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It's hard to keep a good hero down. They keep busy - whether it's fighting on one (or more) teams, going on solo adventures, or just trying to manage their personal lives. Let's face it, a complicated superhero is just more interesting than one who has everything going their way.

For this reason, it's easy for a single heroic character to appear in several series, as each title can showcase a different aspect of their personality. One such hero for whom this is readily apparent is Wolverine. Because Logan is someone who has been alive since the late nineteenth century, it should come as no surprise that there is plenty about him that writers can explore. They can see how the past influences his present ("Wolverine: Origins"); how his present influences the future (the current arc of "Wolverine"); what his place is in the Marvel Universe ("New Avengers"); and how he fits into the mutant "family" he's found for himself (the numerous X-Men titles).

Coming soon, another writer will have the opportunity to explore more of this legendary character in a way unique to his inimitable perspective. That writer is Jason Aaron, and he will pen the April-debuting "Wolverine: Weapon X" series, illustrated by Ron Garney. Wolverine isn't a new character for Aaron, as he wrote the recent "Get Mystique" arc in "Wolverine" and is currently writing "Wolverine: Manifest Destiny," issue #3 of which is in stores this week.

What will be going on in this new series? What kind of stories will Jason Aaron be telling? The writer answers these questions and more as he replies to the emails you've sent in for this week's X-POSITION. You better hold on tight - things are about to get feral...

CBR: First up is Andre4000, who sent in a long list of queries about the new ongoing title.

1) Who is the main cast of "Wolverine: Weapon X?" Is it only Wolverine? Or will there be others who will maintain regular appearances in this book?

Jason Aaron: To begin with, our supporting cast will consist of Logan's former Team X teammate Maverick and an all-new character, a female reporter for a fictional San Francisco newspaper. I envision those characters remaining consistent for the foreseeable future. Eventually we'll also see some of the characters from my "Wolverine: Manifest Destiny" series popping up, and also some of Logan's fellow X-Men may show up here and there as well. But for the most part, this series will be about introducing new characters to Wolvie's world.

2) As an addendum to the previous question, is there any chance Wolverine will be meeting up with any of his former sidekicks/"mentees" - like Jubilee, Kitty, or Armor?

I think it'd be great to do a new Kitty Pryde/Wolverine story, but last I heard she had a bit of a problem. Something involving a giant bullet, right?

3) Is there a main setting to this book? Will Wolverine's home base be San Francisco in "Weapon X," or will he be more of a vagabond?

Yes, his home base will be San Fran for the most part, but we will definitely see him do some globetrotting as well. In the first arc alone, we see Logan in the subways of San Francisco, an abandoned lab in the Nevada desert, the jungles of Colombia, a top secret CIA prison, a decommissioned drilling platform in the Pacific Ocean and the executive boardroom of the Roxxon corporation.

4) Does Wolverine have an overarching singular mission in this book? For example, "Wolverine: Origins" exists to tell stories that have resulted from Wolverine regaining his memories. Or will the title exist as just another venue for Wolverine adventures?

No, this series will not have one overarching mission to it, though there will be threads that are carried over from one arc to the other. As I've said before, I've really tried to model this series after what Garth Ennis did with "Punisher Max." We'll have characters and conflicts that carry over, but I'll still be trying to make sure each arc works on its own.

5) Were you hesitant to lead off a third Wolverine series? Aside from your kick-ass writing, what do you feel your "Weapon X" title will say about Wolverine that "Wolverine," "Origins," "X-Force," "Avengers," and "X-Men" doesn't? What is fresh and/or unique about your take?

I knew some fans would be upset about what they see as a glut of Wolverine titles, but I never let that dampen my enthusiasm for this project. This is a Wolverine series for people who've never read the character's adventures, who don't know anything about his long and complicated history. But hopefully it's something that will also appeal to hardcore fans who want to see Logan in less of a superhero setting.

As you pointed out, that aspect of the character is already being covered by lots of great writers. This series will be about exploring other genres. The first arc is a gritty, black-ops espionage tale. Future arcs will range from horror to even sci-fi.

6) What is the "snikt"-to-kill ratio of this book? Will it be as bloody as "X-Force?" Or will it be more about slugfests and less about the taking of lives?

If I'm writing it, chances are it'll be bloody. I'm disturbed like that.

7) I know you're writing "Wolverine: Manifest Destiny" at the moment - is this meant to lead into "Weapon X" in any way?

No, it doesn't lead directly into "Weapon X," but we will eventually be seeing a follow up to "Manifest Destiny" in the pages of "Weapon X." "Manifest Destiny" ends with a pretty big moment for Logan, something that demands to be followed up on.

8) From what you've said about "Manifest Destiny," Wolverine will learn that he's been relying on his healing factor too much and has become a lazy fighter. This series will help get him on the top of his fighting game, correct? Well, if that's true, will we see this new and improved "ultimate fighting" Wolverine in "Weapon X?"

Yes. At least until the second arc, when Logan becomes a Hare Krishna and swears off violence of any kind. But as you might expect, things eventually get ugly when somebody refuses to take his flower at the airport. Sniktety-Snikt!

Keenan Morrison is next with a couple of questions about Wolvie's kiddos:

1) There is all this talk about Daken and how he is the son of Wolverine and blah-blah-blah. But why does no one acknowledge Erista, his child in the Savage Land? Do you have any plans to utilize this kid (if you're familiar with him)? Does Weapon X know about him? I mean he was conceived in 1990, he should be 18 now...

That does sound like a story that needs to be told, but no, I don't have any plans for that in "Weapon X." Probably a bit too obscure of a reference for the continuity-free approach I want to take.

2) Amiko Kobayashi is Wolverine's foster daughter and was brought back to life by the Director of Weapon X. Are there any ill effects to that process that you might plan on revealing (as this is a "Weapon X" series)?

Despite the title, this series will not always deal with the Weapon X program. In the opening arc, we focus on a new incarnation of the program, but it will not be an ongoing focus. I'll be looking to tell lots of different kinds of stories that focus on different aspects of Logan's life. No plans right now to bring back Amiko, but you never know.

And now we have jackraow21, who has heard a bit about the first arc of "Weapon X" and wanted to share what they were thinking. Also included below is a question for editor John Barber - if he dares!

1) You've mentioned that in your first arc of "Weapon X" there are some corporations who are going to try and create their own adamantium-laced soldiers. How could they do this and not have the men die of adamantium-poisoning? Wolverine's healing factor makes him immune to the effects of the metal, but it would kill anyone without a healing factor.

Who said they didn't have healing factors? Or animal senses? Or excessive body hair? And wait a second, what the hell kind of claws are those...

2)I know Lady Deathstrike has cybernetic self-repair capabilities and she has adamantium running through her body, so is this corporation going same route? Any hints?

I think you just gave one.

3) Can you tell us if you'll be coming up with any new major villains for Logan along the lines of Omega Red, Cyber, or maybe even Sabretooth?

Yeah, one of the main things I want to do with the series is create some new villains. In fact, all of the arcs I currently have planned feature nothing but new villains. Wolvie has a very cool rogues gallery, but most of the villains are connected to him through his back story somehow. I want to add some fresh faces to the mix. That said, I can't guarantee they'll all survive the experience.

4) Any hints as to what will happen with the regular "Wolverine" title after "Old Man Logan" wraps? John Barber made it sound as though the book might become something else entirely (in other words, not another Wolverine book).

John Barber: Did I make it sound like that? Huh.

Say John Barber's name and he appears! I guess that doesn't promise an answer though. Patience, grasshopper...

Our last question is from the fashion-minded rwsmith:

I noticed that Wolverine seems to be wearing his black and gray X-Force costume on the cover to "Wolverine: Weapon X" #1. Does this mean that he will be using that uniform in this book instead of the yellow one? I sure hope so, as I much prefer Wolverine in a darker costume...

Yes, he will be using a slight variation on the X-Force costume. I pretty much think of those as his work clothes. When he's gotta go skulking around in the shadows, he's gonna put his work clothes on. And when Wolvie goes to work, watch out.

There's no rest for the wicked - or the wickedly entertaining. That means we'll be back in seven days despite the holidays. Joining us will be none other than writer Mike Carey, who will be happy to answer your emails about "X-Men: Legacy," "Original Sin," "Manifest Destiny," and, heck, any other X-related question he might have the answer for (and he knows a lot!*).

Send those missives our way as soon as you can with "X-Position" in the subject line. We are proud to be the guardians of your most inquisitive and penetrating thoughts about the X-Universe. And while we know New Year's Eve is a time of celebration, please remember, don't drink and email... unless it's to X-POSITION!

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