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"Wolverine: Weapon X" #5 on sale September 30

Some people are born into greatness, while others have greatness thrust upon them. In Wolverine's case, the "thrusting" of greatness involved some sadistic experiments that bonded adamantium to his skeleton. As part of the Weapon X program, Logan was but one of several men chosen - based on mutant abilities and mindset - to be part of a painful procedure that would define a great deal of his life.

Considering what he and others experienced in the Weapon X program, Wolverine is determined to make sure no one ever has to suffer as he did. Unfortunately, Logan's a bit late, as several ex-soldiers and mercenaries were recently turned into killing machines, courtesy of a new and improved Weapon X program run by a company named Blackguard. With nanotech that gives these killers a healing factor in addition to laser claws, it seems Wolverine will be one busy boy in the pages of his newest Marvel Comics series, "Wolverine: Weapon X."

How do you stop someone with a healing factor? And why would the world want another Wolverine? These questions and more will be answered in today's X-POSITION by the writer of the aforementioned title, Jason Aaron. His wits are sharper than Wolverine's claws and he's ready to use them, so consider yourselves warned. Now let's slice our way through some of your questions, shall we?

CBR: Our first email comes from Maroutz, who would like a look into the future...

While this new comic is clearly starting with an arc that ties in with its title, will all future arcs involve Weapon X in some way?

JASON AARON: Some will, but not all. The second arc is a straight-up horror story that has nothing to do with the Weapon X program or any sort of black ops shenanigans. Again, the goal with this series has always been to tell new stories, to take things into the future as opposed to looking back, to introduce new villains, new supporting characters - all that sort of stuff.

EXCLUSIVE: Page from "Wolverine: Weapon X" #5

DayWalkerLycan13 is hoping you might give more details on that "stuff" you just mentioned.

Seeing as "Wolverine: Weapon X" is going to have a lot of Weapon X stuff going on, like Maverick's appearance. Could you tip us off on any possible character appearances? Even a hint?

No plans for any other Weapon X characters any time soon. Maverick will continue to be a big part of the series, though, as you'll see come the end of "Weapon X" #5. In terms of other guest stars, look for Nightcrawler and Psylocke in the near future, and a little further down the road some heavy hitters like Captain America and the Thing.

As long as we're discussing guest-stars, Andre4000 has a request:

Deadpool was part of the Weapon X program - why do you feel he doesn't bear the same kind of animosity about the program that the other people who went through it do?

Maybe because he's insane?

Is there any chance Deadpool will be making an appearance in this book?

No plans right now for Deadpool, but he seems to be all over the place these days, so you never know. I do have a wickedly fun little story coming up in "Deadpool" #900.

While Maverick has lost his mutant powers, does he still have his Weapon X abilities? And doesn't he have a healing factor? Or is this something that will be answered in future issues?

Maverick is completely depowered right now. He lost his mutant abilities on M-Day and his healing factor was burned out back when he had the Legacy Virus. As you can see from recent issues, that doesn't make him any less of a badass though.

If the new Weapon X program is using nanites instead of a mutant healing factor to repair wounds, wouldn't nanites have limits? And what would those be? It surprised me that all Wolverine had to do at the end of issue #4 was stab the soldier through the heart to kill him - especially after the huge tumble they both took.

It wasn't just the stab through the heart that took down Wolvie's opponent in issue #4 - it was the cumulative effect of all those blows. Like you said, that healing factor has a limit. And Logan was able to overload it.

EXCLUSIVE: Page from "Wolverine: Weapon X" #5

I love the idea of cancer bullets, but even with 36 types of cancer, don't you think Wolverine would be fine? How do you view his immunity system in light of his healing factor? Do you think it could stand up to HIV or swine flu as well?

Like those soldiers said, if 38 different kinds of cancer didn't kill him, it would certainly slow him down some. I like my Logan at least a bit humanized, so I go with the idea that he's not completely invulnerable. His healing factor has its limits. It can be overtaxed. Are far as what those limits might be, that remains to be seen.

Aspbros isn't going to ask for a look into the future, he just wants to dig around in your head for awhile...

This arc sort of feels like Iron Man's armor wars - where someone is trying to take Wolverine's abilities and weaponize them. Where did you get the inspiration for this story?

It came from re-reading Barry Windsor Smith's "Weapon X," I suppose, and just wanting to do something new that still harkened back to the old Weapon X days.

Also, do you feel Logan would have a problem with a company restarting the Weapon X program if they were doing it to protect decent American soldiers? In other words, if Blackguard wasn't recruiting lowlifes for the procedures but were trying to get young Steve Rogers-types, would Logan still feel compelled to stop this?

That's a good question. He would definitely still want to know what was going on, but if these were noble volunteers and not psychos or people being forced into service, then yeah, maybe his reaction would be different.

Seeing the new Weapon X program Blackguard has created makes me curious: why did Blackguard solely try to recreate Wolverine as opposed to others? I can understand wanting to give soldiers a healing factor and enhanced senses, but why claws? Why not lasers out of their eyes or bombs out of their butts? (You know what I mean...)

I think by this point, Wolverine has surely proven himself to be the most efficient killing machine in the Marvel universe. Butt-Bomb Boy just never stood a chance.

Angelia finishes up today's wacky Weapon X fun with some questions about secrets.

EXCLUSIVE: Page from "Wolverine: Weapon X" #5

I was surprised when the reporter (Melita) found out about Weapon X as well. Is Weapon X something that most of the world knows about? Is it a dirty little secret that has now been exposed? Or does most of the world still in the dark about this program?

Yeah, I would say most of the world is still in the dark about the program, but years after the fact, some details would bound to be floating around in the ether out there, especially with so many former Weapon X operatives still running around.

Melita said that the X-Men put out press material about their team, and information on Wolverine could be found inside there. As he has been a member of the Avengers as well, doesn't the average citizen have an idea of who he is by now? He's not exactly secretive like Batman...

Yes, I'd say the average citizen certainly has an idea of who Wolverine is. He's all over the place, after all. But beyond knowing him as the surly little guy with the claws, I don't think they'd know much about who he really is. That's what Melita was trying to uncover. Where did this guy come from? What makes him tick? That sort of thing...

I noticed Wolverine has been wearing his X-Force uniform in this book. Will that be his regular costume? Or will it change as the book goes on?

That'll be his costume for the foreseeable future, I'd say. It seems the best choice, when we've got him sneaking through the shadows so much. It's kinda hard to be stealthy when you're wearing bright yellow, you know?

With Wolverine in custody, will he be visiting Norman Osborn soon? Does this also mean a meeting with his son is on the way too?

Norman Osborn might be popping up in the near future. No plans for Daken to guest star though. He's got his own book, after all.

I thought it was awesome when Logan and the soldier stopped fighting in front of the school bus. Logan seems to have such a paternal side to him, as he's mentored Kitty, Jubilee, and now X-23 (to a certain degree). Why do you think that is?

I think he just sees it as the noble thing to do and it fits right in with the code he tries to live by.

In one week's time, the man responsible for many of your favorite X-stories will be joining us: writer Chris Claremont. Between his past works and the current "X-Men Forever," I'm expecting lots of thought-provoking queries from all of you X-Position-ites.

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