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The character of Wolverine isn't an easy onion to peel. On top of the popular X-Man's many years of existence - he's over a century old - his psyche was fractured and rebuilt by the organization known as Weapon X. This makes Logan's mind a messy place, but thankfully, writer Jason Aaron enjoys getting his hands dirty and has been doing so on a monthly basis in "Wolverine: Weapon X."

As a Marvel-exclusive scribe, those "dirty hands" of Aaron's can actually be seen throughout the Marvel Universe. In addition to his feral fun with Wolvie, he also writes "PunisherMAX," "Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire," and even took the time to pen a back-up story for April's "Avengers vs. Atlas" #4. He joins us as our guest for today's X-POSITION, and is ready to wrestle with your questions. Let's let those queries fly!

Marius665 begins today's fun by inquiring about possible visitors for Wolverine. After all, even berserkers get lonely...

1) Are there any plans on doing an arc with the New Avengers? Since Wolverine has been part of the team for awhile, it'd be sweet to have an arc with his Avenger's team backing him up on a mission. I'd like to see how you would write Luke, Bucky, Ronin, Echo and Spider-Man with the dark serious tone of your series.

Yes, you will see some of the New Avengers popping up alongside Wolverine very soon. I write Luke Cage and his wife Jessica for the first time in "Wolverine: Weapon X" #10, and then you'll see even more Avengers in the big new arc that starts with #11. In particular, Captain America plays a big role in that arc. Actually, Steve Rogers and Bucky both show up.

2) I also wanted to ask if, at any point, you could shed some light on the character known as the Native. She's a part of Wolverine's past that still hasn't been explored. You've been showing us a great deal of what's going on with Logan's mind and feelings, so I thought it might be appropriate.

I was a big fan of Greg Rucka's run on the series, so I remember the Native well. No plans right now for her to show up again, but you never know. There's a story coming later this year that'll feature more characters from Logan's past than anything I've written before, so stay tuned.

Bloody Fun wants us to take a slight detour in our X-POSITION today. As long as he can stick with our theme of entertaining violence, I'll allow it. Oh look, he can...

I love your run on "PunisherMAX!" It's been fantastic! I had a few questions I hope you could answer (even though they're not X-related):

1) How did you decide to begin your run with this re-telling of the Kingpin's origin?

Hey, a Punisher question! Are we allowed to do that? Well, there's an X in MAX, so I guess that's okay. As for why I brought in the Kingpin, that was Editor Axel Alonso's idea. He knew I'd need something a little extra to set my run apart from Garth's legendary take on the character, and Kingpin proved to be just what we needed. Once he brought up Kingpin though, I told him we had to do Bullseye as well. Writing the new MAX version of Bullseye is about as much sick and twisted fun as I've ever had in comics.

2) In the past, it seems the Kingpin's wife has usually been played as an innocent bystander (at least in earlier books). What made you decide to make her...less "clean?"

That's closer to the character she had become in recent years, really. And I wanted Fisk to be a guy who's lying to everyone around him, who's always scheming and hiding his true self, except with his family. He's honest with his family. He clearly loves his wife and kid and wants the best for them. He's just got a horrible way of going about trying to better himself.

3) How long are you on this book? Will you be writing it for the foreseeable future?

Yes. This is a multi-arc story.

4) Will this run feature heroes and super-villains from the Marvel U? Or are you going to keep it to street-level thugs?

You won't see anyone in costume, no. But did I mention Bullseye MAX?

5) At the moment, the book seems to be investigating the character of Kingpin more than the Punisher. Is this going to be a book that looks more at the Punisher's motivations? Or would you say it's enough for fans to know that his family is dead and he hates the mob?

I will indeed be looking more into Frank's motivations in an upcoming arc. I'll actually be exploring something about his origin that no one has addressed before.

Now that we've given a treat to all the Punisher fans out there, back to Wolverine! Hunter Lambright had some questions about recent individuals messing with Logan's mind:

1) How soon will we see a follow-up to the revelation regarding Maverick at the end of "Wolverine: Weapon X" #5? I'm excited for the future of the character and how this shakes up the relationship between him and Logan...

That is definitely coming, it's just a matter of when we'll be able to fit it in. Yeah, I'm excited to do more with Maverick. I really got to like the guy while writing him.

2) Some people have compared Dr. Rot to the Joker. Were you intentionally trying to give Wolverine a Joker-esque villain or was that just how the character ended up?

Yeah, that's definitely what I was going for. I wanted a straight-up psycho who could strike at Logan in the one way that he's the most vulnerable: mentally. It's hard to come up with characters who pose much of a threat to Logan physically, but mentally, he's as vulnerable as anyone - maybe even more so since he's got this raging berserker buried inside him. Dr. Rot is my favorite villain I've created at Marvel, and as you'll see in issue #9, the good doctor's not done with Logan, not by a long shot.

Aspbros sent in a handful of Wolvie questions, including one about Dr. Rot's unsanitary sanitarium setting:

1) The insane asylum you placed Wolverine in was freaky as heck. Where it something that just lurked in the darkest corners of your mind? Or were you basing it off a movie or book (or experience)?

Ha! No personal experience, despite what you might suspect. I guess these days when I think of a big creepy asylum, I think of the movie "Session 9." That was definitely on my mind a lot while writing this arc. If you haven't seen it and you're up for having the holy bejeezus scared out of you, do check it out.

2) I want to see some guest stars in this book! Any chance of Daken, X-23, or Deadpool making an appearance? What about Chamber or Marrow (as they have ties to Weapon X too)?

Guest stars? Look no further than issue #9, guest-starring Psylocke and Nightcrawler; or issue #10 which features appearances by several different women from Logan's life; or issue #11 featuring Steve Rogers. Beyond that, yes, we will have more guest stars, maybe even a couple of the ones you mention. Stay tuned. Gonna be a helluva year for old Logan.

3) Wolverine's ability to heal and regenerate has been shown at different extremes in different books. Where do you feel it exists? For example, what would a grenade do to him? How about a flame-thrower?

I go with the idea that Logan could indeed be killed, but it would just take a lot. I've certainly never written him as invulnerable. I love his healing factor. I love the story ideas it offers. The first big Wolverine story I did, back in "Wolverine" #56, had Logan trapped in a pit, being shot to hell by a giant machine gun, having to use his wits to find his way out. I also did a lot of narration in my "Get Mystique" story about Logan's healing process and all the pain he endures.

I just try to address the healing factor in a way that explores his character. I couldn't tell you exactly what its limits are. You won't see me writing him as a walking metal skeleton, I know. I don't like to see Logan turned into an indestructible Terminator. I do like to run him through the wringer every now and then though, just to show how it affects him.

4) What do you feel Wolverine's greatest weakness is?


Capt. Cavalier sent in our final email of the day, and wants to know more about Weapon X - both the group and your book!

1) How do you view Weapon X (the project) in terms of Wolverine? Did Weapon X turn Logan into a monster? Or was Wolvie always a monster and Weapon X gave him the tools to become a more efficient killing machine? In light of "Origins," isn't all that Weapon X did is lace his body with adamantium, making his healing factor more effective? What am I missing?

Weapon X did more than just give Logan the adamantium. They were also trying to turn him into a mindless killing machine who would follow their orders without question. I wouldn't say that Logan was already a monster. He was certainly damaged goods, though. You couldn't lose your parents in such a traumatic way and then wind up living in the woods, being raised by wolves, and not turn out a little bit damaged. Weapon X just exploited the dysfunction that was already there and made it worse.

2) I'm really enjoying the way things are going right now with "Wolverine: Weapon X," but I'm kind of curious the direction this book is going to go. Can you give us some hints regarding stories that are coming in the future?

Issue #10: Love and sex.

Issues #11-15: Deathloks! Captain America! Time-travel! More Deathloks!

Issue #16: Requiem for [name withheld].

And beyond: Shhh, the next big arc is still a secret. I can't even tell you the title without ruining it. I'll just say that Logan goes somewhere he's never gone before and faces his greatest enemy in recent memory. And wait'll you see who pops up along the way. I can guarantee there'll be some faces you never expected to see. Oh boy, it's gonna get ugly.

Sounds fun, but as we don't want to leave things on an ugly note, I'll jump in here with this week's "Behind the X" question. In an effort to let fans know a little bit more about the man who writes some of Marvel's roughest characters, tell us - what's the most dangerous activity you've ever participated in (e.g. sky-diving, bear hunting, etc.) and why?

"Lunch" with Matt Fraction and Tony Moore. God, I thought I'd never get out of there alive.

That concludes this week's exciting escapade, but we'll be back in seven days to talk about mysterious mutants (with a side serving of noir) with "X-Factor" writer Peter David. Read up, write up, and send me those questions just as soon as you can. And if you throw an "X-Position" in the subject line, I'll do a happy January jig. Hurry and send those emails now!

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