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X-POSITION: Hopeless Preps X-Men For Demons, Love — And Spider-Woman?

by  in CBR Exclusives, Comic News Comment
X-POSITION: Hopeless Preps X-Men For Demons, Love — And Spider-Woman?

Life on the road has led the teenage mutants of “All-New X-Men” down some interesting and life-altering paths. Cyclops nearly met his end thanks to the classic X-Villain Toad, Wolverine and Angel’s romance has been held to the fire, Genesis came face-to-face with the actual kid-who-would-be-Apocalypse and Iceman’s finally got himself a crush. And all those bubbling subplots aside, there’s a new big bad on the way: Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen herself!

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This week in X-POSITION, “All-New X-Men” writer Dennis Hopeless answers your questions about everything from Iceman’s new romance to a crossover with “Spider-Woman” and more.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Dennis! Let’s kick things off this week with a question from Jeanpaul123 about a potentially awkward showdown.

What can you tell us about the upcoming Madelyne vs. the All-New X-Men team? How will teen Cyclops react to his adult self’s satanic ex-girlfriend, who is also a clone of Jean Grey?

Dennis Hopeless: Jeanpaul123! Scott doesn’t think that deeply about this thing. He sees a horrifying demon woman running amok with her BAMF dragon and hoping to watch the world burn, then more or less treats her accordingly.


EXCLUSIVE: “All-New X-Men” #15 interior art by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Nolan Woodard

When it comes to evil clones of the adult version of your ex, it’s probably best not to think too much about it. And speaking of Madelyne, Richard wants to know where she’s coming from.

Will it be explained how the Goblin Queen made the jump from [“Secret Wars'”] Battleworld? Will anyone else be making appearances from any “Secret Wars” titles?

Richard! It will not be explained as such, no. That bit of exposition would be super duper boring for folks who didn’t read the “SW” mini, so we just skip it. Also, she had to get to Earth from Hell anyway, so that more or less covers it. Maddie’s BAMF dragon comes with her and he is just as awesome as you remember.

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Richard also has a Q about the Marvel books you write.

Would you ever consider having the All-New X-Men guest star in “Spider-Woman,” or vice versa? Maybe even a crossover or tie-ins together?

I would consider the hell out of it. Convincing my editors might be a little trickier. Daniel Ketchum (our “ANXM” editor) and Devin Lewis (our “SW” editor) hate each other with the fire of a thousand suns. If I even speak Daniel’s name aloud, Devin tears his desk phone out of the wall and I don’t hear from him for a month. It’s quite a thing.

Sounds like there’s a decent crossover event right there in “Daniel v Devin” (or “DvD”?). Next, Dante Milton has noticed something peculiar about Hank McCoy.

Will we see any fallout from whatever knowledge of the future Beast told the Apocalypse-loyal mystic back in issue #11? Is it related to Hank’s secret lab project?

Dante Milton! Hank’s magical tinkering is all related in some way, yes. Whether or not we’ll delve back into that particular bit… remains to be seen. I like the way you keep those eyes and ears open though!

For those curious about Beast’s magical escapades, you can get a summary of them right here. Switching gears, here’s a question from M Leigh about Iceman’s recent flirtation.

There’s been some discussion in the circles I run in about how the guy Bobby flirted with in “ANXM” #13 is a lot older than he is, considering his role over in the Inhumans book. Was this something you considered? Is this guy supposed to be creepy? Considering his powerset, signs sort of point that way, don’t they?

M Leigh! Gah! No! Romeo is not meant to be creepy at all! No. No. No. He’s maybe a couple years older than Bobby and wildly uncreepy. The intention here is that Bobby met a cool guy and is crushing hard. That’s it. No weirdness intended.


EXCLUSIVE: “All-New X-Men” #15 interior art by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Nolan Woodard

Speaking of Iceman and Romeo’s encounter, here’s another ask about that from Kamose1234.

Hey Mr. Hopeless!!! Issue #13 was beautifully done and I loved how you handled Bobby, but did you have any apprehension when writing the story given its importance, content, and/or did anyone else at Marvel? Is there any going forward?

Kamose1234! Thanks so much. We approached issue #13 very carefully for precisely that reason. Part of the reason it happens a year into our run was that we wanted to earn those moments. I pitched the Romeo story during our initial X-Men summit. It was always on the table, we just wanted to hit it right. I talked to a lot of different people inside Marvel and out to ensure we were doing Bobby justice. The response has been incredible and I’m thrilled to hear it worked for you.

And Kamose1234 also wants to know a bit more about Angel’s current predicament.

During Angel and Laura’s reunion, Warren expressed regret at choosing to keep his change from the Black Vortex, admitting that it was “burning him up.” But did he mean that this was affecting him psychologically or that it was literally still changing him? Also given this, even though you said “nothing that happens in ‘Uncanny’ will ever have any effect on ‘All New,’” does that mean Warren won’t have big changes up ahead?

Angel is feeling physical and psychological effects from the Black Vortex experience. It’s changed him on molecular level and that change is impossible for him to hide/ignore any longer. You can expect this storyline to continue going forward, yes.

Cullen Bunn is a monster. I won’t discuss him or his books. Full stop.


EXCLUSIVE: “All-New X-Men” #15 interior art by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Nolan Woodard

We should add “Bunn v Hopeless” to the event lineup, too. So many big events! And now, stepping back and looking at your Marvel work, Cosmos has noticed something.

Hi Mr. Hopeless. During your run on “Spider-Woman,” Jessica Drew faced two alternate versions of herself, and in “All-New X-Men” most of your characters are confronted with older versions of themselves. Admittedly the former went to alternate dimensions and the latter time-traveled or were cloned, but is it the only reason? Is identity a theme that you particularly like to explore?

Cosmos! Yes! I love it. Humans exist inside our own heads and project various things out into the world based on all sorts of things. The idea of doppelgangers and alternate lives is fascinating to me. The untaken path haunts all of us to some degree. Who wouldn’t love to meet the alt universe version who took a year off after college to fight bears in Siberia or join a vegan commune?

That said, I never noticed before that I do that a lot. Must be a bit of an earworm. Thanks for pointing it out.


EXCLUSIVE: “All-New X-Men” #15 interior art by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Nolan Woodard

And we’ll close out this week’s X-PO with the very necessary question about the upcoming “Inhumans vs. X-Men” event and its fallout.

Any news on the post-“IvX” status quo?

Somacula! Not from me! But someone will say something eventually. I’d bet money on it.

Special thanks to Dennis Hopeless for answering this week’s questions!

Keep an eye on CBR for information about the next installment of X-POSITION.

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