X-POSITION: Greg Pak Brings "Storm" to a Thunderous Close

After nearly forty years as one of Marvel's most prominent superheroes, perpetual team-player Storm finally got what she deserved: an ongoing series. In "Storm," writer Greg Pak used the mutant/X-Man/goddess/thief to explore a number of issues both personal and political, all while putting Storm's strong skills and even stronger morals to the test. Allies, enemies and former loves all made guest appearances while new threats like Davis Harmon and Zero emerged.

X-POSITION: Greg Pak Forecasts "Storm's" Future

Now, as Ororo Munroe's first ongoing series rapidly approaches its final issue, "Storm" writer Greg Pak joins us one more time and answers your questions about team-ups he'd like to see, the series' early finale and his upcoming work.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Greg! First up, Starleafgirl has a question about the status of the series as it approaches "Secret Wars" and also what lies ahead for Storm.

It seems "Storm" #11 will be the last issue in the current volume of "Storm," despite there previously being plans for issues up to #12. So my first question is: What happened?

As we drew nearer to "Secret Wars," we realized the timing would work better to end the series with #11. The door was open to continue to #12 as originally planned, but when I discussed it with my editor Daniel Ketchum, we realized that the story we had plotted out actually naturally ended with #11, and I'm always an advocate of not stretching a story longer than it needs to go. Of course it's sad to end any series, but I think #11 puts the right kind of cap to all of the themes, plots, and character arcs we'd built for the entire series. I hope you'll enjoy it!

What's next for Storm? What's next for you? Any chance you'll be writing Storm again in the near future? Will you be involved in any upcoming Marvel projects?

I had a tremendous time on the book and hugely appreciate Daniel bringing me on and fans like yourself supporting it so strongly. But I am indeed done with the series for now. I can't speak about what happens next with the character for fear of spoilers. I can say that in other news, I've written a back up story for the first issue of the "Secret Wars" "Planet Hulk" series that's been drawn by the great Takeshi Miyazawa, and I hope you'll check it out!

Next up, RLAAMJR has a question about one of "Storm's" supporting characters.

Can Marisol grow large trees and bend them?

We haven't yet seen her do that, but she does some pretty huge things in issue #11, so don't miss it! As an added note, I loved the chance to create Marisol with artist Victor Ibañez and was thrilled by how positively she was received by fans. I hope she'll pop up again soon in someone's book.

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rutog98 has a question regarding Storm's friends and foes as well as a personal note.

In your last CBR interview, I brought up African mythology and you mentioned possibly creating friends for Storm out of there. (I still think she can have both friends and foes from both Egyptian/African mythology!) Any interest in pursuing this?

Thanks for giving me a reason to come back to comics after my years long hiatus from the hobby. "Storm" is the only reason I started collecting again as I never thought I would come back to comics. I hope it gets a second year as this is the only title I collect faithfully every month!

Thank you so much for the kind words! And yes, there's tons of great story material in Egyptian and African mythology. Fred Van Lente delved into that a bit back in the day with the "Hercules" books. It'd be a blast to do more some day.

With "Storm" coming to a close, butterflykyss has a question about the stories you wish you had time to tell.

I would first like to thank you (as well as Ketchum and Ibanez) for making this dream of mine a reality -- the realization of a Storm ongoing. What you have done with this character is something I haven't seen since [Chris] Claremont had his hands on her and that is just a testament to how well your depiction of her has been.

That said, I am most saddened that we are coming to an end of this journey we have all shared as it pertains to Ororo. We have seen her fight for the voiceless and even fight to protect those who wished harm upon her. If we are so lucky and blessed to have another "Storm" ongoing after the "Secret Wars" event, what other issues/adversaries would you like to see this character face? With the most recent events of religious terrorism across the world and even in America events pertaining to police brutality, it seems the world we live in today could use a hero like Storm. Again thank you for all you have done to make this series a reality.

Thanks so much! It's been a privilege to write the book and I really appreciate the support of readers like you. I can't speak to what happens next with Storm for fear of spoilers, but I've always thought it would be great to see Storm team up with the new Thor -- or the old Thor, for that matter. There's tons of huge fun to be explored with a mutant and a god who both control the weather.

Looking back on your "Storm" run so far, Steve068 has a question about the scope of the series.

Are there any regrets for making the scope of the series so small when the character is so so big? Your stories were so big in "Action Comics" and "Hulk," so I wonder if you thought an epic scale was wrong for "Storm."

I'm very grateful for the time I had on the book and enjoyed the challenge of some of the more contained, almost done-in-one stories we did. As a writer, I took great pleasure and pride in creating those neat, clean, compact stories. At the same time, I'd love to see a huge, world-changing, epic story with Storm -- and we built up to something like that with our last story arc, which I hope you'll enjoy. But epic stories sometimes involve many moving parts and require different corners of a comic book universe to align in certain ways, and that's not always possible with every series. And that's fine -- because sometimes the most emotional impact comes from very small-scale stories anyway. And I'm sure in the fullness of time the stars will align for stories of an epic scale with Storm as well.

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Wind Rider has a pair of questions about Storm's methodology and history.

In a previous X-Position you mentioned that over time people may start to see a "Storm Doctrine" in effect. After all that she has been through and accomplished over the course of the series, especially in terms of human/mutant relations (loved seeing all those people coming to protest on her behalf), what do you feel is the doctrine Storm would look to implement?

She goes where she's needed and stands up for the underdog, regardless of the consequences.

Storm is multi-faceted and has a rich history and backstory. Are there any breadcrumbs from prior stories (either in any of the X-Men team books or her miniseries) that you would like to explore? And if so which stories would be they be?

I was able to run with a bunch of the different threads that intrigued me about Storm during the course of our eleven-issue run. But one thing I wish we'd had room for would be to explore her relationship with her paternal grandparents. It's not every day you get to show a superhero story with grandparents in it. Reggie Hudlin did some amazing work with those characters [during his "Black Panther" run] and I think there's tons more to explore that could open up a whole new side of Storm.

N'Dare has a question about a previous "Storm" storyarc, the one that saw the return of Ororo's longtime friend Yukio.

Throughout the book you have illustrated that Storm is a super heroine who will always protect the underdog against regimes/persons that oppresses them. My question then is why didn't she try to remove Yukio from controlling the Oakland Clan? Clearly Yukio doesn't mean them well. Thank you.

I think Storm saw Yukio as an improvement over the previous leader of the Oakland Clan -- particularly after she saw Garan pledge his loyalty to her. If I'm remembering my own story correctly, Garan had mentioned his family was in danger from the Oakland Clan's previous leader -- Storm knows Yukio well enough that she could probably see a less brutal future for those folks with Yukio in charge.

Lastly, PattiLaBelleStormfan wonders if you'd ever be interested in exploring Storm's adventures in another medium.

As everyone has said, Mr. Pak, thank you for giving us Storm again! The real true Storm. I know that you do film work as well as comics. If ever you had the opportunity, would you be interested in doing a Storm solo film? If so, what direction would you like to take her on the big screen, and would you possibly tie that into her solo book if it was relaunched at such time?

Oh, wow. I'd jump at that opportunity, of course. But I won't reveal my take for fear of spoiling myself if I ever get the chance for real.

Thanks again to everyone who's been reading and talking about the book. Your support has meant the world to all of us who worked on the book. You're the best.

Special thanks to Greg Pak for taking on this week's questions!

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