X-POSITION: Greg Pak Digs Deep Into Weapon X's Deadly Mythology

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ResurrXion is right around the corner, and with it comes a whole new line of X-Men comics. In addition to the flagship "X-Men Blue" and "X-Men Gold" series, the line will also feature a decidedly darker team in the book "Weapon X." The series, which comes from writer Greg Pak and artist Greg Land, will see Old Man Logan and Sabretooth put in charge of a cutthroat team comprised of Lady Deathstrike, Domino and Warpath. Their mission: keep a new Weapon X program from destroying mutantkind.

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This week in X-POSITION, "Weapon X" writer Greg Pak returns and answers all of your questions about Warpath's whereabouts, Old Man Logan's future and Weapon X's motivation.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Greg! It's been a long time and we're glad to have you back. First up, we'll start with a question about the series' name from Factor.

Was the name "X-Force" ever considered for this group? I wonder what Cable would have to say about this new covert ops team...

Greg Pak: Ha! No, this was always described as a new "Weapon X" book to me. There's obviously a big link to the "X-Force" books here, but I love that it's a "Weapon X" book. That classic Barry Windsor-Smith "Weapon X" story is one of my favorite Marvel stories of all time, and it's been a blast digging deep into that Weapon X mythos.

"Weapon X" #3
EXCLUSIVE: "Weapon X" #3 cover by Greg Land

"Weapon X" looks to be the latest in a popular line of action-packed, edgy X-books. YeahX3 has a question about how yours fits in with that history.

We've seen a lot of tough X-Men teams before, from Wolverine's black ops X-Force to Magneto's current team in "Uncanny X-Men." I wonder if any of those runs are inspiring you for "Weapon X," or if there's a particular spin on the deadly X-Team that you have in mind.

All fun stories, and if you enjoy that stuff you'll find a lot to love here. But I think the Weapon X angle brings a special nuance to this team and drives all of the motivations, relationships, and conflicts in different and interesting ways.

Next up, we have a pair of character-focused questions. The first, from James, is about X-23 and another, from Osvaldoeaf, is about Sage.

James: Will Laura [Kinney] be making an appearance in this book? On that note, is the roster set in stone, or is it a bit more fluid?

Osvaldoeaf: Back in "X-Treme X-Men," you made so many fans happy by being the one who finally brought Sage back from editorial limbo. Can we hope to see her again in "Weapon X"?

Tackling both these questions at once... anything's possible in the fullness of time! Each of the team members has a very specific reason for being in the book for our opening epic storyline. So folks like Laura and Sage don't quite fit in just yet. But it's possible the team could develop further as the series progresses. Not gonna make any promises about any specific characters at this point, but a team book like this provides a lot of possibilities.


Next up, Nix Uotan wants to now more about the book's set-up.

What can you say about the current state of the Weapon X Program? And will we learn more about its history?

All I can say is that the Weapon X technology has been taken over and vastly improved by a classic X-Men villain. And yes, its current mission is to exterminate all mutants. You'll learn more about exactly what its plan is in each issue. It's all building to some pretty huge and scary revelations -- dontcha dare miss it!

Considering your history writing "Alpha Flight," Anduinel wants to to know if we'll see the series address Weapon X's connection to Canada.

Are we going to see Dept. H or any of the old Alpha Flight crew entangled in this incarnation of Weapon X?


We hope so! Moving on, Callin has a Q about the book's art.

What's it like teaming up with Greg Land again, so many years after working on "X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong"?

I love it! Greg and I have talked a number of times over the years about working together again, and I'm thrilled it's finally happening. He's doing a tremendous job. When we started, he made a special request for big, fun splashes, which I'm trying to deliver for him, and which he's killing on every time. But I'm also so in love with the little things he's doing. I'm trying to work in a lot of subtle moments, small, character moments that build to big things, and Greg's just nailing them.

Your team will include a few seldom-seen mutants, including one that hasn't played a major role in the X-Books for a while.

Warpath has been missing for a while now, (since before "AvX," I believe). What do you think he's been up to in his time away?

He's been spending time in Arizona, thinking about his life and his community and trying to figure out what his next steps should be. You'll see more in issue #2.

On a personal note, Warpath is one of my favorite X-Characters and I'm stoked to see him back. The same goes for Domino, who Kamose1234 wants to know more about.

Is there any chance you'll revisit the romantic relationship Domino had with Logan?

Makes sense that that would come up at some point, huh? Maybe keep an eye out for issue #3.

"Weapon X" #3
EXCLUSIVE: "Weapon X" #3 variant cover by Dan Mora

Running through the book's cast, here's a question about Sabretooth from Spartan626.

Cullen Bunn has been doing a lot of great character work with Sabretooth over in "Uncanny X-Men." His struggle with being good and his budding relationship with M don't seem like they could be properly wrapped up in the last couple issues of that series. Will any of that be carried over? Really looking forward to this book!

It's always a blast working with characters who have the potential to shift from hero to villain and vice versa. So yes, that's something we're definitely going to continue explore with Sabretooth -- and with Lady Deathstrike, for that matter.

Of course, this wouldn't be a "Weapon X" Q&A without a Logan question. Here's Jackraow21:

Loving the cast you've selected, and loving the premise of this book. Can you address the rumors that the younger Logan might be coming back this year, or at least whether Old Man Logan will be headlining this book for the long haul or not? I'm pretty invested in the character at this point and he's a big part of my interest in "Weapon X."

Thanks for the kind words! I can't ever address rumors, sorry. But Old Man Logan is the heart and soul of the book. If you're an Old Man Logan fan, I think we've got something special for you -- hope you dig it!

We'll close out this week with an overview question from Malarque.

Are there any members of the "Weapon X" cast that you think readers should keep an eye on? Is there someone in particular that you think is going to take a star turn in this series?

Wow, that's an interesting question! Honestly, we creators don't always know what's going to pop in our work and capture readers' imaginations. Sometimes the stuff we love the most barely seems to make a mark; sometimes surprising things pop like crazy. So I can't really predict anything -- I'll just say I'm having a huge amount of fun writing Lady Deathstrike right now -- you'll see her in the "X-Men Prime" issue in April. And I've really got an eye on James Proudstar, a.k.a. Warpath. He's due for some attention, isn't he? Excited for the chance to go a little deeper with him.

Special thanks to Greg Pak for taking on this week's questions!

"Weapon X" #1 will arrive in stores this April. Keep checking CBR for information on the next installment of X-POSITION!

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