X-POSITION: Hopeless Builds "House Of M," Hits the Road With "All-New X-Men"

Dennis Hopeless is busy. In addition to penning the street-level adventures of "Spider-Woman," the writer is also responsible for three different X-Men family titles that are either on store shelves now or set to debut over the next few days/months. As if that wasn't impressive enough, Hopeless' series are all set in three very distinct realms with three distinct casts: there's the demon-ridden New York City of "Inferno," Magneto's royal realm featured in "House of M" and -- once the world-altering "Secret Wars" concludes -- the teens of "All-New X-Men" in the traditional Marvel Universe.

Hopeless' "House of M" Examines Intrigues of Magneto's Battleworld Monarchy

This week, "Inferno," "House of M" and "All-New X-Men" writer Dennis Hopeless returns to X-POSITION and answers your questions about everything from the Goblyn Queen's place in the 616 to future "All-New" cast additions and villains.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Dennis! Kicking things off this week is a question from Shaun about some other high-ranking Hellfire Club members.

Back in "Secret Wars" #2, Maddie was seen in Doom's courtroom in the company of Selene and Sebastian Shaw... both of whom she has history with. At any point, were they potentially considered as part of your supporting cast for "Inferno"? If so, what part did you envision them playing?

Shaun! No! Never! We wanted this book to be a big crazy X-Men/demon battle from the very beginning. I picked out the major players based on who I loved from the original "Inferno" (plus Domino because Colossus and Domino are super fun to write) and then let [artist] Javier [Garron] go wild with the action sequences. As far as I remember, Shaw and Selene were never part of our plans.

Next, scouse mouse wants to know more about your plans for everyone's favorite clone, Madelyne Pryor.

I'm loving your "Inferno," especially its standout star Madelyne Pryor, who is fantastic! Seeing as she was recently resurrected in "X-Men," do you have plans to use her in any of your "All-New, All-Different" books? I would love to read more of your take on the character post-"Secret Wars."

Scouse Mouse! Goblin Queen "Inferno" Maddie and regular 616 Maddie are two different animals, so it kind of all depends on how things shake out post "Secret Wars." That said, I love writing Her Goblin Highness so it's definitely possible.

"Inferno" isn't the only "Secret Wars" book you're writing, so let's shift gears to "House of M" with a question from CraigTheCylon.

Regarding "House of M": what goes wrong this time? It always struck me as morbidly hilarious that Magneto couldn't even be happy with a world where he'd won everything, and this time there's no reality-warping easy fix to spoil it for him. Does someone burn his toast and he gets super mad over it?

Craig! Our story revolves around that very idea. Magneto is a warrior who thrives on strife and battle. He's not a man who enjoys retirement -- even the kind that comes with a throne. There's a lot to play with there.

Magneto has an extensive family tree, so "House of M" potentially has quite a sprawling cast to work with. jaredhiers has a question about two of Magneto's relatives in particular.

Will "House of M" give more than just an in-the-background glimpse of Tommy and Billy?

Jared! Yes! They talk! They run! They punch people! It's a whole thing.

Similarly, Derek wants to know if we'll see Luna -- the daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal -- in "House of M."

Will we see Luna [in "House of M"]? I thought her absence in the original "House of M" was pretty disturbing.

Derek! No. We Won't. Not at all. Sorry.

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Once "Secret Wars" wraps, you'll take over "All-New X-Men." Chrysalis_Changeling has a question about the series' core concept.

What is the mission statement for ["All-New X-Men"]? Does it even have one or it just one big road trip like the promo teaser led us to believe?

Chrysalis! "All-New X-Men" is a big road trip, but it's about more than that. This is the X-Men version of taking a year off after high school to find yourself. These kids have been through a whole mess of crazy. The post-"Secret Wars" 616 [universe] is completely upside down for mutants and they're not sure they see eye-to-eye with the adult X-Men anymore. So, they're going to bounce around the Marvel Universe and figure things out. I couldn't be more excited about this series.

Your "All-New X-Men" roster has one notable absence, and somacula has a question about it.

Will there be an in-universe reason as to why teen Jean [Grey] isn't with the ANXM anymore? I already know she's gone because [Jeff] Lemire called the dibs on her. Also any particular reason why she can't pull double duty? Because I feel she was the main selling point [of the previous volume].

Somacula! Let me admit right off the bat that we failed to take your personal feelings into account. Very sorry about that. The simple answer to your question is that Jean is busy with other things when her old team comes back together. It's all pretty organic and will make sense once you read the story.

Any X-Men book needs big name bad guys. Complexed wants to know what you have in store for readers on the villain front.

Will the All-New X-Men FINALLY get some of their own iconic villains? Or will they just be co-starring in arcs with others groups of heroes like in their old series? I feel like they [never] battled any actual villains.

Complexed! There will be villains all over this piece. New villains, old villains, new villains wearing old villains' faces -- don't you worry about it. We have villainy covered.

Next up, Kamose1234 has a question about the high-flying Angel.

Will there be a chance for Angel to have more of a focus [in "All-New X-Men"]? I enjoyed the previous Brian Bendis volume but as a fan of the original "X-Factor" series and the "Dark Angel Saga," I was disappointed with how his character and future self's legacy were handled. Also, while I'm a fan of Warren's relationship with X-23, is there still any hope for her and the young Cyclops?

Kamose! Our goal is to move the camera around a lot. We want all of these characters to spend time in the spotlight. Warren will definitely get his. As for relationship details though, I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see. Those kinds of things are more fun when we don't tease them.

"All-New X-Men" counts the recently out teenage Iceman as one of its cast members, and Alex wants to know your thoughts on Bobby Drake.

So, now Iceman is out. Will you be touching on this subject, like him dealing with his ex-girlfriends and getting to know himself?

Alex! Yes! We'll definitely be dealing with Iceman's self-exploration. His story is one of the main reasons I wanted to write this book. There's so much good story in there. Can't wait.

In addition to some of the time-displaced original X-Men, "All-New" will feature a few more teenage mutants. timdogg98 wants to know how you settled on these additions.

Been a big fan of your Marvel work over the last few years. Glad to see you joining the X-Family! I was already excited for you taking over "All-New X-Men," and then I saw the reveal that the book would be including two more members (Genesis and Idie). Was it your idea to bring in more of the extended X-Family, or was it a group effort between you and editorial?

Tim! Thanks! I'm a fan of your kind words. We had an X-Summit where writers and editorial sat down for a couple days and sort of work-shopped all the books we had planned. We knew going in that there should be non Original 5 team members. I don't remember who suggested Idie and Evan but it was clear right away that they both fit the story.

Lastly, HeWhoSlapsAll has a question about future "All-New" cast additions.

Are there gonna be other X-kids in the mix? Oya and Evan are supposed to join, but what about others like Armor, Hellion, Elixir, Surge, etc? Hellion making an appearance would add some romantic triangle tension, yo.

He! No plans as of yet but we're just now figuring out upcoming arcs, so anything is possible. One of the best things about writing X-Men is that there are always lots of cool characters to choose from.

Thanks to Dennis Hopeless for taking on this week's questions!

Next week, "Magneto," "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars" and upcoming "Uncanny X-Men" writer Cullen Bunn returns to X-POSITION! Have a question for Cullen? Go ahead and send 'em in via an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position" or if 140 character questions are more your speed, try Twitter. But get 'em in quickly, because the deadline's Friday. Make it happen!

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