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X-POSITION: Gerry Duggan Hints At IvX’s Impact On Uncanny Avengers

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X-POSITION: Gerry Duggan Hints At IvX’s Impact On Uncanny Avengers

In the aftermath of “Civil War II,” Rogue’s team of assembled superhumans, mutants and Inhumans have had their work cut out for them. The team’s gone up against one of the most terrifying foes ever: a Hand-resurrected — and incredibly angry — Hulk.

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But that’s not the only major event on the horizon for the Avengers Unity Squad. The threat of the Red Skull (and the Professor X brain he carries in his noggin) still looms large, and “Inhumans vs. X-Men” has just kicked off in its own event mini-series. With both mutants and Inhumans on its roster, how will “IvX” affect the team moving forward? This week in X-POSITION, “Uncanny Avengers” and “Deadpool” writer Gerry Duggan joins us and answers all of your questions about Rogue, Deadpool, Cable and more.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Gerry! Let’s kick things off with a Cable question from Richard.

This book, creative team and cast are really firing on all cylinders now. Is there any chance we can keep them all together for the foreseeable future? I’m especially concerned about losing Cable, who is awesome on this team, in light of his getting a solo title as part of ResurrXion.

I agree. We’ve been lucky to have so many wonderful artists create some of the best work of their careers on this book. That said, nothing lasts forever. Glad you’re digging the book. “Uncanny Avengers” is scripted/plotted through the mid-twenties with more to come after, so we’re not going anywhere. That’s a testament to you readers. For me, I’d rather tell great stories than drag a book out.

Uncanny Avengers 18

EXCLUSIVE: “Uncanny Avengers” #18 interior art by Pepe Larraz and David Curiel

Next, we have a deep-dive history question courtesy of mikeb.

Is Cable’s A.I. “Belle” named after “The Memphis Belle,” a famous B-17 Flying Fortress that flew with the 8th Air Force during WWII? It was also the subject of a 1990 movie also entitled “The Memphis Belle.” “Belle” sure looks like WWII era American Bomber nose art to me. (WWII combat aviation is a hobby of mine.)

Yes — the fuselage art was the inspiration for the anthropomorphic tattoo that represents the A.I. that Cable returned to the future with.

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Moving on from Cable to another ex-X-Forcer with a question from CGAR.

Any chance you’ll be able to snatch up Psylocke for your team? She has no team right now and she has worked with Cable, Deadpool, and Rogue. Would be great to see your take on her.

I’ve never had the opportunity to write her, but I hope to someday. The recent Voodoo arc gave me the chance to scratch an Elektra itch I’ve had for a long time.

Uncanny Avengers 18

EXCLUSIVE: “Uncanny Avengers” #18 interior art by Pepe Larraz and David Curiel

I’ll throw out that it’d be dope to see Elektra and Psylocke team-up (and of course fight) at some point, too. Now, taking a step back, the Big G wants to know more about the big plans that lie ahead.

Going from the solicits, the Unity squad as a whole doesn’t seem to be too involved with “IvX.” But with characters like Rogue and Synapse on the team, as individuals how much will the Unity Squad be involved with “IvX”?

The events of “IvX” will be very important to the characters in “Uncanny Avengers.” We’re not tying in with specific issues, but that’s only because our Red Skull story had come to a boil and really had to play out just where it is. He’s been moving through the background of our book for a long time. Believe me though, the event shakes up a lot of ongoing story,

And on that note, here’s another Big G Q:

Can you give us any hints too what’s next for the Unity Squad post their upcoming encounter with the Red Skull?

Non-stop action, a little traction, big surprise entrances, even more surprising exits.

Uncanny Avengers 18

EXCLUSIVE: “Uncanny Avengers” #18 interior art by Pepe Larraz and David Curiel

Exits? Oh, let the speculation begin! Next up, Sardorim wants to know more about everyone’s favorite frenemies.

Hello there. I was wondering, with the death of Cyclops, will Deadpool console his best buddy Cable? Maybe over some beers? Speaking of beer, what type of beer do Deadpool and Cable prefer?

I think Cable would drink a hoppy IPA. Deadpool would be drinking any bottled beer, and then he’d refill it with vodka after.

I’m now hoping for a “Deadpool”/”Cheers” crossover (well, another one; go reread “X-Force” #21 from 1993, everybody!). Now that “Death of X” is out of the ay, Knives has a question about its impact on “UA.”

I guess you have reasons but it bothers me that Cable and Rogue have never had a talk about what Scott supposedly did and his death. Now that “DoX” has revealed this secret and “IvX” will start soon, is it time for the two to have this conversation?

Yes, but they can’t catch their breath. Skull is pressing the advantage. There will come a time to decompress. That time is not now.

Uncanny Avengers 18

EXCLUSIVE: “Uncanny Avengers” #18 interior art by Pepe Larraz and David Curiel

Superheroes just can’t catch a break — unlike Laura Kinney, who looks to be taking a break from team duty as part of ResurrXion (although her solo series is still going strong). Ambaryerno wants to know if there’s a chance she’ll pop up in “UA.”

With Wolverine not currently slotted for any of the X-Teams with ResurrXion, any chance of seeing her join “Uncanny Avengers”? Especially if Hellion is going to be turning up again, since the last time they shared panel time was their “break-up” five years ago. Actually, any Hellion news would be welcome!

That would be fun, but the current cast is a handful to make sure that everyone gets enough screen time. I really enjoy the current cast and the dynamics we’ve got going right now.

Calintz has a question about the dynamic between two members in particular.

Will Rogue be building a rapport with other teammates like she did in “X-Men: Legacy”? I love the friendship she and Deadpool have.

Yeah, I’ve had fun too. It’s not playing out exactly as I envisioned, and that’s the best part. The little surprises I found along the way have been very gratifying, and makes it feel more real.

Deadpool #24

EXCLUSIVE: “Deadpool” #24 interior art by Matteo Lolli

Switching over to the solo “Deadpool” series, Gavin has a question about one of the book’s supporting players.

Mr. Duggan, I fell in love with your writing during “Deadpool” vol. 3. But I’m curious if Walt/Stingray or characters like Dust will ever come back? Or even Walt’s kids?

Thanks. Glad you dug the comics. Those characters are out there. Somebody will write for them soon, I hope.

Deadpool #24

EXCLUSIVE: “Deadpool” #24 interior art by Matteo Lolli

“Deadpool” #23 ended with a big reveal, one that Psimitar wants to know more about.

With the revelation in “Deadpool” #23 that Wade now has to work off a “favor” for Stryfe, how will this affect his relationship with Cable on the Unity Squad? Will that mean Cable will become a recurring character in “Deadpool’s” book?

Psimitar, you are going to ruin everything with your very pointed questions! I take the fifth across the board. Big changes are coming for Deadpool in his own book, and the pages of “Uncanny Avengers.”

Deadpool #24

EXCLUSIVE: “Deadpool” #24 interior art by Matteo Lolli

Next, here’s a Q from Kamose1234 about Wade Wilson’s morality.

Recently Deadpool robbed a jewelry store with Bob, and when he needed money he stole from a derby race to fund the Unity Division. Those actions surprised me given how most Marvel heroes — particularly Avengers — would thwart crimes like these. Even though Wade’s gone straight, do you still intend going forward to have him toe the line of antihero? And what makes him still do naughty things like this, in your opinion?

I think he’s a complicated man — like all of us. He’s got money problems, and rather than admit to it, he’s robbing to keep the Unity Squad going. It feels very Deadpool.

Deadpool #24

EXCLUSIVE: “Deadpool” #24 interior art by Matteo Lolli

And we’ll close out this week with a question about the future from Bafflement.

You’ve shown a great knack for writing X-characters in “Uncanny Avengers,” “A+X” and “Deadpool.” Would you be keen to write a dedicated X-Men book if the opportunity arose?

Thanks for the kind words. I grew up reading the X-Men, and would love the opportunity to write more X-characters someday. The number one thing I love the most about my job is to collaborate on making a comic with the artists and editors. The second best thing about my job is being able to play with most of the toys in the toybox. Doctor Strange ended up in my third script for Marvel because I was such a big fan. “The Good The Bad & The Ugly” scratched Wolverine and Captain America itches. “Uncanny Avengers” has been very satisfying for the same reason. At the moment, it’s going to be a very exciting time to be an X-fan. I know what’s coming down the road in “IvX,” and what comes after. Lots of great stories starring some of your favorite characters. I can’t wait for these comics.

Special thanks to Gerry Duggan for participating this week!

Next week, “All-New X-Men” and “Jean Grey” writer Dennis Hopeless will join us here at X-POSITION! Have a question for Dennis? Go ahead and send ’em in via an e-mail with the subject line “X-Position”. But get ’em in quickly, because the deadline’s Friday! Make it happen!

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