a role in the book -- specifically Hydra Bob or Weasel or Shiklah?

Absolutely! You'll be seeing some of them in issue #2 as a matter of fact! Our book isn't tightly tied to continuity, but it is in the Marvel U and those characters are important.

Peter Parker and Wade Wilson make a peculiar pair. thedeenslist wants to know more about their dynamic.

We know Wade was a fan of Captain America and considers everyone he meets a friend, but he seems to hold some special regard when it comes to Spider-Man. What exactly is the impetus for this fascination with the wall-crawler that Wade has? Why is Spider-Man's approval so important to him? In a universe where someone like Captain America is every hero's hero, why has Deadpool singled out the guy decried as a menace by everyone but those that know him? Is this something to do with Wade's fourth wall knowledge and knowing Peter's the poster boy of the Marvel U?

My flip answer is that he just has a man crush on Spidey, like I do for the actor who plays Luke Cage on "Jessica Jones"... I've said too much. Anyway the less flip answer is that on a deep instinctive level, Deadpool knows that Spidey is 100% an unshakable hero. He deeply embodies that honor and integrity that Deadpool can only play at. So Deadpool's reaching out to Spidey is really a way to reach his own goals... misguided though they may be. I'm not a psychologist, but I play one on the internet.

Yabanzik has a question about your return to two characters you've written before.

I think about a year ago I asked you in a Marvel Live Stream from NYCC if you'd want to write Deadpool again, and you said you didn't think so. As you might guess, I was really hyped when "Deadpool/Spidey" was announced, but I keep wondering what made you return to Deadpool and/or Spidey?

Sorry I lied to you! Truth is it was the combo -- Spidey, Deadpool and Ed McGuinness. It sounded like a blast and the timing was right. I love Spidey and Deadpool deeply, but my schedule's been really crunched. This time it worked out!

Deadpool's gained in popularity since the late '90s, as Arandi points out.

Greetings! Joe Kelly, my question is: When you first wrote that issue of "Deadpool" [in 1996] could you have ever imagined that he would be as popular and well-known as Spider-Man?

Never. We were told flat out that we'd be cancelled by issue #6! [Editor] Matt Idelson and I just tried to have fun, and now, many many years later, it's Deadpool mania. Wouldn't have guessed it in a billion years.

A lot has happened with Deadpool over the past couple decades, and RuinTheJules wants to know how that affected your current work.

It seems like, from reading "Spider-Man/Deadpool" #1, you're playing with the status quo set up in the solo "Deadpool" series. That left me wondering, how much have you kept up with Deadpool since the end of your initial run, and did you have to do any research to get back in the groove with DP?

I had to do a lot of research -- which mostly means reading cool Gerry Duggan and Dan Slott comics! But since that's a boring visual, picture more of a training montage where I'm drinking raw eggs, doing one-handed push-ups and smashing concrete blocks with my head while reading those comic books.

Marcelo has a similar question about Deadpool's last decade.

Of all changes that Deadpool and his personal universe have received after your run, which one is your favorite and why?

Actually, I like Shiklah a lot. At first I was anti-marriage, but now I dig her character and what she ultimately means for Deadpool.

And lastly this week, we have a question from YeahX3 about the times and if they have a-changed.

Hi Joe! Like I'm sure you get all the time, I loved your previous "Deadpool" run and I thought "Spider-Man/Deadpool" #1 was a blast. You've written him in two different eras now, one with the Comics Code and now one without. Have you noticed a difference in what you can and can't get away with nowadays regarding Deadpool's humor?

The changes are less about the comics code for me and more about writing a book that has Spidey in it. You can get away with a lot in a Deadpool book, but with Spidey in the mix you have to be careful -- and that's fair. Even though Deadpool shows up in Lego games and stuff, there's a certain expectation about a Spidey book. That said, everyone at Marvel works very hard to let as much of my evil thoughts onto the page as possible. We're all "working on the same book" so to speak, so I'm having a blast.

So far the one gag that got cut -- Deadpool using his own intestines to choke a hero. And yes, I used "gag." BOOM! But the truth is, I didn't miss it.

Thanks to Joe Kelly for taking on this week's questions!

Next week, "All-New X-Men" writer Dennis Hopeless returns to X-POSITION to answer your questions! Have a question for Dennis? Go ahead and send 'em in via e-mail with the subject line "X-Position". But get 'em in quickly, because the deadline's Friday. Make it happen!

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