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If heroes were flavors, Wolverine would be chocolate; stick him together with any other character, and the result would be greater than the two individually. Think about it -- you can add Wolverine to the World's Greatest Heroes (the Avengers), have him as part of a civil rights movement (X-Men), portray him as a covert killer ("Uncanny X-Force") or just keep him around to bounce jokes off of ("Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine"), all of which are undeniably successful combinations!

Jason Aaron can speak to this fact as he has written Wolverine in a variety of titles and continues to do so in "Wolverine" and "Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine." In fact, Aaron knows the character better than Wolvie knows his own claws, as you will witness when Aaron answers readers' emails in today's X-POSITION. Let's sheathe our weapons and get to it!

We'll begin with some kind words from Darkxmen, who wants to thank you for putting Logan through hell:

Jason, I am really loving your work. I just started reading comic books again last year, and your "Wolverine Goes To Hell" was one of the reasons why. With everything that Logan has been through and all the people that were affected, will we see any repercussions from his possession? And will we ever see him together with X-23 and Daken addressing their roles in this story?

Great. -- welcome to the fold, Darkxmen! Yes, we will certainly continue to see repercussions from the "Wolverine Goes To Hell" arc. Wolvie is obviously still dealing with that fall-out in the pages of the current "Wolverine vs. The X-Men" arc. Beyond that, the death of the Silver Samurai from issue #1 and the attack on Yukio and Amiko from issue #2 will both have big impacts on Logan's life in the coming months. And yeah, there's always the chance we'll see more of X-23 and Daken around.

Anun is glad to hear that news, as he'd like to see Wolvie hanging out with a variety of his Homo Superior homies.

1) You seem to have lots of fun writing Wolverine in all the books you've have him in. Are there any X-Men that you're eager to try pairing him up with? Who would that be and why?

The current arc will feature loads of X-Men guest stars, some of whom I've never written before and some of whom might come as a bit of a surprise. Beyond that, look for more cool guest stars, some from the X-verse, some from the Avengers and some from neither. Fat Cobra, anyone?

2) I hear you'll be writing a four issue miniseries that ties into the upcoming "Schism." Is there anything you can tell us about this?

Don't believe everything you hear. For the real scoop on "Schism," either come to the X-Men panel at WonderCon in a couple weeks or just stay tuned to your computer.

3) Will much change in your Wolverine book after the upcoming "Schism" occurs?

Wolverine will swear off stabbing, shave his body hair and join a monastery of Elvis impersonators. Other than that, not much. Seriously though, stay tuned for info on "Schism."

Aspbros has a few queries outside of the "X" realm, but I have a feeling other folks will want to know the answers to these as well:

1) "Scalped" is approaching its 50th issue. Are you going to commemorate this in any way?

Most definitely. Issue #50 features two stories, one drawn by the book's main artist, R.M. Guera, the other drawn by an all-star team of artists, including Jill Thompson, Timothy Truman and Brendan McCarthy. So yeah, it's gonna be a special treat for longtime fans and even a good issue for someone to try out who's never read "Scalped" before.

2) Do you have an end in mind for "Scalped," or are you going to keep it going as long as we keep reading it? Because I will!

Yes, there is a definite end in mind. There always has been. I won't say just yet when it's coming though. We're not there yet, that's for sure.

3) Can we please see more of Dr. Rot (from your "Wolverine: Weapon X" series)? He's Wolverine's best villain in years!

Keep your eyes peeled for Dr. Rot. He will be back, I promise you, bigger and crazier than ever.

At the beginning of today's adventure, we mentioned Logan's frequent pairing with other heroes. DRD wrote in wanting to know your take on this aspect of his personality:

1) Wolverine is a loner that keeps getting sucked into teams. Why do you feel he keeps doing this?

He hates being alone, I would guess. Maybe he's afraid that if left to his own devices, he might lose his way -- become a monster. He needs strong people around him to help keep him on the right path.

2) What is the trickiest aspect of getting Wolverine's character correct when writing him?

I think just giving him a real emotional resonance instead of just making him the guy with the claws who does all the stabbing. The stabbing is cool, but as a reader, if I don't relate to the character or feel something for him, then ultimately I just don't care very much.

3) I read on your blog that you've just gotten an iPad 2 -- what do you think of it? And how many comics do you read on your iPad?

Yes, I did just get one, and I do love it. The Marvel app was one of the very first apps I downloaded. I'm still new to digital comics, though, so I haven't had time to read a whole bunch. Shamefully, I think the first comic I bought was my own "Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine," which looks amazing.

I envision reading a lot of comics on it, though. I mean, I love my local comic shop and still go every Wednesday to pick up my books, but it's nice to be able to try out things on the iPad. Or to read comics on the go. Or to try and control the clutter of longboxes that's going on in my basement.

Andre4000 concludes today's X-POSITION wanting to know more about your virtual appearance at a convention and your take on the virtual world:

1) Why were you so quiet at the Emerald City Comicon panel where you appeared?

I was probably about as talkative at that one as I would've been if I was actually there. Fraction did try to call me at one point to answer a question, but I was busy watching "Rango." I'm on a load of panels at WonderCon in a couple weeks though, so I expect I'll be talking plenty.

2) Your Punisher goes to extremes...and I love it! Has anything you've written ever been vetoed as too gory or violent? Or does it depend on how Steve Dillon draws it?

No, I don't think anything has been vetoed on Punisher. My editors are just as sick and twisted as I am. And Garth Ennis obviously set the bar pretty high.

3) I'm dying to know what's next for Punisher after the Bullseye arc?


Photo by Michael Harring

4) I know you live in Kansas City. Have you ever thought about writing a story that takes place in that city?

I have. See the "Get Mystique" arc of "Wolverine," which partly takes place in Kansas City. But yeah, I have thought about exploring more aspects of my adopted home. Whether that's KC's rich mafia history or the 19th century Border Wars, I don't know yet.

And that brings us to our "Behind the X" get-to-know-you question of the day! As the previous query made mention of your hometown, can you play tour guide a bit and tell us what you like most about Kansas City?

Arthur Bryant's barbecue. Jack Stack barbecue. Oklahoma Joe's barbecue. Are you picking up on the trend? Also, Boulevard Beer.

Thus we close out today's X-journey with some tasty tidbits. But in seven days, we'll be back as writers Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu join us to answer your inspiring and insightful emails. Together and individually, the two scribes write quite a few X-books, including "Astonishing X-Men," "Deadpool," "Daken: Dark Wolverine" and "X-23," so I'm sure you'll come up with questions that will challenge their minds and warm their hearts.

Just jump on that keyboard and shoot me an email as soon as you can. Everyone who throws an "X-Position" in the subject line gets a great week filled with rainbows and gummi bears (that's the rumor I'm spreading, at least). I can't wait to see what you come up with, so send those emails now!

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