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Since his initial appearance with the X-Men, Wolverine has been one of Marvel Comics' most popular characters. He has relationships with nearly every hero in the line, and has participated in teams both mutant (X-Men, X-Force) and non-mutant (the Avengers and a "special" version of the Fantastic Four). Of course, anyone who's been around for over a century is bound to make some significant allies; unfortunately, the same can be said for the enemies they make too.

Writer Jason Aaron has been exploring all these facets of Wolverine's character in "Wolverine: Weapon X," "Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine," and the upcoming "Wolverine." In the first two titles, readers have been privy to Logan's recent romantic entanglement, his affiliation with the Avengers, and how he works with someone like Spider-Man - his polar opposite, personality-wise. In the latter title (coming in September), Wolverine travels to hell where he'll find both friends (of the "shady" variety) and more than one foe - many of whom he's sent to this fiery vacation spot.

For this week's X-POSITION, Aaron took a break from his writing snikt-tivities to answer all those loving emails sent in by you, the X-fans. He's ready to dive in, so here he is - ready yourselves for a big splash!

CBR: Mundungus kicks off today's fun with a handful of queries about Wolvie and the webhead...

First, I just wanted you to know that if Dan Slott dropped out of writing "Amazing Spider-Man" today and if for some crazy reason I was given the responsibility to choose his replacement, it would be you. "Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine" has been the place for my ideal vision of Peter Parker's characterization. Thank you, and here's my questions:

Are we going to find out who was capable of condensing the Phoenix Force into a bullet?

JASON AARON: First off, thanks, Mundungus, nice to hear you're digging "Astonishing Spidey/Wolvie." I have a lot of fun writing Spider-Man and I'm glad to hear it shows. As for the Phoenix bullet, no, we won't get a definite answer on that. I'm throwing a lot of crazy ideas onto the page in this "Astonishing" series, and not all of them will I be able to wrap up with a neat little backstory. Doom the Living Planet is another example. Some of it you'll just have to roll with and enjoy the ride. That said, who knows whether or not we've seen the last of the Phoenix bullet? It could always reappear. It would really suck if that thing happened to fall into evil hands, now wouldn't it?

Would you want to continue producing a string of "Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine" miniseries?

There are more stories I want to tell with both of those characters, most definitely, and there are events in this series that I'll for sure be following up on, either in another "Astonishing" mini, or perhaps in the pages of "Wolverine," it remains to be seen. A lot of it comes down to my schedule, which is pretty crazy as is. Not that I'm complaining. Marvel can work me like a dog and I'll still be the happiest dude in the world.

"Astonishing" has depicted Spider-Man and Wolverine's relationship to be very strenuous. They've both served on the Avengers for a long time by now, so it's interesting to see them still be at such odds. Will "Astonishing" culminate into some resolution on this relationship conflict?

I don't think we'll see any sort of definite resolution to a lot of the conflicts between the two characters. The way they tend to annoy each other is what makes them so fun to throw together. We will however see some major developments in that relationship over the course of the series, so stay tuned.

And you're right, Spidey and Wolvie spend a lot of time together these days in the Avengers, so they should be a lot more used to each other, but remember, when this series opened, the two characters had already been stuck together in prehistoric times for quite a while. Getting along with each other for a few days a week at Avengers mansion is one thing; getting along when they're trapped together in stressful situations for long periods of time is another matter entirely. One of the main ideas behind this series was to drag these two characters through an endless mix of crazy situations, forcing them to spend way more time with each other than they would ever want to, and then just watch the fireworks.

If the Orb was sucked into the timestream with the titular gang, were his henchmen sucked in as well? And do they play important roles in the miniseries?

We won't see the Orb's henchmen, no. They're still tumbling through time, I guess, kicking themselves for ever signing up to be "Orblings" in the first place.

And, on the slightly different topic, when Wolverine returns from Hell, will he be bringing anyone with him?

Good question. When Logan's in Hell, he's going to encounter quite a few souls who'd love to slip their bonds and return to the world of the living. As for who makes it out and who doesn't, well that remains to be seen.

Speaking of folks in Hell, there's a certain individual hanging out in Hades that Marcus Martin has questions about:

Since it's already been revealed in interviews and solicits, could you explain why Alpha Flight member Puck is in hell, despite some of his heroics as a member of the team?

Puck, I'm afraid, has been paying the price for having an evil sorcerer trapped inside his body for years (if you don't believe me, go ask Wikipedia). Ah, the perils of living in the Marvel Universe...

Since you'll be writing Mystique in your new "Wolverine" title, will we ever see her reaction to her son Nightcrawler's death?

Mystique should be popping up quite a bit in the pages of "Wolverine" so, yes, I imagine we will be seeing that at some point.

Is there any chance your "Wolverine in Hell" storyline ties into the overall "Chaos War" event?

No, it doesn't tie into "Chaos War." Have you ever seen Greg Pak and I? No one crossover could ever contain both our beards.

I'd love to see that crossover - bearded variants for every issue!

Nicholas Marinelli is up next, and he begins with another inquiry about a fiery afterlife:

Is there any connection between "Wolverine Goes to Hell" and "The Death of Logan?" That arc left a couple of things open that haven't been touched on and I was wondering if your upcoming story was the reason...

No, this is not connected to the "Death of Logan" story. As we'll see, Logan isn't actually dead when he finds himself in hell. His soul has just been ripped out of his body and his body hijacked by a couple of joyriding demons.

Is Logan going to be hanging out with the Avengers in your book again? The Deathlok arc featuring them was really enjoyable!

Thank you and yes, you will be seeing more Avengers in the series. Since Wolverine himself is currently bouncing back and forth between the worlds of the X-Men and the Avengers, his solo book will do the same. So look for both X-characters and Avengers among the supporting cast of the series, as well as a few characters who hail from neither of those worlds.

JmH Reborn also wants to know more about the Avengers and their involvement in Wolverine's book, but first, some kind words of praise...

I wanted to start this off by saying that I am one of your biggest fans (shame on readers that aren't reading "Scalped"), and I love the voice you've given back to Logan/Wolverine. I look forward to your continued success and longevity on this character.

Thank you, JmH Reborn, especially for saving me from having to wedge in a "Scalped" plug of my own!

How does the overall "Tomorrow Dies Today" story arc play into the overall plot moving forward with respect to Wolverine? The story turned into more of an Avengers vehicle than a story about Wolverine's character. What was your motivation in telling this tale?

You're right - that arc did turn into more of an Avengers free-for-all by the end, and I probably should've tried to bring it all back to Logan in a bigger way at the end, but there just wasn't enough room given all the crazy stuff that was going on. The story started with a big character moment for Logan, as he took the recently resurrected Steve Rogers out for a beer, and just got bigger from there.

I'd been wanting to introduce a new Deathlok for a long time now, so I'm glad I was finally able to toss him out into the Marvel Universe. And we will be seeing him again. Remember, Steve told Logan that he was responsible for keeping an eye on Deathlok. I wonder just what sort of trouble a deranged killer cyborg from the future could possibly get into?

Regarding Melita/Wolverine - do you plan on keeping this relationship moving forward in light of Wolverine's relationship with the ever-loving Domino (as seen in current "X-Force: Sex and Violence"). Many fans - myself included - worry that Melita will amount to nothing more than a Cassie Lathrop-type of character who is disregarded when the creator leaves. I'm afraid their relationship just feels a little inorganic and tacked-on when compared to Wolverine/Domino.

I plan on continuing to develop the Logan/Melita relationship in a very big way moving forward. Their relationship is important to me for a few different reasons. While I understand the appeal of seeing Logan hook up with someone who's more like himself, as in Domino, I really wanted to see Logan in a relationship with a normal person, someone who looks at his world with fresh eyes - someone who's a real character and who's not being set up just to be killed off and send Logan on a revenge tear. I wanted to see Logan grappling with a real relationship.

Does that mean he's going to settle down to a simple life of baseball games and backyard barbecues? Of course not. But I think it will start to show us some things about Logan we've never seen before. Hopefully it'll start to feel more organic for you moving forward.

Do you have any other creator-owned projects coming out?

"Scalped" comes out monthly from Vertigo (hey, another "Scalped" plug!). And my first Vertigo work, the Vietnam War miniseries "The Other Side," is still in print. Going forward, yes, I will be doing more creator-owned work. I love playing with superheroes, but as long as I'm writing comics, I'll always be looking to do more creator-owned work.

Marius665 appears to love your writings too. As a matter of fact, he has a request he would like to pass on:

Can we expect a "Wolverine" Omnibus with all of your work on the character before "Wolverine" #1? Please?!?

Nothing would please me more. Until then, you can make do with my "Ghost Rider" Omnibus, due out in October.

Finding the core of any character is a challenge as a writer, so Ryan Lindsay has been wondering how you manage this feat when it comes to Logan?

Jason, I'm a massive fan of your work and always enjoy the voices you give your characters. I was curious though - what do you look at for character inspiration to write Wolvie as well as you do?

Italian westerns. Richard Stark novels. "Lone Wolf and Cub." Alt-country music. Red meat. Beer.

Also, I was kind of curious... is there any chance the new Man Without Fear will be an X-character? And either way, could there be a chance for you to write them? I'd love to see you get your hands on Black Tarantula, Kingpin, Izo, Bullseye, and even Murdock too...

If you wanna see me writing Kingpin and Bullseye, look no further than "Punisher MAX" in stores now, wherever excessively violent and emotionally depraved comic books are sold.

And that's it for today, but before we go, we have our "Behind the X" question where we learn a little something special about our guest. Here's today's query: what is the biggest "fashion mistake" you've seen and/or experienced in your lifetime?

I imagine those parachute pants I wore back in middle school would rank pretty high. I just pray there's no photographic evidence of them out there.

That concludes this week's X-journey. Next week, writers Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu join us to answer your thoughtful and well-worded emails. Together and individually, the two scribes write quite a few X-books, including "Deadpool," "Daken: Dark Wolverine," and "X-23," so I'm sure you'll have many great questions to tickle their brains.

Just go ahead jump on that keyboard and shoot me an email as soon as you can. If you throw an "X-Position" in the subject line, I promise to explain "Inception" to those of you who didn't get it (hint: it's actually the dream DiCaprio has before he hits the iceberg). So what are you waiting for? Send those mind-bending missives right now.

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