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Wolverine is one of those heroes who has done nearly everything and been just about everywhere. He has been (and is still) a member of the X-Men, X-Force and the Avengers. Logan has been on the side of good, as well as the not-so-good, at different periods of his life. He's travelled the globe, travelled through space, and travelled through time. Soon, however, Logan travels to a place that may surprise some (although those who know him best may have expected it): Hell.

Writer Jason Aaron has been putting Logan through the wringer in Marvel Comics' "Wolverine: Weapon X" for over a year. Now, as that series comes to a close, he gets to test just how much hell Wolverine can take in the upcoming "Wolverine" ongoing, which was announced at C2E2. The scribe joins us for today's X-POSITION to answer your emails about Logan's adventures - past, present, and future. Hold on tight, because when you're talking about Wolverine, just about anything can happen...

Speaking of strange things occurring, Hindsight lad starts us off today with a peculiar request:

1) Can you give any hints about who we'll meet when Wolverine goes to Hell later this year? Might we see Mort the Dead Teenager?

Ha! Nice Mort reference. Bravo. No, we won't see Mort. We will see plenty of other notable characters, though, some of whom you'll be expecting to find in Hell and others who might come as a surprise. Logan is sure to encounter lots of folks in Hell that he helped put there, but he'll also run into a few folks he can call allies. You want a hint? I'm a big fan of the original Alpha Flight series. There's your hint.

2) Can you please bring back John Wrath? We all know he ain't really dead. He's way too awesome to be out of play this long...

I agree. See "Wolverine" #1.

3) Will the Sons of the Tiger be making more of an appearance?

Probably not in this arc, but yes, they will be turning up again before long. I love those guys.

Nicholas Marinelli sees a pattern and feels the need to investigate. What do you say?

1) I noticed a lot of similarities between the first arc of "Wolverine: Weapon X" and Chris Claremont's first arc on "Wolverine" way back when. I'm not referring to the story, but more to the theme and atmosphere of the story (and even the modified black costume). Is this just me or was it something you consciously made an homage to?

It wasn't a conscious homage, no, but I did really enjoy that first Claremont arc.

2) When can we see Dr.Rot again? He was, by far, the coolest villain I have ever seen...

You are a sick, sick man, Nicholas. There is definitely more story to tell with Dr. Rot. More intestines to pull out and heads to crack open. Just stay tuned.

3) A lot of Wolverine's enemies seem to be looming in the background - some from your stories (like Logan's old girl from Chinatown) and some from elsewhere (the reveal of Shingen being alive). Can we expect some of these to appear in your new "Wolverine" series? Can you give us any hints as to what villains we may see in the book's initial arcs?

In the initial arc we'll see lots of the most meaningful characters from Logan's past, both good and bad. Just in issue #1, both Mystique and Silver Samurai play major roles. Beyond that, well, who knows what sort of big, scary bad guys might be waiting for Logan in the depths of Hell? There's gotta be at least a million ninjas down there that he's killed, right?

Aspbros is feeling the love you're laying down in "Weapon X" and wants to know more about your heart's inspirations:

I really enjoyed "Wolverine: Weapon X" issue #10. I liked taking a walk down memory lane and visiting Logan's past loves.

Thanks. I loved writing that issue.

I had a couple of questions, naturally...

1) Where did you come up with the idea for Logan's first sexual experience? A girl in an orange grove? I liked it, but why did this make sense for you as a writer?

I just wanted something quiet and something real. And something that made sense for that period of Logan's life.

2) In talking about Logan's loves, why didn't he mention Jean? If ever he had a case of unrequited love, she would be it. Why did Logan leave this out?

I wanted to mention Jean, but there just wasn't a place in the issue where it felt right. Like you said, it was an unrequited love. Maybe she was the love of Logan's life. But she doesn't belong on the list of his ex-girlfriends.

3) The interaction between Melita and Emma was hilarious! Of all the people Melita could bump into at Logan's "place," how did you come up with the idea of using Emma?

I just wanted to have cameos by a lot of the women in Logan's life these days, not just the ones he's all warm and friendly with, but others as well. Like Emma. And Mystique. I thought it made for a good mix. And I knew I wanted someone to have that sort of reaction to the idea of Logan having a new girlfriend, to give the typical sort of "welcome to the party, hope you survive the experience" sort of reception, but to do it with just a laugh. Emma was perfect for that.

4) And now a question about issue #11, specifically regarding the Deathlok in a maternity ward: first, let me say I love your writing and the story you're telling. And I think the Deathlok murdering a bunch of babies made sense for the story, but...how do you, as a writer, make something like that feel like it's part of the story and not exploitive? It's a tricky line to walk, and one that other writers fail at.

Great question. Yes, it's always a tricky line. I'm a dad myself, so I'm especially wary about writing scenes involving children. I've actually written a few of them lately, though, here and in "Punisher MAX." For this Wolverine story, I just felt that was something we needed to see. We needed to see how ruthless these Deathloks are and how far they're willing to go for their mission.

I never do something like that just to shock. I just try to let the story dictate. And then I try to handle it as tastefully as possible...if such a thing is possible when you're talking about a futuristic cyborg killing machine tearing through a hospital.

5) Lastly, will your new "Wolverine" book be seen as a continuation of "Weapon X," or is it something altogether different? Will cast members or settings carry over to the new book?

There was never a set cast or setting for "Wolverine: Weapon X." The idea was always that we'd be seeing different facets of Logan's life and different adventures all over the globe. So that idea will continue. Logan's new girlfriend, Melita, will carry over. There's still a lot of story left to tell with her. And we'll see lots of other supporting characters as well, but they'll generally change up from arc to arc.

I never wanted to write a series with one setting and one set of supporting characters. Logan already has enough roles around the Marvel U. I didn't want to give him another. "Wolverine" will be a series that strives to show Logan in all his different roles. X-Man, Avenger, Weapon X, cowboy, samurai, biker, brawler, lover, adventurer, old man. This series will cover it all. And our supporting cast will reflect that.

On the topic of the new title, Marius665 (as well as a few other fans) were curious about the reasons behind the change of the book's moniker. Does a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Is a Wolverine book by any other title just as violent?

1) Why is "Wolverine: Weapon X" being retitled to just "Wolverine" and being relaunched? Why was this necessary?

It was a good time to reshuffle the Wolverine family of titles. There hadn't been a series called "Wolverine" for quite a while now. It seemed time to go back to one main Wolvie solo book, and I'm just glad to be writing it.

2) Are we going to be seeing a "Wolverine Omnibus by Jason Aaron" any time soon? Maybe they could put together "Get Mystique," your entire run on "Wolverine: Weapon X," and include the "Dark Reign: The List" one-shot. How can we make this happen?

Don't forget my "Manifest Destiny" miniseries or standalone "Wolverine" #56 or even my old talent-search winning story from "Wolverine" #175, not to mention all the stuff coming up in the new "Wolverine" series. I'd love to get my own Wolvie Omnibus. I'm still jazzed about getting a "Ghost Rider" one. If you wanna see that happen, I guess you should just tell Joe Quesada how you feel. Hold on, I got his home phone number around here somewhere...

3) All of the Wolverine fans have been asking when someone is going to bring together Daken and X23. Is there any chance you'll get to do this soon? Please?

I'm bringing them together in the sense that they both find themselves getting caught up in Logan's problems and butting heads with whoever the mystery villains are who've sent him to Hell. Beyond that, any potential hook-ups would be the responsibility of Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu. I'm like you though. I wanna see that happen. Marjorie? Dan? You two listening?

4) If Wolverine is going to Hell, might he run into Sabretooth there? It would make sense...

It would, wouldn't it?

Answering a question with a question - how devious! And now it's my turn for some query-slinging with this week's "Behind the X" question. As Wolverine apparently enjoys a good game of chess with Storm, what non-electronic games do you like to play and why?

Rock, Paper, Scissors with my five-year-old son. He cheats though.

I wonder if he gets that from his Dad? Oh well...

That concludes this week's X-journey. Next week, writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost join us to answer your questions about "Necrosha," ending their run on "X-Force," and the upcoming "X-Force: Sex and Violence." I'm sure you'll have lots to ask them, so send me those emails just as soon as you can. Be sure to put an "X-Position" in the subject line, or I'll cut my hair to match Justin Bieber's. On second thought...hurry!

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