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Wolverine: Weapon X

"Wolverine: Weapon X" #2 on sale next week

On sale now is the first issue of "Wolverine: Weapon X," the new best-selling Marvel Comics series that puts the spotlight directly on the world's most popular mutant. No X-Men, no X-Force, no Avengers --new or dark or otherwise -- and no origins.

Created by the celebrated "Wolverine: Get Mystique" team of writer Jason Aaron ("Scalped," "Ghost Rider") and artist Ron Garney ("Skaar: Son of Hulk"), "Wolverine: Weapon X" steers Logan away from his oft-mined past and propels him into the future. With just one issue on sale now, the series has introduced new concepts like the Adamantium Men, reenergized forgotten villains like Maverick, and returned to Wolverine a much missed sense of ultra-violence.

With "Wolverine: Weapon X" #2 on sale in just one week, X-POSITION tracked down series writer Jason Aaron to talk about his plans for Logan and answer your burning questions about this most enduring Marvel character.

CBR: Given Wolverine's increasingly immense back-story and connections to other characters in the Marvel Universe, fans like Marcus Martin are naturally curious about what form that material will take in "Wolverine: Weapon X."

Will X-23 make an appearance in "Wolverine: Weapon X," due to her origins involving Weapon X?

Jason Aaron: No plans for X-23 as yet. Unfortunately, if we had everybody with connections to the Weapon X program guest star in the series, we wouldn't have any room left for poor old Wolverine.

Will this series contain some unknown flashbacks of Wolverine's time at Weapon X?

No. This series won't have any flashbacks at all really. The whole idea is that we're trying to tell all-new stories with all-new villains. To move Wolverine into the future instead of focusing on his past.

I hate to ask, but could Deadpool make an appearance in the series?

Deadpool makes a quick appearance in "Wolverine" #73, on sale this week. How's that for fast service?

Will any of Wolverine's foes like Cyber, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, or of the Shiva robots make an appearance due to their adamantium connection?

No plans for any of them in this series, I'm afraid. Again, we'll be focusing on new villains. In this first arc, we meet the super soldiers of Strikeforce X and their brutal boss, The Chief Executive. In future arcs, Logan will have new villains coming at him from the depths of space, the far-flung future and the darkened corners of a padded cell.

Along similar lines, Wolverine is of course a member of numerous superhero teams in the Marvel Universe, and Philip A. Moore wants to know if any of Logan's costumed comrades will make their presences known in "Wolverine: Weapon X."

Will we see Wolverine team up with any of the other X-Men for arcs? I would love to see him with Gambit or Warpath. Any chance of a team-up with Punisher or Ghost Rider?

"Punisher" writer Rick Remender and I have batted around a few ideas for a Punisher/Wolvie/Ghost Rider story, but there's nothing in the works right now. It'll certainly be a lot of fun though, if we can ever get to it. And yeah, you can look for some of Logan's X-Men teammates to pop up from time to time. I'm hoping to use Emma Frost in my second arc.

What is your favorite Wolverine story? And what's your favorite non-Frank Miller/Chris Claremont Wolvie story?

The original Claremont/Miller mini-series is way up there. I also really love Steve Skroce's "Blood Debt" storyline.

Will you be doing any limited series or one-shots about other X-Men?

I'm working on a short story for the upcoming "Dark X-Men: The Beginning" miniseries. It focuses on Mystique, a character I previously wrote in the "Get Mystique" arc of "Wolverine." And it'll be drawn by the amazing Jock.

Although only one issue of "Wolverine: Weapon X" has been released so far, fans are already dedicated to the title - and paying attention, as demonstrated by X-POSITION reader Jack:

From Jack: Why is there no solicitation for "Weapon X" in July? Is it running late or something?

It's just taking a month off. Trust me though, when you see the brutal throwdown that's coming in issue #4, you'll agree it was worth the wait.

One of the first things made plain in "Wolverine: Weapon X" is that Logan is back to being bloody. Colonel Cavalier definitely noticed:

I enjoyed the first issue of "Wolverine: Weapon X," but I was really surprised when Logan sliced that guy's hand off. It feels like it's been awhile since we've seen that level of brutality from him (outside of "X-Force," at least). Will this title remain on the more "graphic" side of things? And as this crook was just a "civilian," doesn't this put Wolverine in a precarious position in having to answer to normal justice systems for this kind of action?

Good question, Colonel. Thanks for bringing it up. The would-be robber on the subway wasn't just a "civilian." He was committing armed robbery, and threatening to kill Logan if he didn't turn over his money. When the guy brags about having killed before, Logan says, "I believe you." And he does. He could tell this guy was telling the truth. That the robber really was a murderer. So Logan had no qualms about chopping off his hand.

The Colonel also noticed Jason Aaron's intriguing new cast:

While the series is just kicking off, I get the feeling we'll be seeing more of reporter Melita Garner. Will she be reporting about the "de-arming" Wolvie did for her?

She'll be a recurring character, yes, and her brief encounter with Logan will lead her to dig into his background quite a bit. Who knows where that story might lead her. Needless to say, Logan will be seeing a lot more of her, in more ways than one.

Maverick's back! Will he have a regular role in this series? Pretty please?

He plays a pretty big role in at least this first arc. If you're a Maverick fan, be sure to pick up issue #3, when he gets to strut his stuff a bit.

I like the scene that kicked things off, although the playing card felt a little Joker-esque. Will we be seeing more of this calling card in future issues?

That was meant to be a Death Card, a calling card. Death Cards were a form of psychological warfare used a lot during the Vietnam War.

As everyone knows, Wolveirne's returned to the screen, recently, so of course it was only a matter of time before someone got to ask Jason Aaron this question, and the honor goes to Colonel Cavalier:

What did you think of the Wolverine movie? This may seem like a loaded question, but please be honest...

You mean the "Hulk Vs. Wolverine" animated movie? Loved it.

Kenneth Livitski is on board with Aaron & Garney's take on Wolverine.

First off, I'd like to thank you for giving me some of the best Wolverine stories in a long time with "Get Mystique" and "Manifest Destiny." When I read that you and Ron Garney were returning to the character in a new book that would introduce a supporting cast, I was ecstatic.

Thank you for reading, Kenneth.

My question to you is: will we be seeing you dive into the human side of Wolverine's past and not just his "animal" side? For example, I'd love to see Wolverine spending time with his adopted daughter in Japan or other worldwide family members (who aren't Daken; I think he's already receiving enough time in the spotlight). Either way though, I'm sure you're going to give us some great Wolverine adventures and I really hope your run lasts quite some time!

Yes, we will be seeing more of Logan's humanity, as well as his badass berserker side. No plans for the adopted daughter, but Logan probably will be back in Japan before long. And he most certainly will be developing some new relationships along the way. Could love be in the cards for the ol' canucklehead, maybe? We'll just have to wait and see.

Thanks, everybody.

Thanks very much to Jason Aaron for participating in this week's X-POSITION!

As you may have noticed, regular X-POSITION editor George A. Tramountanas sat this one out. He's home sick with the flu, so please email him your well wishes along with questions for "X-Factor" writer Peter David, who will be joining us next week. And don't forget to put "X-POSITION" in the subject line. George hates it when you don't do that!

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