X-POSITION: IvX's Soule Explores Mutant and Inhuman Perspectives

After a year of tense interactions and major losses, the Inhumans and X-Men have finally engaged in combat over the future of their respective races. With the Terrigen cloud -- a mist that has become deadly to mutants that breathe it in -- on the verge of saturating all of Earth's atmosphere, the X-Men have taken drastic measures. Their opening attack on the Inhumans' home in New Attilan left many of the group's most powerful members in limbo -- literally. With a line-wide revamp for both the Inhumans and X-Men coming in the form of ResurrXion, major developments lie ahead in the pages of Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule and Leinil Yu's "IvX."

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This week in X-POSITION, "IvX" co-writer Charles Soule joins us and answers all of your questions about the massive event series currently rolling through two comic book lines.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Charles! Let's kick things off with a question about Emma Frost from Diammandis.

I know you can't really can't answer this but who knows: will there be any resolution with Emma over Cyke's death? Will Emma get the closure she needs during this event? Also when are you writing a Emma solo series?

Now, come on. You said it yourself -- you know I can’t really answer those! Keep reading!

Hey, we still have to try! Next up, YeahX3 has a question about certain comic book numbers.

A lot of series now have #0 issues before #1 issues,and since you wrote one for "IvX," I was wondering what your thoughts are about them, and what purpose they serve, and how you prepared to write one. What keeps a #0 issue, which is still the first issue, from being a #1 issue?

The goal of a #0 issue is to allow readers who haven’t been reading the respective series leading up to #1 to catch up quickly -- it’s like a primer. The story proper starts in #1, and you can get all of it if you read #1 to the end. If you’re one of those readers who’s read every series that’s been building to a given event, maybe you can give the #0 a miss -- but maybe not. It’s just added depth to the main event. "IvX" #0 was a blast -- I’ll write Emma and Beast any chance I get, and working with Kenneth Rocafort was amazing.

"IvX" #4 interior art by Javier Garron

Last week's batch of "IvX" books featured a cool use of action and reaction, and MiddlePegasus wants to know more about how moments like that come about.

It was really cool reading "IvX" #2 and then following it with "Uncanny X-Men" and seeing the after effects of the Inhumans' detainment in Limbo. How did you coordinate that with Cullen Bunn and the tie-in writers? Or do they take ideas and run with them?

Cullen, Dennis Hopeless, Jeff Lemire and I all got together a few times to talk over the way the books would all line up. So, they all knew the majority of what we were planning, and could set things up in their books accordingly. I agree -- fun stuff!

With so many characters to potentially include in "IvX," Pedro wants to know how you decided on the ones in the book.

I've been going back and reading old Inhuman volumes and I have to ask this: where are all the Inhuman heavy-hitters from the past? The Inhumans have the New Inhuman Elite, the Crimson Cadre, the Royal Guard which are all more experiences than the NuHumans, yet we only see the Royal Family and the NuHumans appearing defending the city. They could have balanced the odds a lot more.

Agreed! First of all, it’s possible some of them are around, living quietly in New Attilan. However, during the fall of the original Attilan in the "Infinity" event, you’ll remember that Eldrac opened up and sent Inhumans all over the place -- wherever they were needed. So, it’s hard to say where every single Inhuman ended up. For all we know some were sent halfway across the universe.

"IvX" #4 interior art by Javier Garron

Speaking of the Inhumans, here's a quick Q from Jaunty.

The first few issues of "IvX" have been really X-heavy, seeing things from their point of view. Will that switch some, and will we get to see more of the Inhumans, like what's going on in Limbo?

That seems fair, doesn’t it?

A balance must be kept! Continuing on with Inhumans talk, Sam Robards, Comic Fan wants to know more about the state of Black Bolt.

As the one who detonated the Terrigen bomb and released the mists into the atmosphere, how come we've never seen how Black Bolt feels regarding the mutant plight he created? Or, for that matter, how he feels about killing "Cyclops."

I think we have seen it -- but since Black Bolt doesn’t talk, you don’t know what he’s thinking when he takes action. I think his renunciation of the New Attilan throne back in my "Inhuman" series with Ryan Stegman was a direct acknowledgment that some of the choices he’d made were perhaps a little dicey, and if you look at "Uncanny Inhumans" #17 you’ll see more.

Here's another question from Sam about Cyclops' importance to "Uncanny Inhumans."

Was Cyclops originally going to play a much larger (or even active) role in "Uncanny Inhumans"? I ask because the "Things to Come" image from issue #0 seemed to imply (based on the fact that he takes up almost a third of it) that he was going to be a big part of the series. If so, how did those plans change into what we eventually got in "Death of X"? I know that's probably inside baseball, but you can't blame a guy for trying.

Cyclops' shadow looms large over "Uncanny Inhumans," because of the events of "Death of X." Everything I did in that series (along with [Steve] McNiven and all my other amazing collaborators) was, in some way, done under the shadow of what was to come in "IvX."

It's all connected! Circling back to an earlier point about all the other Inhumans wandering around the Marvel U, ţh€ €жţяą-๏яďɨɲąя¥ Tycon wonders how some of them will react to what's going on in "IvX."

Rogue, in "Uncanny Avengers," has been shown to be staunchly anti-Terrigen Mist and even referred to it as "Inhuman poison." Even some Inhumans like Moon Girl and Synapse would love to get rid of the cloud. Will we ever see them join up with the X-Men to end the poisonous, genocidal cloud?

There are so many points of view about the Terrigen cloud -- it’s great to see it all spinning out into "IvX." Jeff Lemire and I worked hard to make sure we saw many different perspectives on the mist, not just a global “Mutants hate it, Inhumans love it” thing. It’s more complex than that, just like it would be in real life.

Also, clouds aren’t genocidal -- genocide is a crime, and crimes require intent, or reasonable anticipation of harm. The cloud itself had neither -- it’s a cloud. The Inhumans aren’t “genocidal” either. Not Medusa or any of the others -- remember, they had no idea the cloud would be released at all. The only ones who knew were Black Bolt and his brother Maximus, since they did it at the end of "Infinity" -- but even they had no idea it would hurt anyone. But as we’ve seen with "IvX," and as it often happens in real life, it’s easier to blame a group than a person, and things can spiral out of control quickly.

EXCLUSIVE: "IvX" #4 interior art by Javier Garron

Stepping back to look at the bigger picture, here's an ask from Askani's Flame.

How fun, and difficult, has it been to write this event? And what was your favorite scene (if you can share) to write? Who is your favorite character in the event to write?

It’s been pretty tough, but very fun, too. There are so many scenes with so many characters, all of whom need to feel unique within that scene, consistent across the story, and serve the narrative in the way you need them to. It was a tricky thing to pull off. My favorite scene comes in issue #5, I think, so you’ll have a bit to wait, but it takes place in Limbo. As far as my favorite character -- pretty hard to beat Emma Frost.

Lastly, looking ahead, a number of new Inhuman books are being launched this spring, including "Royals" written by Al Ewing with art by Jonboy Meyers. Agronac919 is curious if you've had any impact on that series.

Seeing how you still have some hanging plot threats with the Inhumans, have you left Al Ewing and the other Inhuman writers notes on your plans or are you just saving that for if you ever return?

I’ve talked to Al and the other Inhuman folks, but they’re off having their own adventures for the moment. We’ll see if I ever get back to the I-verse -- I do love it, and I already miss writing some of my favorites… who knows?

Special thanks to Charles Soule for taking on this week's questions!

Stay tuned to CBR for information about the next installment of X-POSITION.

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